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  1. Haunted Rain

    Trying to be Other Centered in a Self Centered World

    Have you considered using less of an 'all or nothing' thinking and instead learning to be wise and discerning in who you give so much to? Don't give more than you're willing to give without expecting something in return until one proves themselves to be able to reciprocate. But always try to give a little more than you get, because if we all held back to make it even, then we would have none of the giving people, such as yourself, to offer anything of value and the entire world would become entirely cold and closed off. And when you meet those people that do the same it's never an issue of how much you give to them. You can give extra of yourself without giving away all of yourself. Compassion without wisdom sets you up to be ran dry.
  2. Haunted Rain

    Thinking ahead or just making trouble

    Sounds to me like you saw a consistent view among everyone and offered an option. Nothing major there. Nothing on the surface, at least. Only you can know your true motives and see for yourself, but nothing really stands out to me as being bad. Now had you pushed to have your way, that would have been a problem. In a group like that with a predetermined sequence pushing to skip things would likely have some negative overtones, but as it stands the way you shared it, you're fine. I do have a history of manipulation, and sometimes i do the same thing you're doing, checking myself and my motives. It's a good thing to do, but not get hung up on if you can't really see anything.
  3. Haunted Rain

    What Are You Listening To? #3

    Psycroptic - Cold Apparently I've had this album a while and never paid attention to it. Mistaaaaaaake.
  4. Haunted Rain

    What Are You Listening To? #3

    Slayer... and Psy...
  5. Haunted Rain


    I'm curious about the notion that all suffering is good. Biblically speaking that is Never taught, but rather is a philosophy made up in the name of positivity. If we look at Job his suffering wasn't for his benefit, not in the least. He was, in fact, not much more than a game piece in a cosmic wager. There may be moments where suffering is for our benefit, as Paul shows in reference to the 'thorn in his side' that God gave him to keep him humble. But suffering, as a whole, is not for our benefit, rather it is a part of a fallen world. God actually speaks about taking the bad things that happen in our lives and working it out for good.
  6. Haunted Rain

    How much sleep have you been getting?

    Screens emit a spectrum of light. Blue light, being one, can adversely affect sleep. This is one reason having tv's on while sleeping can make sleeping harder. Some phones may have them pre-installed, such as my Galaxy S7. But if not there are plenty to choose from in the Stores for each phone. Or for PC's you can install f.lux. Just make sure you find one that actually filters blue light and doesn't just add orange tint.
  7. When i was young i had some trouble expressing my issues with depression, but now i don't hesitate. I try not to dwell on the subject unless the person asks questions. I share that i deal with it and move on. That way it's out there, they know it, but i don't come across as if i'm seeking attention or pity or any such thing. Nor are they left feeling awkward if it's a subject they are uncomfortable with. Then again if you have a job that is more of a career i can see where such things may not be as easily mentioned. But if you're well respected in your community it could also be viewed as an opportunity to educate. Of course you'd have to weigh any potential risks, but it could be a great platform.
  8. Haunted Rain

    How much sleep have you been getting?

    My sleep is so scattered. I have a natural tendency to be a night owl, but not working it leaves my sleep up to so many variables i'm lucky if i can have a consistent sleep pattern for more than a week or two. Knowing that a regular sleep schedule is so important to mental health it often causes me to wonder if it's making things worse for me. Times where i have been able to sleep more consistently i could tell i felt better. As far as the OP a few tips I've learned... Try to go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day, even on days off. Don't lounge around where you sleep. Let where you sleep be only for sleep and not for tv watching, etc... Turn off the tv or other screens. If you're like me and have trouble sleeping without them then try A) using something with a smaller screen and B) using a blue screen filter. Have a pre-bed routine. Having a routine before bed helps to alert your mind/body that you are approaching sleep and helps your body to begin moving towards slowing down. One friend i knew would take a shower then have a couple cookies with tea each night before bed and they crashed pretty easily most nights. And, of course, avoid sugar and caffeine a couple hours ahead of time.
  9. The issue is people who have depression often lack the will to get help, regardless of financial abilities. This is why we have wealthy people **** themselves. Look at people such as Luke Wilson or Kurt Cobain just to name a few. They had the money to afford getting help, yet all that money did nothing for them. I'm not suggesting there's not Some truth to your statement, but to suggest that having money means you will be able to get better isn't a default fact. It's just a greater possibility.
  10. Haunted Rain


    I can't see that God is really punishing people now for their sin or lack of faith. Particularly those that follow him. It's quite contrary to the nature of God. If that were the case then that is to suggest the earning of salvation and mercy. The bible (if that's the concept of God you're speaking of) speaks against this idea of doing good to earn good. In fact it says not a single person deserves salvation or mercy, yet it's given to those who ask. Grace. And it's true, He will not override free will to force one to conform. Praying for change in another is simply asking that God work on moving them to a place where they can be open to choosing such change and not that God will zap them and change them. Even then not everyone will comply. Some peoples hearts are simply too hardened to be capable of change. As far as what's caused by human free will... all of it. When the human heart is corrupted, then given free will, the world around us is the result. Often times those that feel the most responsible are the least of offenders. The real plague is those that feel they hold no responsibility because where there is no sense of ownership of action there is no change.