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  1. Teen Mom Series So much cringe, so little sense, and MTV believes these "celebrities" should give out advice (enough that it warrants its own segment). 🤮
  2. Welcome @AKGrown! Thanks for sharing your experience with it. My doctor seemed to believe it would also help me with my cognitive function in regards to focusing. Lately, I am starting to notice nausea sometimes shortly after taking the medication. It is bearable but hard to ignore. 2 times however it was much worse, and napping was the only thing that helped. I don't have an idea of what's different day to day, but taking it after a solid meal and limiting caffeine seems to help. While I didn't see any interactions with caffeine in the paper work, I've noticed an increased sensitivity to caffeine now. Drinking coffee will worsen the nausea when I get it, and do exactly the opposite of what it normally does, destroying my focus. I haven't had any loss in appetite (I wish). I seem to eat more and give into cravings easier. I've read around that doctor's will sometimes prescribe Zofran along with it to control vomiting, but if you feel its not for you, it might not be worth pursuing. For me, if the nausea gets worse, or this doesn't work out, I am considering dropping anti-depressants all together and just fighting through the old way.
  3. Sorry to hear that. It is a shame when the effectiveness of a medication fades. Sometimes I wonder if a medication is doing anything for me except serving as a placebo. I would have stayed on Sertraline if it weren't for the issues I was having focusing.
  4. I have another update on this. Still taking 10mg. Anxiety has been gone for sometime and my focus returned shortly after my last update. I feel normal except my mood has been horrible. I don't think Trintellix is completely helping me with my depression like Sertraline was. I am now being bumped up to 20mg. I haven't had any side-effects, and I'm hoping an increase doesn't show any new ones. @supergirl How is it going so far, are you still taking Trintellix?
  5. Yes. We'd be friends, but then never keep up with the relationship.
  6. Welcome! I can tell by your writing that you are very intelligent. I have felt many similar feelings as you in regards to humanity, life, and the world we share. As someone with deeper thoughts and feelings, your observations do not meet your expectations -- even your self-image falls short. I'm so sorry you going through this. I hope you find your mental state of this existence where you can feel content in acceptance. You are special and you have friends here.
  7. Hi Saliency, So the Bupropion did exactly as you said. I had anxiety worse than I ever had, it was like before Zoloft but worse..... and it didn't stop immediately, in fact; 4-5 days after stopping Bupropion I still had anxiety. After I mentioned it to the doctor I was prescribed Trintellix. I am fighting through focusing issues in hopes that within a few weeks (2 weeks in) it will help.
  8. So I've been taking it for almost 2 weeks now. No side effects yet. I've done some research that suggests increased cognitive function after 8 weeks or so, but slightly flawed as to whether it is any different from any other anti-depressant relieving the impairment caused by the disease itself. That is appealing to me, as the main reason I visited the doctor recently was due to my lack of focus, but it appears he tends to focus on my depression and anxiety symptoms (and maybe he had the above mind? probably not, anxiety which only reappeared upon taking new medications). Focus has become the most important thing for me to treat because I can see it literally making my life fall-apart (and I can't imagine how that wouldn't trigger depression). I know that concentration and motivation issues are symptoms of depression, but if treatment is working shouldn't those symptoms go away? Why would they get worse? Have either of you noticed any increase in concentration and focus on it? As for the cost, I signed up for a saver program (not the coupon as that is only temporary) on their website that may be worth looking into. With it, you pay only $10. I had to work with my pharmacist to get the discount to work (they ended up making phone calls).
  9. I missed this! Hope you are feeling even better than before. I'm having pretty bad aniexty today. Almost tempted to try anything to stop it, so alcohol comes to mind. Not an addict but I'm trying to avoid it. So the fight continues. Just started another medication. Couldn't get fast enough, who knows how long it will take, days, weeks, months, who knows. Feeling really bitter towards people. I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots and I'm snapping. Don't want to jeopardize anything, but anger provides some relief albeit temporary. I go from stable to unstable too quickly it feels. Praying for some help.
  10. I use a CPAP machine. When I had to get a new mask I had to pay $100 out-of-pocket (I believe that to be the retail price, so no coverage). There seems to be so many restrictions on what and how often they will cover medical supplies. That being said, I haven't had any issues getting the supplies. I am using a company called Medigy and using Res-med products. So far my costs with this thing has been around $700 out of pocket, when I pay close to twice that in month for insurance. 🤷‍♂️
  11. Music has always helped me when I'm down, or needed motivation. Another really odd thing is that, listening to depressing music while depressed actually makes me feel better. I am metal/post hardcore/rock type music listener, but I have all types of music from country to rap. I usually can't focus on something while I'm listening to music as it grabs my full attention, but lately as I'm having more focusing issues, I suddenly have this super-power. Recently, I've done something I thought I'd honestly never do, and that is listen to worship music while I work. It seems to lift my mood without my full concentration.
  12. I'm sorry you are going through this and so many hardships. I wish I could give some solid advice. I would like to say try to meet more people, but I'm actually the worst at it. I know the reason I have no friends is my own fault. I don't water the flowers, as the Sims would say. Have you tried dating websites? Just curious. Putting yourself out there is a great way to reach people. If you don't find anything, you could look it as if you are no worse off, but if you do "catch" anyone it is because they are interested in you. Have you looked into moving in with a room mate? Before I started college I was really reckless, but I was able to find a roommate having no job and no money, after meeting them I explained that I moving to the area for school and will have a job to pay any rent or back-pay rent. Short story: It didn't work out and I was almost homeless, but I have to say it was one of the best things I ever did as I escaped a toxic environment. Tbh, I would have rather been homeless, but I would have always found another way, because when you are faced with something like that it can motivate you do what it takes (or make you hit rock bottom, not sure if you should listen to me lol). Anyway, it changed my perspective. I would not worry about your teeth in regards of what another would think. We tend to take the problems with our appearance and magnify them. My advice there would be to try visualize throwing those thoughts into the trash can every time they pop-up (I'm serious). Besides, you are already taking steps there. Good for you! Lastly, I suggest you think of one thing that you can do now make the biggest positive impact on your life. It may not fix all your issues, but by doing it, it will make everything that much easier. I hope it gets better, and I'm here if you want to talk to someone.
  13. Was the CPAP ineffective for you? I am still struggling with mine. Sometimes I take off and have no recollection of it, but usually it is from me waking up to tend to my 1 year old who has bad nights frequently. I'm zombified. and forget to put it back on. Started with the full face mask but no matter what I could not get it comfortable and had too many leaks during the night. I switched to one that covers my nose and it works much better as far comfort and leaks, but I smell everything. I can smell any mild "unscented" soap I use to clean the machine seemingly no matter how much I rinse it - or maybe I'm smelling the hard water I use to clean it (of course distilled in the tank). Then there is the need to clean the thing everyday, I haven't worked it into habit yet, so it still feels like a chore. If I all goes perfectly, then I can feel the difference. Without I have headaches and dry throat.
  14. I've done some searching on the forum and see a lot of posts with some crazy side-effects. From nausea and vomiting, weight loss, brain fog, etc. Has anyone taken or is taking this and not had any serious side effects?
  15. Honesty is not a weakness, it's a strength. It can be hard to be honest because of the destruction that can be caused. When you are being called to give your honesty, you should try your best to provide it where/to whom it is appropriate.
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