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  1. Someone on this forum just messaged me a very triggering message. I don’t have to announce my departure but I’m leaving this forums for awhile. This world is full of inconsiderate people.
  2. I’m having lotsa regrets again today. How would things have been if I had or had not done certain things. Maybe my life would have been so much better. Or should I believe that my life would have been much worse. I might have met people who hurt me more or I might have had worse bosses than now or worse colleagues than now or not met that particular person at that phase of my life or become influenced to do the wrong things in life which might cause me to get into a life crippling accident I don’t know. What to do to distract myself from such thoughts.
  3. So I’ve decided I should just switch off my phone while doing house chores cos I’ve become a phone addict again. Yesterday was quite a bad day but today I feel much better. Hope today will be a good day.
  4. So exciting congratulations! Another milestone reached I would say
  5. Ah news can be quite interesting too. And I guess at least it’s better than having the mind wondering n worrying with insomnia. Sleep habits r a bit hard to change cos it needs to be done consistently to change it, but it can be done, but it’ll take time for sure.
  6. I read your post too and I feel your sadness and misery. I do hope things change for you and you find something to push you out to start making friends again but I kinda know the emotions that come up when you see couples and I know it’s something that can’t really be overcome in a few years. Hope you make some single friends so you don’t have to have that envious and emotional feelings. Or find a hobby of some sort. Have you thought of leaving her a type of freedom where you can re-start your life to find out what else you’re interested in and do anything and everything you want without asking anyone. But it ain’t easy I know. Take it slow ((Hugggs))
  7. This. The fact that you can’t accept not changing and dealing with it. You tried and it didn’t work, so rest if you must, and try a different method another day when you’re ready. I can’t give much advice cos it takes a really big conscious effort to stop dwelling on the negatives. I mentioned an old blog post to make peace with your demons, something I got from Mark Manson. Not easy, but every failure is a lesson learnt. I struggle with this too. You’re not alone
  8. Had an ok day. A bit tired though cos I have a lot of regrets running through my head and the constant fear of mil being upset with my breathing. Still have to on my laptop to do some work cos I procrastinate a lot
  9. Wow that must be a very good and interesting book to keep you up all night
  10. I’m not a Christian and I don’t read the bible but I do believe in a God. I guess there are many people like that since we live in a multi-religious society, it’s hard not to compare. One thing I believe in God is his kindness and mercy and love and that He can see the hearts of everyone, so I believe as long as we do our best to do good, He sees that and His kindness, mercy and love will put us in a better place after death. Our family also believe it’s wrong to say that that person will go to hell. Cos God’s love is above all that and as long as our heart is pure and good and we have serious desire to change, He will forgive us. There are of course debates about God’s love but each person have to come up with their own understanding based on their life experiences I guess. That’s my belief anyway, because I still believe there’s a reason for everything that happens, and that belief helps keep me going. Hell is there like how prisons and rules and regulations and laws exist on this earth, so that people will know that there are consequences to their actions. Anyway, there are different beliefs about God. And I can’t say anyone is wrong about it cos I haven’t died to see what really happens after death. I hope you do find a belief that you are comfortable with to help keep you going.
  11. Depressedgurl007


    Thanks for your replies. You guys really are one of the reasons I’m still here on this earth. I would have gone a long time ago if you don’t exist. If u all r around n still up and fighting, I guess I should be doing it too.
  12. Thank you. I should learn to be kinder to myself too.
  13. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but there is something wrong with me and I can’t do anything about it because I’m so pathetic. I’m only here cos I have nowhere else to go.
  14. That’s the problem, I don’t see it as depression, when people tell me this, my head will just say, yes I know all this n yet I still feel this way. It’s ok I don’t need the hug. I’m an idiot anw. Sorry my fault again for not seeing it as depression. No one can help me if I can’t help myself. But thanks for trying.
  15. Same old hate myself, hate my job, hate my life, hate everyone around me, I’m pathetic I can’t improve myself at all. But thanks for the hugs and thanks for caring. I actually fell sick after coming back from the zoo. I have a bad habit of hate taking showers so I actually didn’t take a shower after coming back n my dad scolded me n tell me it’s my fault for not taking a shower after I come back from the zoo n so it’s my fault I fell sick. So yea, I’m always doing stupid things that makes my life worse.
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