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  1. Thank you all so much for your replies. I work nights and come home to a silent house since my family is asleep, so Its very depressing/lonely and my brain wont shut off.. I usually stay up til about 4am every night just stewing in my miserable thoughts. I truly appreciate all the thoughtful comments and hope you are all doing well in your struggles today.
  2. I’ve read posts on this board so many times in the last year but never had the courage to create a post. I’m at the point where I’ve been depressed for so long that I just need to vent and hope someone can relate. I’m in my 30s, married with kids, work a job I hate, have no friends and have never been lonelier or more sad in my entire life. I feel like my entire existence is to basically ensure that my kids grow up happy and healthy. So i go through the motions of a normal life just to make sure they are ok. Husband and I are pretty distant and I feel like we don’t communicate at all and he just doesn’t get me. My job is extremely lonely and isolating which results in no work friendships and having nobody to talk to. Outside of work I have no friends at all. On the outside I really appear so “normal” but on the inside I’m just a depressed basket case. I enjoy drinking because it is such a temporary relief from life.. but I’m not addicted and I only drink about twice a month (although I think about it often). Ive considered therapy for many months just to have someone listen to my nonsense, yet I can’t seem to actually make the call (mostly out of embarrassment and not wanting other people to know about it). I constantly torture myself listening to depressing podcasts and songs that just make me even more sad. Why do I do this? I felt the need to finally vent, even if it just meant talking to myself on a message board.. and if anyone out there relates I’d feel a little better I think. Thanks everyone.
  3. I came on this board right at this moment because of the same reasons, I feel lonely and wish I could run away. I’d never in a billion years admit this to anyone in “real” life so it’s nice having somewhere to come and vent. I hope you start feeling better and you’re welcome to message me.
  4. Every night basically, I sit up worrying and full of anxiety of what misery I’m going to deal with at work the next day. Sometimes only getting 4 hours of sleep. Not healthy and I don’t know how to stop this. It’s already starting right now since I have to work tomorrow, ugh.
  5. I totally get the “flat” feeling. Describes me lately.. I really hope you are doing well.
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