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  1. I found St. John's Wart," and I ordered a stress ball from an online store.Thank you for your help🙏.
  2. I wish I could find peace again.
  3. it's 2.17 am and I'm awake. I think i can't sleep tonight.
  4. thanks. I will try this vitamin. I haven't tried stress balls. actually I didn't know that there is something like that.the life is stopped for me and it's really hard to busy myself with anything. when i go out my stress increases.I feel i'm an alien. Talking with colleagues gives me stress too. I live in a stress world. It seems this world is permanent. it's all started since she left me. I'm wishing you the best too. really appreciated.
  5. Hi.my major problem is sever anxiety.it makes me heartpain and headache. i can't calm myself.i would appreciate any advice or drug suggestions which might help me.living in 24 hours anxiety is terrible. God knows how hard it is.
  6. i wish love doesn't exist.
  7. I wish god would be a little kinder.
  8. Exactly what i wish.changing time could be cure.
  9. I wish i had never met my love who ruined my life. I wish i had a chance to compensate. I wish I could go back change time. Change my past.
  10. i think when you can't sleep do other things as you said watching TV. actually it's morning right now and i'm at work. but need more sleep.
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