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  1. MMM--IDK, but, the movie "The Seed of Chucky" was pretty bad...was just so cheesy and I do not think it was very well acted, it reminds me of one of those low budget, B rate type movies!!
  2. Hi and welcome!! I am sorry to hear that you are feeling this way...maybe you should explore your options and take some time to figure out what you really want to do---I hope this website will be helpful for you, the people here are so friendly and they give excellent advice...is like having a second family here...best regards, Paris43 8-]]
  3. Hi and welcome--I am sorry you are having such a hard time...I think if you just give it some time, you will find the right person soon enough...Being an EMO isn't a bad thing..I hope things will improve for you very soon, is good you came here to talk about it and I hope you find this website to be helpful..8-]]
  4. That is awesome that you got out and were able to talk to your cousin...I wish you the best!! 8-]]
  5. @Rattler6--you crack me up!! Am sorry your valentine's day was a bust!! 8-]]
  6. Hi--You should not blame yourself over this boy, you have done nothing wrong...He is the one missing out!! I am sorry you are going through this...
  7. I am always changing my music everyday to fit my mood--Today it is Cradle of Filth that is in my stereo...am in a metal mood today..8-]]
  8. You are so right--I think they have some technicians that need some more training or something..just don't know...but, thank you Floor!! 8-]]
  9. nervous as heck--the cable man is suppose to come later today to fix my t.v., etc.--I hope he can fix everything this time, this will be like his 5th visit in the last month!! ARGHHHHH!! =-((
  10. IDK, I told my boyfriend right away that I was bi-polar and he accepted it and we love each other and are still together after 4 years and counting...I think people that shun mentally ill people are the ones with the problem because they are ignorant and scared when it comes to mental illness--They don't want to take the time to give a mentally ill person a chance..Just my opinion..
  11. Hello + Welcome!! I am so happy that you are with us!!! 8-]]]
  12. Folger's Decaf. Coffee with cream and sugar--
  13. Hi there--I am just curious if you have a doctor that you can talk to about this?? I hope you get the answers you are looking for..I think coming to this website is a start, talking about things is a good beginning..8-]]
  14. Hello and welcome--so glad you are here!! I really hope that you find this website to be helpful...8-]]
  15. I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!! Everyone should try to do one thing for themselves today that makes them smile or feel a little better--we all deserve to have a special moment for ourselves...But, then again, I don't think we need a special day for that--we should try to do a little something special for ourselves on a regular basis!! Anyhow, I am babbling again, have a pleasant day everyone...8-]]]
  16. Today I have been playing Mike Tramp--He used to be the lead singer of a band called "White Lion"..
  17. Welcome!! I think you came to the right place--it is good to talk about things that are bothering you--we are here to try and help and offer suggestions and advice to you when we can...I hope you continue to come here and talk to us and I hope this website will be helpful to you!! 8-]]
  18. IDK, could you maybe try a coffee that has no caffiene?? They make some that they call decaf. Just a thought..8-]]
  19. Update: I am now off of the Topamax--My father is a retired pharmacist and I asked him if I should call the doctor about the Topamax and he said no, that I could stop taking it..My father was a pharmacist for 30+ years and he gives me good advice about my meds., so, that is why I stopped taking it..My mood is a lot better now...I no longer feel so grumpy..8-]]
  20. I am so sorry that you are having all of this anxiety...I hope that you get this under control soon and that someone can help you, this is no way to live...hope that you will start to feel better very soon..=((
  21. Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks...from Forrest Gump..8-//
  22. What has been really been bugging me lately is electronics--mine in particular!! My cell phone, internet + washing machine have all been failing me off and on since the new year started..I guess I just have to grin and bear it!! =///
  23. OKay--That is a great idea, I will try to contact him ASAP!! Thanks for the advice!! 8-]]
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