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  1. ICanDoThis

    Is this depression?

    I get what you're saying about your marriage maybe being part of the reason why. I get the same way and my marriage is the same. I think it does play into it some. I think the way my marriage is has made me very empathetic, even to things I know aren't real(like TV). It is hard to explain how different I see things since realizing how crappy my marriage is. Its almost like a jealousy I guess? Because like you said you see the love like emotions everywhere and it is lacking at home. Its hard to explain but I understand how you connect your marriage and your reaction to emotional moments.
  2. ICanDoThis

    I've hit an all time low

    I'm sorry you're going through all that. If you need someone to talk to you can message me. Its helped me some just being able to talk to someone and not holding anything back.
  3. ICanDoThis

    Stress, vacations but short, and alone

    I'm sorry. For some people online is a lot easier than in person. Maybe try going for a couple days and try to meet someone there? Maybe find some tour guide companies and see some sites? Groups can be friendly and you may make some good friends out of it? Sorry I don't knew much about the area or you do I can't give much advice. I feel for you though.
  4. ICanDoThis

    What did you drink last?

    Water. I'm trying to give up everything else.
  5. ICanDoThis

    It maybe time to walk away

    Glad you were able to talk things out. I hope things start getting better for you. Ink therapy is always good too.
  6. ICanDoThis

    Humorous names

    There's a street in North Pole, AK named Thata Way. A friend lives around there says the street sign gets stolen about once a year.
  7. I want to be on a tropical beach...doesn't matter where as long as no one knows me and no one can get ahold of me.
  8. ICanDoThis

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Today has me feeling pretty invisible and insignificant to everyone. I don't know if its because I've been doing a lot of journaling/thinking today which can lead to overthinking or if I'm just opening my eyes to things.
  9. ICanDoThis

    New Job - Not Impressed!

    Is this somewhere you can see yourself working in 6 months? a year? And if so do you see yourself happy or stressed? A better salary is good and all but not if it is mentally and emotionally draining. It's great to help other people but you also need to look out for yourself. If you want your old job back go talk to them. Or even just keep an eye out for another job.
  10. ICanDoThis

    It maybe time to walk away

    Yeah I have one that is striped and three black. I used to have golden dojo loaches when we lived in CA but havent been able to find them again. They're probably my favorite fish. Fun to watch when they decide to be active.
  11. ICanDoThis

    It maybe time to walk away

    Your perspective may change as you start getting new things. I get what you're saying I was just trying to put a positive spin on a crappy situation. BTW. Completely off topic. You are the only person I've ever talked to that has loaches like mine. (Pretty sure I saw they were like mine. I couldnt find the post again)Most people have the ones that look similar to Cory's. I thought that was kind of cool.
  12. ICanDoThis

    It maybe time to walk away

    Don't look at it as walking away with nothing...look at it as a fresh start. You never know after awhile she may see you two are better off being friends. You see people differently when you're not in a relationship with them.
  13. ICanDoThis

    It maybe time to walk away

    I'm sorry you feel stuck like that. Is she able to get on any financial assistance at all? Or her mother? Maybe let her know how you feel so she can start to figure out how to support herself? Would you be able to keep all the animals if she was unable to?
  14. ICanDoThis

    Post one of your fears

    I have a severe irrational fear of the dentist. I won't even go with my kids unless I absolutely have to.
  15. ICanDoThis


    Its good to know some people will understand if I complain or explain things. I tried with a couple of friends that know him and they just didn't see that side of him so they thought I was being dramatic. He won't go to counseling for anything. I've been trying to find someone for me but I live about 20 min from a small town where I don't really trust those who work there to give unbiased advice and the bigger town is an hour. It is one of the many things I want to work on though.