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  1. I don't think it does. It's really a personal option.
  2. In my honest opinion, what do you think Maxx? You're an intricate person, please don't doubt that.
  3. I don't really consider this advice, just a written(or typed) thought on my part I guess, maybe he Will be attracted to it. You can tell how someone thinks by what the say and what they do. But you'll always know how someone thinks and feels about you by how they feel and it proves itself sometimes.
  4. Maybe finding out what's making you anxious, or even doing something that is calming, or relaxing to you or even finding another option can help. I hope you find a way! Or can rely on seek out or receive the support, help or assistance you need.
  5. At least you napped for 2 hours. That must've been a decent and soothing moment of your day.
  6. Christopher P Bacon... Nice one haha.
  7. I find some irony in the way each of its definitions are exclaiming.
  8. Feel better. Maybe you'll feel more relaxed soon.
  9. I can relate to this. Suicide is not the answer at all. How would your friends or family feel if you weren't here anymore. I know it's hard to go through what you're going through, but there are people in your life that care about you deeply and love you... As far as being connected and looking for that special woman to fall in love with... You can't rush it. Things like that just happen, thats why it's an amazing feeling when it happens. It's like that cheezy love story you always hear about in movies, TV shows, books, and that friend that's always in a long commited relationship and ends up getting married and having 2.5 kids and a dog and always is awkwardly doing good and you have no idea why. When people treat you bad, just keep your head up and ignore them, you have something great coming for you, just stay focused on that while doing what you need to do. I don't suggest this... I mean it's your choice, definitely your life... But I say just wait for something good to happen naturally.
  10. I think it's a personal option... Maybe it's just to fill a void; To fulfill a selfish purpose; To heal another despite taking on the strain of the responsibility and commitment; To use another; I agree with this. I don't think this is the type of lifestyle for everyone. It doesn't change any views about whether or not sex is good or makes someone better than someone else, whether or not one chooses to engage in it or chooses to abstain from it. We all have our reasons to live the life we live by despite how damaging or balancing it may be... I guess in the end, we're all happy or come to terms with the decisions we make in the end anyway. Who knows. -shrugs-
  11. It seems like to me, you were very successful in life, and accomplished alot of the things you wanted, and needed to do to live the life you're living now... Perhaps it was harder back then, which is ironically easy for you, and the easy part (now) is seemingly hard for you. Maybe you're missing a new passion or hobby to take on or rekindle at this point. This should be a turning point in your life, to enjoy the things you couldn't wile you were working so hard to get to this point in the earlier points in your life. Live it up.
  12. Hey Jenn, welcome to the forums! Sorry to hear about your situation... I can relate to this situation. I've been with my Ex for 3 years on and off, and had problems with my mental health as well. We both did somethings that hurt each other, but we always ended up getting past it after a while. We aren't together to this day, and we are barely in contact with each other, but I still do feel the same way, and will always be there. Only you or him can decide if you want to keep things going or end it. Communication is always key in a relationship. If you two love each other, nothing should get in the way ever. Relationships, and Marriage are really just a test of time of how much the two of you can endure until its solidified that nothing will ever tear you apart... That great day you mentioned as a quoted above, something about that day was something you both needed. Something that reminded both of you of that magical day that brought you two together. Don't ever forget that.
  13. I understand this mentality 250%. I often feel like I get in the way when I visit my peers or friends or even family members. Sometimes Im able to help them anyway I can. And sometimes I find that helping them messes something up or causes something to go wrong. In my life, personally, my peers are usually better off without me getting in the way. But it's just simply that for me. They just choose to be around me platonically when they are not busy. Your situation may be different. Try speaking with them and seeing if they will honestly tell you how they feel about your thoughts. You might be surprised about the answer.
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