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  1. Today I am still dealing with my headache, so, I feel tired and am hurting..I also feel like the posts I made today haven't made much sense, my brain is in a fog today..=//
  2. Welcome!! I do indeed hope the website helps you, the people here are very friendly and they have wonderful tips and suggestions about depression, etc. 8-]]
  3. I get you--I also have OCD (besides being bi-polar as well) and I also get these bad thoughts and I have trouble getting rid of them--I used to be a cutter,but, I stopped because it really quit bringing me relief..The point I am trying to make is that now when I have a bad thought I try like hell to just ignore it and focus on something else..I know how hard it is to turn "it" off---just takes lots of work not to have the bad thoughts..I do understand!! BTW, I welcome you to the website--8-]]
  4. Okay, I got a new name for me since it is a new day--Migraine Monster---I have one now that is just a festering!!! 8=(
  5. I hated college and business school--never got a degree and dropped out after 2 years...8//
  6. Welcome--so glad you are here!! I am hoping this website and the people here can help you...
  7. Welcome aboard!! I know how hard OCD can be--I have OCD and it runs in my family...is great you took this step and came here to talk about things...8-]]
  8. I miss just being carefree and not having any worries--Life seemed more simple when I was a kid...I also miss being young!! I am getting so old now + decrepit..
  9. you must confront your life which is sneaking up on you like a rapt coiled serpent...by Jim Morrison 8-]]
  10. I really need to get this out and vent some more--I have been in a really bad mood since the new year started!! Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong and I am having trouble coping with things...Any suggestions on how to just chill and relax would be most appreciated..Thanks for listening everyone!! 8-//
  11. I think it could be both--I think the neurotransmitters in the brain contributes to mental illness and a cold, deviated septum, etc. can add to depression, etc. cause I don't know anyone that feels all happy when they have a cold or what not...hope that made a little sense..8-//
  12. I am happy that you are doing well!!! I need to follow your lead and get myself in gear, time is a wasting-hope you continue to be happy!! 8-]]
  13. MMM, my internet is on the brink again---I wonder if anyone else has this many problems with their internet??? Just needed to vent again...=//

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    2. Paris43


      Thank You--My friend went to town for me yesterday and got me some kind of new connector for my computer---is working better for now--hope it continues to work..8-]]]] 

    3. tage


      That's great! It's surprising how connectors can make such a difference sometimes.

    4. Paris43


      Thanks!! --and your right--this particular connector thingee has been great so far..8-]] 

  14. I like that one, Epictetus--that hits so close to home for me ATM..8-]]]
  15. WOW!! I find all of this very interesting!! Is making me want to learn more about my sign....
  16. I always thought some old fashioned names are funny, like Agnes or Blanche--8-]]
  17. MM--I think sometimes my horoscope is somewhat accurate and other times the predictions are very wrong!! So I take it with a grain of salt most times---
  18. I hope this one is not too offensive:" God's last name is not damn!!" I saw this on a billboard at the beach many years ago and it just stuck with me through the years..=//
  19. I am an Aries--I love to read my horoscope every day in the newspaper, is fun!!
  20. I really love cartoons!! I have more than one favorite myself--I love Marvin The Martian + Beavis and Butthead the most!! I also like The Smurfs...So, do any of you have any favorites?? 8-]]
  21. Hmm--I tend to find that some air fresheners are definitely too strong---some of them give me a headache if I am around it for too long!! I just thought of another scent I love that is excellent if I smell just a tiny bit of it: Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein...is by far one of the best colognes I have ever smelled that is for a man...
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