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  1. I can relate to this post. That's why I've come to essentially avoid politics now. With that though, people call you ignorant. "Don't you care about what's happening? What about your kids and future grandchildren? How can you not be passionate/have a position about X?" And so on and so on.
  2. "Time to get up!" was the worst thing said to me growing up. The manner in which it was said... "Tiiiime to get up!!!"; no, time to shut up and let me sleep. My mother was very superstitious and taught me many pieces of wisdom, here is a few you may have heard of: "If you find a penny and it is on heads, it is good luck. If it is on tails; don't pick it up, it is bad luck." "My ears are ringing. Someone must be talking about me." "If your palm is itching, that means you are coming into money."
  3. This reminds me of when I worked as a system administrator, I would hide myself in server room and just listen to the humming of the servers.
  4. "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out!"
  5. Suicidal thoughts are typically squashed because of my children, so I'd say moderate. I am starting my 4th anti-depressant. I'm optimistic thanks to support from family.
  6. Hi @Windsurfer1992 and welcome! I share some of the same disorders (MDD, ADHD, Aniexty). I would love to get your thoughts and advice. I haven't been on any medications solely dedicated to ADHD since I was child. All the prescriptions I've had as an adult focus on the other two disorders. Have you ever been able to overcome/minimize ADHD in regards to focus/brain scatter? Part of me wants to believe all the problems stem from ADHD. Mental wandering and/or lack of stimulation appears to lead me into depressive thoughts.
  7. My two boys are momma's boys. A few days ago my 4 year old was mean to me all day. He wouldn't let me help him in and out of the car seat, with his bath, etc. He wanted mommy to do it. Then near bed time we were both in his bed reading a book, he stopped, looked at me, and said "I love you Daddy" and gave me a hug.
  8. Mushrooms! I can eat every other common food. Also when mushrooms are being cooked they leave the smell of a damp basement and it makes me sick to my stomach. I think fungai is probably alien and travelled to earth on some astroid seeing as their spores can survive space.
  9. Hi Bflobrn, I was able to get Trintellix cheaper by signing up for their "tAccess" program available through their website. Before that, even with my insurance, I was looking close to $200 to fill. I had also received coupons from my doctor's office, but those did not do much to reduce the price. With the program it only costs $10 to fill the prescription. You receive a card (you can print it out) to present to the pharmacist. Topic moved as suggested.
  10. If the worse-case scenario happened, we lost everything. Would you still be there with me? I believe I've identified one of my biggest fears, the reason for my little stint with anxiety the past couple days, and it is a pretty common one. The fear of failure. There is a huge responsibility that I carry. I have a family to provide for. Whenever there is the slightest possibility that something could disrupt the foundation I've built, I become uneasy. To release the weight I feel on my shoulders, I have to remove any attachment to the things that do not have importance in my life. The non-essential stuff. Only then I can feel content no matter where life takes me. I don't want to be failure to my family. In the worst-case scenario, I need to know that no matter what happens we'll always be there for each other. If I have that, there is nothing left to fear.
  11. Dr. Strange After catching up on Marvel movies except for what's in theaters (i.e. Endgame), I had to go back and watch this, as I was waiting to watch it with someone. I liked the movie. It definitely leaves you feeling like there should have been more. Hopefully there is a sequel. Because Dr. Strange doesn't feel complete as a character here. You have a fulfilling origin, just not enough as the sorcerer supreme. Dr. Strange is one of favorite Marvel characters (if not my favorite). Up until this movie, everything in the MCU had to be explained by some kind of science. This movie is just like, bam, here's magic.... and I love it. I don't need everything to be explained. It's fantasy universe after all. That's what I love about Dr. Strange. He is just human who mastered the dark arts. I love the visual styles on the spells. It reminds me of alchemic circles. And that short battle featuring him in Infinity War --- was pretty freaking awesome.
  12. @c4n4ry Hi and welcome to the forums! So sorry to be seeing this post so late. I believe there must of been a notification issue. I believe you are right about feeling it quickly, I felt the same way in the beginning. I'm a tad jealous it worked so well for you, save for the negatives. For me, the positive (if any) were barely noticeable. Seeing as it is months later, if you see this post, let us know how you are doing now -- if you are still taking it or not. I've stopped taking mine sometime in early May. In the beginning of taking it, it did feel like it was doing something, but just not enough. Then I kept getting bumped up in mgs, but nothing ever changed or felt different. I believe what I did feel in the beginning was actually just the distancing of previous anxiety caused by medications prior. I didn't have any issues with sexual function, I did have the nausea though. To summarize for me, it wasn't worth it to suffer through nausea everyday (taking naps in the middle of the day, or being short with my wife or kids) for something that doesn't appear to be working well. And since my recent trails with anti-depressants have gone so poorly, I've just given up on them all together. So I haven't take any medications since I quit Trintillex. I was afraid to quit, because I read horror stories where people were basically stuck on it due to withdraw symptoms. Fortunately through some luck, I did not suffer from withdraws (probably because, well, it wasn't working for me).
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