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  1. My fear of being alone for the rest of my life and being misunderstood. Also the constant spiraling of thoughts
  2. I'm feeling up an down, and have definitely hit my down the last couple of days. My thoughts won't stop racing at the same time I feel lethargic. I feel lonely, I don't have anyone in my social life who understands these feelings and all I want is to talk to someone.
  3. So things are changing a bit in life which is good I think, I also did decide to look at the medication option and was prescribed Zoloft and have just started taking it. Hoping for the best ...
  4. a hot mess ... anxious, sad, lethargic and alone
  5. I took the step to book an appointment with a psychiatrist and will see the person in a month. I had a tough week/really bad morning and decided that I can no longer continue with these feelings and I need to do something
  6. Thank you, I need to remember that there are different types out there and that I can try different ones. This week things to be going a little better and I am trying to enjoy this, even though I have a 'an eye of the storm' feeling
  7. I know deep down that you are all correct and my therapist has been trying to convince me as well. I am really stubborn, I've done anti depressants once and I disliked it so much. I didn't feel like myself anymore, I don't feel like that now either though :*(
  8. I have trouble focusing on the small things as the big picture overwhelms me. The worrying almost paralyzes me to the point where I get nothing accomplished. I can work, I do pretty well with that because of the significance of paying bills, but in my personal life I am getting NOTHING accomplished at the moment.
  9. Hello, My therapist has told me that my depression outs itself in anxiety, and it is a really tough thing for me. I feel like it is influencing my whole life, work, friendships and my relationship. I worry all the time, worry that I will fail at work, that my friends will drop me and that my significant other is going to leave me. And when I get busy these feelings subside, but the problem is the lack of motivation to do anything that I normally enjoy. I will go out with friends but if I am supposed to entertain myself I just end up sitting and worrying. Does anyone have any tips? Or can they relate ? I am worried that if I don't do anything soon I am going to push people away and mess up my own life ....
  10. Hi all, I just joined and want to say I am looking forward to talking to you all. I joined because I really want to actively help myself get better and was hoping to explore here and learn from you all. Thanks - K
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