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  1. I recently got into a bit of an argument with someone about bisexuality. He was trying to tell me that there are not many "genuine bisexuals". I told him that there are a lot of bisexual people, more than gays and lesbians. His definition was an equal attraction sexually and romantically for both sex's. No, this is not correct at all. More bi erasure and this came from a gay man. How uninformed, rigid and judgemental some people still are.
  2. It's never happened to me. I'm bisexual as well and anytime I've ever told a psychologist or counselor of any kind about that or whether or not I'm in a place to have a relationship with anyone they've been respectful and understanding. It's when I tell lay people that I get peculiar reactions. Seems strange your dr. didn't want to accept that you simply weren't interested in a relationship, who is she to say?
  3. I'm bisexual and I Only let a very few people know. Perhaps this has contributed to my depression throughout my life. I've read where studies have shown bi people suffer more from depression and anxiety than any other demographic. It would be great if we all could be open about our sexuality with everyone and some day I believe that will be the case but for now......
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