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  1. I see ghosts one of my grandfather one of some black magician one from youtube head i see different ghost un usually they allways been with white eye color and I want to post this on ocd not depression and religion
  2. I just hate my mom and dad especially for being jacked up shit as well as my friends my mom dad are worst they just make joke on my disease they say like they have faced worst than me They dont make any sense
  3. Every thing gives me feeling of mental harrasment they don't have mercy and I am not Christian neither I follow jesus
  4. I was angry on everyone so I wrote Everyone will know everything about them in every detail in everywhere in 24/7 and I kept in front my Indian god's as I am hindu which don't made them suffer but I am suffering 24/7 because my dad read it So I was suffering since Jan till now everyone used to know everything about me what I dream what I eat private times even what I see Everyone just just make changes in my body like maybe 24/7 I also told this that I wrote that to my friend and enemy Manish bhongle in public Please I am sorry I shouldn't had wrote that 😢
  5. I want myself back as earlier like orignal
  6. Sure sir I am most different human being but in bad way
  7. Life is so bad even if I wrote feelings are joke it becomes serious same thing with emotion Some black magician uncle changed my brain to women because of some women gods in Hinduism i want it back as I am truly originally My doctor changed my heart into women i want it back Some aunty massaged me in my back and made me kind of women Hope there is karma payback in my life From 2013 to 2015 march Kids to grand parents Birds and some other animals made me suffer From 2019 Small dot to 3 worlds which are universe heaven hell made me suffer
  8. I wrote like hopes so my hands will be controlled by every one my legs will be controlled by everyone my head will be controlled by everyone my body will be controlled by everyone I also wrote my eyes will be controlled by every one My heart will be controlled by everyone My feeling will be controlled by everyone I also wrote 5 senses too It was horrifying experience All that I written in a book All happened was every one got in my brain and body I am literate person actually I had bit of depression and anxiety But doctors also said I am in ocd Because of some pink book i written with blue long book with some short blue book and some long blue book I ve been spyed 24/7 each and every movement of me So people are cruel i am not people I've passed my high school too People also know my future But I destroyed those 3 books Else are my studies and other books i won't like give to them to outsiders
  9. I do hear voices and I suffer because of them it's been from 2013 They were like gay, toch in my language as I am Indian I am not gay Because I love women Btw I proposed a girl in my school
  10. I felt hurt about them in start from 2013 and it increased it feels I lost them it's very bad after u know all of this situation increase in various ways also things goes against me and I am like sheep everyday before that I was like lion I also hear voices from outside Btw chakka means transgender men who are beggars we are not one of them
  11. I have delusions like my mom dad and me are chakka or we are beggars
  12. I suffed depression from childhood But I am still ok I tried to do sucide attempts many times God saved me
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