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  1. Depression is a disease that no one should get. It's very destructive in nature and brings the worst out of you and it's so contagious. I think us being in an office environment does make us feel depressed. At it did to me. It felt like I was in prison locked up and I was forced to follow a routine everyday. We are not robots but humans that like change, we have emotions, love being free, and hate routine. We need adventure/fun in our lives. I have no adventure, no love, no one share my passion with. The only thing that comes close to it is the internet, but the internet isn't reality. It's virual reality which feels different to reality. I think that's why your BF keeps ringing you. He misses your physical presence because a relationship you develop a deep bond with someone else and he wants to share.
  2. Has anyone felt numb after suffering from PTSD either from an accident or from work? I felt into an gambling and work addiction too which made things worse. Now, I feel hollow inside. I have started to get bored of the stuff I used to really love doing and was aspiring but I am constantly negative and have trouble remembering/desire to learn but sometimes I get intense feeling of emotions just surge through and then intense feeling of depression.
  3. Why_Is_life

    Music and depression

    Classical and Baroque music. Wow gorgeous. It's an effective and a great pain killer. https://youtu.be/SL1GRzrexNs https://youtu.be/e80qhyovOnA
  4. Why_Is_life

    Music the Greatest mental healer ever

    Music is just music. It doesn't matter if it's religious or not. It matters of how it makes you feel.
  5. Why_Is_life

    New Problems

    I wake up in the middle of the night at 2am always regardless of what I do. I have go through a very expensive and lengthy oral facial surgery because of my weak chin which causes all sorts of sleeping issues.
  6. Why_Is_life

    New Problems

    Hey, don't feel bad that you have sleep apnea. It's okay. I am 31, and I have it too. The thing with sleep apnea is that it's down to multiple things. Your nose(deviated septum), oral health(whether you have an under or overbite) or whether you have a longer pallet. I have reached to the end of the road when it comes to my treatment as I have done everything from APAP to CPAP to mandibular advancement splint to now a very expensive surgery known as lower jaw advancement surgery.
  7. Why_Is_life


    I have been through a lot of emotional pain. More so than most people. I have a pretty rough childhood. Uncle was a total piece of crap. He used to physically abuse me, and forced me to wash the dishes.I was also once locked inside a room because I didn't listen to him. I was slapped hard because it was the way I sit. Dad wasn't there to protect me. I was also used to get dragged out of bed because I hated getting up and going to school and thrown in the shower. Parents still keep tab of them and unfortunately, I can't move out because I have no money, plus I am mentally broken so I feel trapped here because parents are quite toxic themselves. Dad is source of this though. If you read all my posts, you can tell that life has been full of misery and pain and a lot of suffering and tragic events. With my health getting worse, weight gain, car accident, failing university multiple times, and just a few months ago, I had a broker steal all my money from my account(240k). LEA couldn't help me out. Not until after repetitive requests and that's still going on. My dad constantly blames me for losing the money when I have told him that it wasn't my fault. I also got blamed by my brother that I lost the money for going crazy. I didn't have the energy to back fire because I was so mentally and physically drained that I don't see any good coming out of fighting. At highschool I was very quiet and unfortunately although I made friends, I never really connected with anyone opposite of me because no one liked me. To this day, I am a lonely 31 year old male, that has never gone on a date/prom night/kissed anyone. My depression is so bad that I can't even approach anyone to ask because they are all taken and my anxiety kicks in because of the trauma I have suffered and my teeth aren''t straight yet - they are going to take a while to fix. But I have not killed/harmed or abused drugs or alcohol. What did I do to be on this planet? How do I recover from this?
  8. Why_Is_life

    Music the Greatest mental healer ever

    You see music helps calm anyone. From a scientific pov I think it's the harmonies/frequencies and are the same frequencies as humming or whistling that sooths the pain. I think it goes back to early childhood when we are all crying and our mother comforts us. Any sort of substance abuse. To me, they work chemically to enhance the brain but music to me does the same thing but it's way more potent. The deepness of love which to me is what is extremely pure and so rare to see in today's world. https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/healing-through-music-201511058556
  9. Why_Is_life

    Social Isolation

    But I do know that happiness does exist. We just have to keep searching until we find it.
  10. Why_Is_life

    Clinic depression caused by Oral health/Common Cold?

    Not stigmatizing it but explaining that there is a secret that someone is hiding. The face and the way we grow and our faces grow, tells a thousand stories. It shows how much crap has been thrown in our faces but it also tells the state of health of a person. Our environment greatly affects the way we grow up and change to an environment. Viruses are no different. Our mouth is the most vulnerable places of our bodies and so is our reproductive organs too. I think this is nature's way of controlling our population. If you see that anti depressants are only given short term and it's with good reason.
  11. Why_Is_life

    Social Isolation

    I can relate but I think it's mainly down to people thinking that they might be judgmental. Right now, life feels like a zoo to me where we have borders, restrictions, rules, etc...but the internet is a place where you can let your mind escape and you are open up free in a social environment. The Internet is what humans really are. It's really the real you. It's a social environment even if we don't like to make it appear to be. We like to think that this place provides anonymity but it doesn't. The powers that be have everything and know everything about you. Overcoming is hard but we fake it. It's this cloud of illusion that we like to create to give ourselves the illusion of safety. We have our own secret bubble that we go to when we need hiding from a storm that rages above us because it's dangerous to step outside, but life is in a pocket of bubble.That tiny layer can pop any given moment.
  12. Why_Is_life

    I am too honest

    I spoke out because I noticed a man that looked ill just like me but I spoke it out on an open forum. I even sent him multiple emails too. His music has been there for me, and to remind him that life is precious, it's why I live on but I might have gone too far.
  13. Why_Is_life

    Honesty a sign of weakness?

    It's someone famous that has helped me through tough times. I had said that he looks ill and that he needed help out on a public forum. Not sure if it was wise or not.
  14. Why_Is_life

    I am too honest

    I tried to get help but then turned into a creep myself. Something I wasn't planning to be but I turned into a creep myself and have done a lot of damage by being too honest and straight forward, which could land me in trouble because it's a toss of a coin. No idea where life will take me but I have been through so much trauma, I don't know how much pain I can take.
  15. Why_Is_life

    Honesty a sign of weakness?

    They say you shouldn't lie, because you'll get caught, but honesty does more damage than good. Honesty is a sign of weakness which can be destructive just as much as lying is.