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  1. hi frangipani_ idk why i feel a littlebit relaxed to know there's someone out there feel like what i feel... but unfortunately last night i was being so dumb and i texted her say that i miss her and say sorry for blocked her....but now im trying to forget her for a while now.. i wont do the same mistake by keep bugging her there... and i hope someday she'll talk to me....wish me luck.. and also i hope you'll get better too there with your ex, thank you so much for your reply
  2. i've tried to step back from her after she ignored my text when i was trying to text her and act like im already okay. i just left it on read but after some days she texted me again and she was wondering how i am here. but i was ignoring her too and then after that i sent her my last goodbye and blocked her number... i blocked her number just to stop hearing anything from her for awhile to calm myself.. and also because i realized no matter how much i try to help her she'll just push me away... after some days i was trying my best to distract my mind and trying so hard to move on.. but i just cant do that and i decided to unblocked her. now what should i do? should i tell her that i miss her? or should i keep silent to her until she'll text me again? is she gonna be back with me? i really miss her so much..and i still care about her so so much.. i really love her... i swear god i am willing to do anything for her.. even if i should **** myself, im not kidding.. i even ever tried to **** myself when i thought i lost her forever.
  3. you're right! i ever asked her to go to see the therapist, but she told me she cant go there right now.. because of that situation at her house and also she's afraid her parents will think that she's a failure again, but she said she'd love to go there someday... again... i know.. that you tell me to move on. but... is it wrong if i want to stay and is it wrong if i kinda still feel like there's some hope..even tho she already asked me to leave?
  4. i know it is important... but... okay i'll tell you a little bit about her parents. so her parents have some problems at work now, and last time she always told me her parents yell at her sometimes...even when she's trying to help to cheer up her parents. and also im not sure her parents can talk english.. but how about her brother? should i tell her brother instead? because i think her brother know how to talk in english and also he's already matured enough i guess.. her brother is 30 years old
  5. sadly i never met her before.. but i actually was trying to go there when i finished with my college here.. she's 19 years old, and she ever told me she's having some trouble with her parents.. im scared her parents wont take it seriously.. but i really think that she have to see the psychologist soon
  6. thank you lonelyforeigner. thank you so much for ur reply. but.. i dont know... even though it's just a long distance relationship.. i feel like i really love her and i feel like i have to hold on, you know? she really makes me feel so happy when we were in a relationship.. i never feel something like that before with anyone, and she's so different than anyone i've ever met. something inside me always told me to hold on.... im so confused rn, i dont know what should i do
  7. first of all, thank you so much for replying this... im so thankful about it. so i just try to cool it down, i was texting her and act like i dont know about her depression.. i was like 'hey i saw your favorite movie on the cinemas, is it worth to watch for me now?' i did this..because she ever told me that sometimes she doesnt want to talk about her depression all the time, she wants to be the part of me too (like i mentioned above that she wants to feel normal).do you think this this is the right thing or should i ignore her? and also can you give me some advice how to make her see that she's a good person (she ever told me that she's confused is she actually a bad person or she's being like that because of her depression) and she'll get better soon? (she also ever told me she feels like she'll be depressed forever)
  8. hello. I’ve been thinking for a long time before i decided to ask for some help in this forum. first of all, im sorry if i can’t talk in English properly because im not a native speaker.. so, i just broke up with my depressed girlfriend . but she asked me to stay in contact and she told me that she just need times to fix herself before we can in a relationship again, I’m in a really hard time these days..because i really miss her and im so scared I’ll lose her or maybe she’ll find someone else there while sometimes she’s ignoring me whenever there’s some trouble happened with her parents. lately I’ve been trying to understand her condition rn.. but sometimes I’m just lost and show her that im sad when she’s ignored me all the time. she told me that maybe i have to forget about her because she feels like she’s just makes me sad all the time. but i told her that i want to stay and wait for her until she’s okay. what i want to ask is. what should i do in this situation? should i hide my actual feelings and dont show her that im sad when she’s disappeared ? or can anyone give me some advice what should i do to help me even more stronger in this situation ? should i text her brother and ask him to help her and take her to the psychologist? im so scared her brother will take it as a joke… but from what i heard, she’s really close with her brother and sometimes give her a ride to see a doctor too.. and also… we were in a long distance relationship….i know you’ll think that i have to give up.. but im sorry i cant just give up in this relationship. for me, if we all have to give up on a relationship when it’s too hard. we’re all gonna ended up alone, right? i want to make it work, i want to help her to cope with her depression, since that im the only one that she trust to talk about her depression.. but yesterday, i just find out again she’s online again on a dating site when we first met before…and i was so mad and texted her there like “it’s so fun to find someone else in here, right?” then she told me she’s not looking for someone else here…she told me she didn’t know that i didnt trust her at all. and then she told me she’s talking with a gay guy there just to find someone to talk to, she said she’s trying to live her life and she’s trying to talk with random person there that didnt know about her mental illness just to feel normal for a while she said. and she told me, she cant do this anymore..she dont want to hurt me with her illness. she told me she’ll be always a burden for me and i will never live my life to the fullest if i keep in a relationship with her. what have i done….did i make her feel uncomfortable this whole time? she told me i have to be happy with myself and live my life to the fullest, she ever told me that.. she’ll never change.. she told me she’s already that broken from that depression. i cant lose her… i love her so much, can anyone give me some advice?
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