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  1. I suffer from "Persistent Depressive Disorder" Aka "Dysthymia". I've been diagnosed with this form of Depression since the Summer of 2016, and in my case it's basically the mild form of Major Depression. I get symptoms of Hopeless, Useless, and occasional thoughts of suicide, but I would never act on these thoughts. I get these symptoms twice a week now, from the usually once every 2 to 3 weeks. But with Dysthymia, it usually comes and go anyway. I also suffer from Adult ADHD and Stress, but I've been suffering these since my early years. I problems sleeping ( insomnia) and when I do fall a sleep I can't seem to feel fully rested (Hype-Insomnia). I also have problems trying to focus on things for a long period of time, which causes me forget things, suffer from terrible migraines and Tiredness even as I type this. Around my family, I feels like i'm consistently being put down about my flaws; Like I'm lazy or that I'm Retard. My family is very dysfunctional, and not really supportive. They seem to care about thing but themselves, and no one else. And with the recent passing of my Grandmother, the only Family Member that understood what I was going through, even when it frustrated her, she still stood by me. But now with her gone, My Light in the Darkness, I feel so alone. especially with my Greedy family members trying to sell all her things and writing me off as nothing but "The Granddaughter" and I was not entitled to anything even if its written in "The Will", no one wants hold a meeting to see who gets what. Now with my Grandmother gone, It's just me and Non-Biological Grandfather, who consistently ask me to do things like go to the store, ATM, the Liquor store late at night ( 8pm - 12am), but turns around and tells me I don't do anything for him, "I don't cook or that I'm on my phone, but he thinks I'm on my Smartphone playing games, when I'm actually trying to research how to better my situation and/or find a better job that pays more money and that i'll enjoy so I can live on my own. He also tells me things like "I wouldn't be able to get to my job and/or even have my current job if it wasn't for him letting me use his Jeep to get to and from work. But I keep telling him, I don't have to use his Jeep, I can just take the bus and spend the night a friend's house if I miss the last bus, etc. But the only reason why I don't do this is because I have 2 Emotional Support Cats that I take care of ( the second one is the one I inherited from Grandmother who recently passed.) and I don't know where i'll be without them. I'm so tried of feeling like this I don't know what to do with myself, and I'm so tired of my family treating me like I'm some worthless thing that has no where to go. It makes me believe I really have no place to go, now that my Grandmother is gone...
  2. There's a first-time for everything, and this is my first-time posting in a Depression Support Forum Community. So, here's my introduction. I prefer to go by KimmiYo or Kimmi, I'm 25 yrs old (almost 26) and I was last diagnose with "Persistent Depressive Disorder" aka "Dysthymia" since 2016. I also suffer from Adult ADHD ( I was diagnosed with ADHD since Childhood) and Stress. As for what brought me to wanting to post in this Forum, it's because of a recent death in my family who was basically my "Rock" and the only person who gave me comfort while I struggled through my symptoms, while my dysfunctional family wrote me off as being "Retarded" or 'Lazy". I guess you could saying i'm turning to this forum for a community to lend a open ear and listen and give me some advice as I try to battle against my Symptoms , just like my grandmother once did; even though we would butt heads from time to time. But at this point, I really don't know what I want.
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