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  1. i just go to kitchen i see my moms made some snacks i love i just eat it any time actually the problem started because some evangelist said that "even if you fry a fish and add salt in it its tasty" he also used to make jokes on bodybuilders and used to say that his son is fat but its still OK and i believed those things like chicken pieces from refrigerator directly without cooking or even boiling it i eat even at night reason why my weight is from 60 to 85 kg's i love food like chicken eggs beans type of food and all tasty kind of food and in India we use spices and my mom makes kind of best food more over i procrastinate to exercise and go for walk or im lazy for it i think excessive eating will lead me to other physical diseases too as well i have mental illness
  2. they seem to be doing like understanding stupidity kind of an doing thins against me they do say things in front of me which hurt me bu theyve meen never clearly straight up say that theve hurted me they think they are extraordinanary fighter and do make fun of me 1st it were just humans now its small dot to 3 worls which is heaven hell and univers torchering me some or other way but honestly no offence bu all that sounds like it sounds like other genderly person by what ever they do,they do making me unaware of stupidity they do they can even say to me right on my face so problems will be solved and people go 100 meters far away from me and say in small voices nowadays they are messing with my dreams does this happens with anybody or they feel similar comment it down?
  3. My mom doesn't allow me to play online video games but I like too much video games she thinks there are ghost in my laptop (she is not in mental disease it's me in ocd) somehow i get blocked by playing games by her i can't even think about playing games like only online games if I tell her If i want to play games she gets stressed and says don't play games and I love games so much btw I'm indian guy and my mom has lot of stupid belifs once she even hid my laptop for that See if dint marry it can be ok but I need online games for life And it's like 3 years I can't play online games 3 years of sad time and she be like if I do badly in ocd my mom and dad argues makes shame of me
  4. Bpd then ocd , ocd then bpd are kind of messing with me whole time
  5. What kind of chemical changes are made in brain or on self to cause this
  6. When it comes to understanding and compassion my dad always creates problems
  7. If I don't plan to marry girls get behind me if I plan to marry girls ignore me and I get restricted by guys
  8. It's like I have ocd and I have to think exact thinking problem I had
  9. I always suffer of from Nov Dec or jan to may 25 to Easter reason why I should hate christianity
  10. I feel like if i change my pic or username in discord they will be that
  11. I am a guys who is different from ocd my mom makes fun of that disease i wish she has that disease
  12. I see lot of enemies in my life and they take profit of it I said something to manish bhogle who is my enemy also Winston dsilva i said something about my astrology My mom dad creates confusion additionally whole world is against me like I am world leader like hitler I also told my whole astrology to my mom and dad and I am not supposed to make their life
  13. First everyone wants to show me i am wohi painter now they show to be kinner actor it also affects my parents too in same way it's since days Next will be fully mental person in hospital
  14. I have mental disorder because I thought lot of sexual things about women and system is like it will make me gay or kid earlier now it will make me mad or transgender man I am neither one of them
  15. Earlier it was like I will be gay now it is like I will be transgender man by cutting my privates off I am neither one of them
  16. i dont want to be gay or other genders i am straight person and i dont like or accept that even if i die
  17. i want to be disconnected from them there are few more
  18. i had crush [name removed] it was all bad story so in all these yesrs its like shes been my wife i shouldnt had flirted with those 2 girls [names removed] they dont even see me its like theve been my spouse in 17 years
  19. Outside people talk badly they make unusual sounds they also curse me and mostly outside people tv people i hear strange odly light women noise in night And some guy named manish says khatam which means over Winston and manish and some of my school friends are bad
  20. I don't want to make memes on my mom and dad or on me Memes should be made on trollers and toxic people
  21. My mom damaged my self self consciousness my dad damaged my system of life my mom always controls me
  22. I went to some woman or transgender man as my mom told who does black magic my mom said I have spirit of my grandmother that's why I suffered in vasai in mumbai she it's because I didn't got there after that isuffered to start more because must be doing more black magic on me when went to other women tried to cure me by black magic And my mom took me there And my mom took me ocultic places since my childhood since then attitude is bad
  23. I don't know how other people around me control my social media And they know what I am watching on my phone I think it's all about me and others feelings and it's troubles It's always been like I am in sad part of life and when happy part comes it gets in problems
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