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  1. Guys my mom married a rich father who she hated and I'm convinced made his life hell always arguing and bitcbing until they divorced and she got no money. She hated my dad and always spoke bad about him when I was 7 years old. She always treated me like extra baggage. She always made it seem like to thr world that I'm a thorn in her life and shes a victim by having me. As a child I always enjoyed me life and shed literally get jealous and threaten to leave me as a 10 year old if I went out to play. She always cursed the worst curses at me all the tim and would hit and scratch me that piece of !!!! and to this day lies saying she didn't. I was innocent and just wanted to play and she hated me so much when family visited and wanted to buy me a gift she'd go out of her way to say "no" because she thought she'd lose respect in their eyes for supporting me and wishing me something good..she always saw me as just a liability and someone who took her freedom when really she was too scared to do anything coming fromqa backwards culture that would get jealous if anyone had a good sex filled life and shame them so she'd have no life but blame it on me when really her culture makes her a ***** to want to break it. When we moved in with my aunt for 7 years we lived with like 5 additional people any my mom spent all my middle and high school never ever spending a second of valuable time on me to make sure I had a life. Aunts two sons always hated me just for no reason and my mom didbt do shit. I was abused and she did nothing because she thinks "oh they house and feed us we are nobody and if I'm nothing you my son are especially nothing almost dead so shut up and expect nothing" During this period I acted out by heavily masterbating as a painkiller and because I saw companionship and craved it so much. I would fantasize and day dream constantly in high school wishing I had money and freedom and love. My mom was always a !!!! to me was and is still the type to literally crrwte a stupid nagging problem like coming to my room to tell me to do something related to my room, and I say no which is what she expects because it's my room she says "your so bad haram to you meaning damnnation to your life just over some bullshit and she wishes deeply I have a bad wife one day and my kids are bad" and her words came true I'll explain. Finally when I got crazy one day at 18 my mom and I were forced to move out. Finally free and grown I finally found a girl who I regularly slept with and enjoyed but I was attached and clingy to her because I had nothing. I started to work on a business and in 2015 at 21 years old I made $165,000 in a year and changed my life. Got a $80,000 m car. Of course my mom never fuking congratulated me and from the beginning was a bitch trying to complain and ruin my mood to buy the car. I got many more girlfriends In 2016 something amazing happened. I met an amazing girl and she got pregnant. What do you know. My !!!! mom's burning energy and heart desired me to lose the child because all she saw was that it was shameful if people who I make ten times more money than and drive better cars after they talked talkee all this shit. My mom only worried about them and that it would be embarrassing for me to have a child rather than a blessing. She pressured my girl into abortion. I married her but she fuking always ruins my desire to move out forcing me to stay with her. The abortion drew the line and slowly I got into a drug world. My mom taking money from my wife for rent not letting us move out when I'm making at this point $250,009 yearly. I spent everything on pain pills to cope even injecting until my wife left in April 2018 each Month becoming worse and more of a !!!! just like my mom's evil Heart wished. Then I spent everything lost my car because I just spent it all on drugs and quit my business for no reason other than depression dropped my credit from 800 to 400 and my mom now is ten thousand times worse knowing I don't have the freedom like I had before now. I have noticed it is my mom always who each time I did something happy that showed I chose someone else over her I'd notice her heart wishing I'd lose it and sure enough I would within a week. My mom only thinks she owns me and I ruined her life which I didn't their fore it's her goal to ruin me. I have now noticed dozens of people all suddenly behaving badly to me and just completely irrationally and I logically and I now understand its my mothers wishes. I try begging and speaking to her all the time to be nice and kind wkth me and love me instead just mentioning it she gets violent and wants to hit me and **** me and cusses me out badly. She has ruined my life always wishing me for years now probably tens of thousands of times "haram" to you which means I hope your life is damned to her own son. This is why everyone is haply and despite the fact in 2 years I made half a million I lost it all and my wife and my child. I want to **** myself and even wish she would fuking die. Every time is fly out the country she'd turn into a snake and suddenly start calling me saying she misses me and loves me to try and make me think she's nice and home is nice until I got home and she'd hi so angry at me after 1 month gone coming home and immeadiateky going to see my girl that I noticed in her heart again her hating and a week later me and her broke it off. I just want to be away from her but now have nothing and don't trust to do anything positive by her meaning in stuck. She wishes so much all my friends are unable to help me especially my rich uncle because it's her wish always to control me to tell me to work somewhere and pay her rent. That's the piece of shit she is. Breaking me so she can have a slave to work for her and pay rent and she can brag to her obese sister that I now obey her. Does anyone else have a situation like this ? A mother this bad? And am I imagining this because my mom's horrible worsening behavior coincides with everyone else treating me the same way now for no reason please help
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