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  1. WenorMan39

    New to viibryd

    This might not be super helpful to you, but Viibryd kicked in for me within the first hour of taking it. It was my first antidepressant and I wasn't expecting to feel anything for weeks. But I felt a drastic elevation in mood almost immediately. It worked great for me for two years, then completely lost its effect.
  2. Viibryd worked great for me for about two years. Completely changed my life. Shot me way further in my career, made new friendships, etc. Gradually, over the course of a year, the effectiveness went down to zero. I tried to deny it, to fight it, to up the dose, but all failed. I've since been cycling through drug after drug to see what'll work. Nothing has stuck yet. Wondered has anyone else have Viibryd work for them and then stop working? Anyone know a good drug to switch to after having shown positive response to Viibryd?
  3. WenorMan39

    TRINTELLIX (vortioxetine)

    I had intense, consistent vomiting on Trintellix about one hour after I'd take it, every time. Too much vomiting, couldn't tell if it was affecting mood haha. Discontinued pretty fast.
  4. Hey! Cycling through antidepressant drugs right now. Originally Viibryd changed my life but pooped out on me. Have been through 5 others, now trying Nardil. Titrated up to 45mg. Been on two weeks. The fatigue is unreal. Like, unendurable. Falling asleep at work and getting nothing done. The all-day sleepiness totally outweighing any positive. Has anyone else experienced this? Thinking of weaning off and trying Wellbutrin.