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  1. So, mm- Have you ever thought of maybe teaching somewhere as a professor with your criminal justice degree?? I am sure there are colleges that need professors to teach some criminal justice classes...I am sorry about your romantic endeavors, sorry you have had such a hard time..Hope things start to get better for you soon..8-]]
  2. Hi Kimmi, Welcome!! So glad you are here...I hope this website will be helpful to you...8-]]
  3. I am fortunate if I get about 7 hours--it depends on if I am sick or not, if I am I tend to sleep maybe 8-9 hours...Your so right up there, sleep is crucial...I feel so draggy and tired from a lack of sleep--is awful!! 8-]]
  4. MM--I think I better go lie down with this migraine I got...My eyes are closing as I type this now....Hope everyone is having an awesome day!! 8-]]

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    2. Paris43


      Thank You, hocico---I have had migraines since I was a child, I get them on a regular basis...The only thing really that helps the pain is narcotic pain killers and sleep..😭

    3. hocico


      Aw that sounds like a tough thing to have to manage on a regular basis 😞 

      ((big hugs))

    4. Paris43


      Yes, the migraines are very draining---lots of my energy is sucked out of me when I get a migraine...😢

  5. I got another bad migraine today--actually it started last night..IDK what I am doing wrong...thought I would try to come here and post things before it gets any worse..I hate to complain like this, but, it helps some to talk about it..=((
  6. I like football okay--I love the Georgia Bulldogs and Florida State Seminoles myself--I like watching college ball better than watching the pros for some odd reason..I knew the patriots would win, but,. was wrong about predicting the score...8-]]]
  7. I don't think it matters how much money a person has or not-- Depression does not discriminate, people from all walks of life can get it...
  8. Well, I took Latuda for a brief time for my bi-polar disorder, I never heard of taking it for sleep...I take Seroquel right now and my doctor just upped my dose and it helps me more than the Latuda ever did--but, I realize too that everybody is different--This is just my experience with this situation...
  9. Ha--I think the patriots will win considering that they have won so many of the other super bowls of the past...I will predict they will win by maybe 5-6 points...8-]]
  10. Dang, that must of been torture, I still feel awful you had to go through that!!! 8-((
  11. Today I just ate a pepperoni pizza for my lunch--was good..8-]]
  12. I am really sorry that you had to go to the hospital like that--that really sucks!!!
  13. Thanks for the wonderful information--you got me thinking now!! And I love Amazon, I might just order from there--I am considering a Dell...8-]]
  14. I hope I did not offend anyone with the quote I posted in the post anything thread-am sorry!! 8-[[

  15. IDK, thought this quote I just posted was funny when I discovered it..
  16. IDK if there are any Michael Bolton fans here, but, me and my family were talking about him one night and we were talking about what a horrible singer he is..just made me laugh hysterically for some reason!! We even asked Alexa to play one of his songs and I laughed even harder when he started to sing...8-]]
  17. The last good movie I saw was "Bohemian Rhapsody"---The actor that played Freddie Mercury really nailed the role, was awesome!! 8-]]]
  18. I know what it is like to be in a crowded place, I panic as well usually..is great you got to go out though and that you enjoyed yourself!!!
  19. I agree with Floor, you should try again!! I wish you the best of luck...8-]]
  20. Hi Everyone!! I have a very old desk top computer that I know is over 10 years old and is on its last leg...I am thinking seriously about saving some $$$ and invest in a laptop..I wonder if any of you have any suggestions on where to find the best deals and what type of laptop I should consider if I do decide to buy one...I welcome any comments on the topic, thanks!! -Paris43 8-]]]
  21. I have thought of yet another song I love that gets me through hard times--is called, "Angel" by Jon Secada--it calms me down because it is such a beautiful song, makes me smile!!! 8-]]
  22. I am thinking and determined to have a great day today!!! 8-]]
  23. I haven't done anything today yet--Just woke up awhile ago--hee hee 8-]]
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