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  1. Hello My doctor has allowed me to take one tablet of the Risperidone and 2 of the Mirtazapine so I am getting to sleep somehow. I take it every night around 8pm then I watch television. I notice that I sleep for 3 hours, go to the bathroom, go back to sleep, wake up around 8am, go back to sleep and, then get up around between 12pm or 1pm. I then take my shower and start my day.
  2. Hello! Thanks! As I read other posts, it helps me to identify with my problem of depression. In addition to, I learn to open up more concerning my own mental health on depression.
  3. Hello! No, you have just broken the silence by replying. Welcome, share.
  4. Hello! I found myself in the same position, not being able to really open up to others about my situation. For one, its hard to talk too others that play like they have it all together. Two, people really don't want to listen because their doing all the talking about their life. Three, most people lack empathy. Welcome!
  5. Hello! The last thing you want to do is isolate yourself. When you do this, you are only confirming what the demon says about you, "Your the only one" and that is definitely not the truth! Second, find someone that you can talk too on a regular basis. I'm available for starters! Third, include a spiritual arena for yourself, whether it be meditation, of reading the bible. A higher force does exist! Fourth, start to give yourself complements for the things you are able to do each day to improve your life, no matter how small the attempt may be. Last, learn to love yourself with all your flaws and no that in time you will overcome them like the others. Hugs
  6. Hello! I am a survivor of domestic violence. I would call the hotline and just talk. They didn't send the police out to your place of residence like some would fear. It's totally up to the victim what it is that they would decide is the right course of action. They handle your conversations as confidential! Not saying you have this problem but it is a way out for free counseling and to meet others outside of your surrounding area.
  7. Hello! And welcome, I hope to be like many others on this site to be of support.
  8. Hello! I have been married 2 times and the last one was narcissistic. Narcissistic persons can prove to be overbearing and violent. They also have a way of making you feel responsible for their every failure. Please pray and ask God to give you the strength. See if he would be interested in family counseling.
  9. Hello! That's a great idea. I hadn't thought of that before. I'll start looking on YouTube for such color/noise for peace of mind. Yes, I am a very light sleeper and that comes from living in New York all my life, until about 20 years ago and now I am 53.
  10. Thanks! Tomorrow, I'll try taking have of the Mirtazapine, instead of a whole one and see what happens. Trazadone makes me vomit. I usually go to sleep on a normal around 10 pm. I think to be truthful, living in an apartment with thin wall, where you can hear everything coming from your neighbors apartment doesn't make things any easier for me either in the area of sleep. I pray that Mirtazapine knocks me out on the half of dose. I'll keep you posted!
  11. Hello! I am just learning how to reply. I only saw one reply option under the second message so I'll answer you both, until I learn better or maybe you could teach me. I am taking 15mg once every night before bedtime. I have been on the Mirtazapine for about week.
  12. I have issues with the following: childhood and adult sexual trauma/domestic violence trauma from military experience, suffer with lower lumbar pain, degenerated collage in both knees and patella conditions in left knee (makes it hard to walk), hip pain, flat feet, type II diabetic unable to see my grandchildren because of terrible relationship with son (gave birth to one) who won't get help and support for alcohol and drug addiction, concerned for their well being divorced/single/widowed my previous place of residence incest activity reported coming from neighbors below me but was ignored, said I didn't have enough of evidence tremendous debt from move to a new location, working with credit counselors, now it will take even longer to purchase a home than before Isolation, lack of privacy in new location, walls are thin so you can hear everything placed on academic probation twice by two different colleges, couldn't concentrate enough to pass the courses To sum it all up, I feel like a failure in all my endeavors. I am 53 years old. I feel stuck, lost, out of options and a lost of energy. I can barely pick my face up from the pillows in the morning and I have no expectation, except VA appointments. I feel I let my grandchildren down; therefore they have no expectation of me coming to save them. There it is
  13. Hello! I am a female veteran, Elander, so I get most of my treatment from the VA here in Delaware. I have been taking Mirtazapine and Risperidone both at bedtime for depression and sleep. I have insomnia pretty bad. It doesn't help me to sleep at night, even though I am to take it at bedtime. This medication was administered to me by the Behavioral Health Clinic at the VA Hospital.
  14. Hello Everyone! My name is Elander and I am experiencing some sort of depression. It took some time for me to figure out what was wrong with me but when I did, I was amazed and shock. However, realizing that I am in this state of being has introduced me to a world of isolation I have never had to comprehend before going around in my mind, body and, soul.
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