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  1. I am not really sure where celebrity obsession falls on this forum. This is my first post. I have had celebrity obsessions since I was like 12. They are always one at a time and the current one that I have is so bad. I have gone down the rabbit hole and I can’t get out. He is not very well known and he just got a large role in a popular show but he is playing opposite of a girl in a romantic role. It is so hard for me to watch the show now and I honestly don’t want to continue. I feel like I am more “in love” with his real-person rather than the role he plays. I check his social media multiple times a day, everyday. He is funny, plays instruments, sings, and acts. He is basically my ideal guy, as far as I can tell. He is apparently very approachable and sweet which sucks because I have to swallow the fact that I will probably never meet him and even if I did meet him, I know he wouldn’t be interested in me. It is so hard to live like this. I wish I just had never found out that he existed. I get nauseas when I see him because I feel so consumed by “butterflies.” It is weird and I realize it is creepy. I hate being like this. I actually considered becoming an actress so I would be more likely to meet him in a more natural setting. I have read about celebrities dating non-celebrities. I suffer from general anxiety disorder and take medication for it but this is a new sort of “celebrity crush.”
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