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  1. I’m just worried. It won’t let me sleep at night. He told me to switch to night but don’t know if it will keep me up or not. Going to time it today to see how many hours it takes me to feel tired. Lol
  2. I actually take Xanax as well. One thing I do notice i take meds at 730 am by 5 I’m exhausted
  3. Yea the facial flushing is horrible. Itching is random and not persistent thankfully. I to have the nausea and dry mouth. Jittery at times. Lost two pounds already since I started (not a bad thing at all) lol. My pains are bearable, except for my hip. Still hurts. But this is my 9th day so I guess i can’t expect miracles quite yet. Been going through stress past week and actually let it just roll of my back and that is no to me so I guess it’s working to a degree. Hopefully things will get better. Crossing my fingers
  4. Just started taking 30 mg. I’m in day 8. Anyine have facial flushing and slight itching. Not allergic reaction itching. Just itchy. I’m taking it for fibromyalgia anxiety and depression.
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