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  1. Well, it's rather common. I posted a link to a site that explains it in detail, but the link was removed from my message by a staff member. Some support forum this is! 😔
  2. You're not old at all. Human lifespan is about 85, so you're almost middle-aged. Have you sought a second opinion in regards to your water retention issue? Doctors are fallible and it's recommended you see several specialists if the first one dismisses your concerns while your health situation does not improve. I hope things work out well for you. Take heart! It might seem difficult, but I'm confident that your health will improve. God bless you!
  3. [link removed] Constant blasphemous mental images about God and the saints, that produce severe guilt as they are correlated to thoughts about sins from the past, and the constant need to neutralize them through good thoughts and prayer. 😭
  4. I made a video in which I share my thoughts and pieces of advice about what people should say to their friends (and family members) who are struggling with depression in order to offer them the emotional support that they need and deserve. If you want to skip the rant at the beginning and get straight into the advice, watch the video from minute 3:35. 👍
  5. Is anyone here familiar with religious obsessive-compulsive disorder? I've been struggling with it for a long time. I'm not taking medication, nor am I seeing a therapist because my family is rather dysfunctional and I'm uninsured, as I can't currently work because of my physical disabilities. Is it possible to see any improvements if I try to apply cognitive-behavioral treatment on myself according to instructions from online courses and internet videos? 🤔
  6. Aww... I like Skype. And while Whatsapp and Facebook's messenger are more popular than Skype, according to recent statistics, Skype is still the fifth most popular messaging app in the world. [link removed] [chart image removed] Anyways, to address @lostsoul65, I don't use Skype to chat with strangers, but then again, I wouldn't be of much help for you anyways. I have a lot of mental problems and I'm also a straight guy. 😐 If you're looking to find a romantic partner, have you tried dating websites?
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