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  1. My goal for starting this post is to get some understanding of the current situation I am in as well as to hear from others how depression affects or affected your relationship. I’ll start by calling him “Brad”. Brad and I met a little over a year ago under some not so well circumstances. He had been struggling with bad depression to the point where he thought suicide was the only answer. Thankfully, he failed at that attempt. We immediately hit it off, he was super easy to talk to, we had tons in common and in my opinion, made each other happier. Fast forward a few weeks from meeting; we had managed to somewhat get out of the friend zone but of course, with everything he was going through I knew a relationship wasn’t the best idea at the time. Anyways we hung out did “relationship” type things. Within the next few months, things were amazing, we talked about our future and things were looking up, aside from the month where he completely distanced himself from me (stopped answering texts and calls, etc.). After that we got back on track until randomly one afternoon, we were talking about going to the beach this summer and making plans to do things together. Brad then switched gears by asking me if I’d be jealous of another girl and things like that. I, of course, threw in sarcasm by saying something along the lines of “of course not, why would I?” His response was “oh you wouldn’t be? what if I decided to start dating someone?” Of course, that completely threw me off guard because why would you be talking about us and our future than an hour later bring up some other girl. After that was thrown on me, I decided I needed an explanation. The explanation I got was I just want to be honest with you, then radio silence. For someone who talked a big game about “I’m keeping you around for a long time” he sure threw me away quick. I, of course, sent him some colorful text messages because I was upset and hurt and the last message I sent to him, he didn’t open for almost 2 months. We’ve remained friends on Facebook and I’ve noticed he’s not been very active since we stopped talking. He also doesn’t go to work anymore. I at this point have just come to terms with the fact that I got played but there’s also a part of me that feels there’s another reason to his drastic turnaround. I know no one knows what’s going on in his head but any insight on this matter will be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to keep worrying about someone who could care less about me. I know that probably sounds awful but if it's his depression acting up again, I wholeheartedly will stand by him and be there, but I also don’t want to question what I did wrong to make this ‘relationship’ go so bad. Again, any advice, words of wisdom or insight on this situation are greatly appreciated. I also would love to hear any similar stories to mine and how you dealt with it and what the outcomes were.
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