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  1. I have a friend who I have known for about five years. He reached out to me first. Because of my social anxiety, I was always hesitant to make friends and especially hang out with them. I officially started hanging out with him my senior year of high school. Everything was fine until last summer. I usually didn't hear from him over the summer because he was so busy but I knew I would see him again the next semester. This fall he didn't return and I heard absolutely nothing until a week ago. A mutual friend told me that he is dating a girl who happens to be my therapist's daughter for about six months and is going to be a police officer. I feel so hurt because he didn't tell me himself and doesn't even make an effort to hang out with me anymore. My therapist won't initiate contact with him for me and set up a get together. He has ignored simple messages since August which is when he started dating her. I thought he was my friend. He used to tell me everything even some things he wanted to keep secret. Now I get absolutely nothing. Since I found this out. I have exhibited most of the symptoms of situational depression. I have eaten a paltry in the past week have ranted and raved and have lost interest in video games. It takes me longer to do my schoolwork. I don't know what I should do to relieve this pain for good. I miss him almost as much as my dead grandmother. Coincidentally I found this out on the seventh anniversary of her death, January 23. That day had always been hard for me. I lost her. Then a year later my pet fish who I had for seven years and now this. I'm glad I finally found out some news I had been wondering about him all last semester but it's still the second worst pain I've had in my life. I'm getting better each day but I won't be fully functional until I see him again and talk to him. I have considered searching for him at his church. We're both Catholic so I don't know why he'd do this to me. I feel like searching and restaurants looking for him because he seems to take his girlfriend out to eat a lot. I admit that I may have been too clingy but any decent person should say something before ghosting me. I feel like asking other friends about him and to get in contact with him for me. He likes Academy so I may search there. I want to continue and revive the friendship or at least get closure. I can't believe a decent human being would let this happen. I don't know how I can get through this.
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