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  1. I'm not familiar with this flinching problem, so I can't comment on it. Regarding your therapist, however, I think you need to find a new one. Good therapists are difficult to find, and one who helps one individual may be incapable of helping another with a different personality. If you can't communicate with your therapist try another, and keep trying until you find one who helps you.
  2. Less screen time = more happiness. But I'm as much a drone to social media as anyone. Throw in the dating sites--also social media--and it gets pretty miserable. I try to keep my use of it moderate, but that doesn't always work.
  3. I don't do this at night, but in the mornings I tend to languish in bed not wanting to face the day's bs. One of the downsides of being self-employed from home is the ability to be lazy as hell because I don't have to worry about being fired for showing up late for work, since I set my own hours. The messed up thing is that if I worked for someone else I'd be up out of bed on time every morning, instead of lying around wasting time and dreading the day. Yet I can't motivate myself some days to work, even for my own prosperity. Mondays are particularly hard for me because most of my interaction with others occurs over the weekend. Right now it feels like I'm living in a jello world that pushes down on my soul and even makes movement a trial. I truly despise Monday.
  4. I vaped for a while and stayed away from smoking, but it wasn't the same so I got bored with it and went back to cigarettes. But the other day while visiting a friend I tried one of the Juul e-cigs and was very impressed. The closest feel of smoking of any vape-type device I've tried. I went and bought one today since I'm almost out of cigs. I hesitate to say I'm quitting smoking (for me, saying that is like the boy who cried wolf), but we'll see what happens...
  5. Are there any other epileptics here? I have always wondered whether this disease manifests itself more often in depressed people. Mine is medically controlled, so I'm lucky in that respect. My epilepsy meds--lamitcal--contribute to my depression if I cannot exercise vigorously to offset the effects, but I've tried three different meds over the years and found it has the least detrimental side effects. Others had me wandering around in a daze or brought on flashes of anger. Fun stuff...
  6. Age...of all the things to worry about, something no one can possibly control. If I've learned one thing from my brief time studying Stoic philosophy, it's not to sweat the things that are impossible to control. As depressives, we already spend most of our time worrying about accomplishing the tasks that are within our power, for the affliction fights us every step of the way. Why add to that something like age, which makes a ruin of us all in the end?
  7. I accepted a work contract for my next job. Unfortunately, I didn't work on that job today as I'd planned. I've spent most of the day pacing the house and fidgeting with small chores. Not a great day.
  8. I have over ten years of experience online dating. It has changed considerably during that period. At first it was a novelty--everyone was doing it and I dated a lot, actually found someone who became the love of my life (she's gone now, and I don't mean dearly departed). As the years went by, the women became more discriminating, and not without just cause in some cases, as many men choose to take the coarse and vulgar approach. Past that, however, it seems people aren't just looking to date and meet people anymore--they seek what they consider perfection even before responding to a message. I suppose in the case of women, why shouldn't they? An attractive woman often receives over 100 messages a day, and the less attractive might receive a dozen or so. Yes, the competition is fierce. I am now 48 and still single, despite the fact that I'm in good shape and health, employed, stable and living in my own home, and not horrible looking (above average for my age, not fat or wrinkled). Nevertheless, I'm lucky to get a date every couple of months or so, and the drought at present is longer than most. The f*cked up thing is that I'm not trying to date out of my league; I prefer women roughly my age, 40's to early 50's. But since it's stylish to be a "cougar" who screws younger men, I can't even get dates with women my own age anymore. Online dating these days is a dead end for all but the most handsome and rich--those dumb enough to flaunt their cash or posers who create a persona. It's still possible to meet someone, but the odds for an average man have skyrocketed. Take the advice of the gentleman above and join some sort of special interest club if one is near you. I'm looking to join a hiking group myself when the weather warms up. Keep up an online presence, certainly, just don't expect success. If it happens, it happens. But other dating options are looking better and better as time goes on and the public becomes ever more jaded regarding online dating.
  9. Hello. I have suffered from depression on and off for about thirty years now. I live an isolated/alienated existence, and have for some time. I treat with marijuana, meditation, and Stoic philosophy, but I'm obviously not cured. It gets worse the older I get, so bad I'm considering prescription meds, which I avoid unless there is no other choice. There might not be. Anyway, I'm hoping to receive some insight into all of these issues.
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