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  1. Hello, Yes, I'm currently on both. I've been taking Remeron for maybe 2-3 weeks, increasing doses and I just started taking zoloft tonight. I mentioned to my psychiatrist that I was worried about the interaction, however, she said they're both at low doses. However, I still have my worries. I've always been a worrisome person. Do you think there's a big possibility of serotonin syndrome if I'm on both? I took half tonight and I feel more "aware" in a sense, a little foggy, and almost like i can't think. I was staring at my screen trying to type this
  2. So I was on Remeron at 15mg for 10 days (previously on remeron at 7.5mg) and I can't say I've had much of a response. The response I've had is very minor (to me at least. My psychiatrist and therapist think otherwise) considering I just feel like I want to get a job to make some income. Also, I've been on academic dismissal (lack of motivation) and I'm trying to get back in school. I guess those are some responses but I've been emotionally numb since November. My psychiatrist prescribed me Zoloft at 25mg for a week (half pill the first 3 days starting tomorrow) and I'm worried because I've never been dependent on medication. Even though it's two, it seems like a lot. I'm honestly desperate to feel something, or rather something positive considering I can only feel the negatives and I'm lucky if I feel those. I have moments where I feel like I'll never recover and be able to truly live. I'm also concerned about serotonin syndrome. I just want this one to be the one that changes everything for the better
  3. Hi. This is my very first time trying an antidepressant. Before trying Remeron, I was emotionally numbed out. I felt nothing for anyone or anything...at least I thought I did. I could laugh, smile, and had sparks of happiness at times, but felt hollow the majority. I've been on remeron for 3 days (today being my 4th. I started Tuesday night). After my first night, I woke up feeling groggy, dazed, and sluggish. My eyes felt like they couldn't fully open. The mornings after haven't been that way at all. At night, it doesn't put me to sleep anymore. But now, I feel completely numb. To the point where I can't feel love and I fear this will affect my relationship. I know I'm supposed to wait a week or two (my next appt is in a week) but I feel like maybe it's not working. Then again, today I started my period so maybe the hormones are simply messing with me? Is this normal for a 7.5mg dose? I don't know what to think
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