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  1. Hi all---Well, my doctor is trying to change my meds. yet again..I now need to come off the Neurontin (this will be the second attempt of trying to come off it) and then tomorrow I start on Tegretal---Just want to know if anyone has been on this and if so, did it help?? Would appreciate any information about this...Thanks, Paris43 8-]] 

  2. Hi there---This brings tears to my eyes...It reminds me of when my mother told me about her father, not being around when she was a child..so, I sort of get what your talking about..I am so sorry that you are going through this and just know that you have friends here and you can talk to us anytime, we are here to help...Is excellent that you are going to medical school, people always need good doctors--I wish you much success with that!!! Okay, I will stop babbling now, please just feel free to come here to talk anytime!! --Paris43 8-]]]

  3. Welcome aboard--I totally get what your saying, I too am bi-polar..I know what it is like to hold back your true feelings and have to pretend and put on a brave face for everyone...is hard to get people to understand about bi-polar, especially if they do not have it---and some people are just so clueless about the disease...I know it can be tiring to try to be strong and I too follow up with my shrink and take my meds. religiously...I just am glad you came here to talk about things...I really do understand how you feel..8-//

  4. No, it is just not fair that some people have it better than you--it seems like lots of bad people have it good and the people that are good people have it bad sometimes..seems it has always been that way for me..some people get handed stuff on a silver platter and don't have to lift a finger and other people have to work their ass off and are barely scraping by--just sucks!! =-((( 

  5. I think even "beautiful" people can be ugly because some of them have a cold heart and they treat people like sh--...Looks aren't everything, I usually go for a man with a great personality, kind heart and is important to me if a man is smart as well--If the man happens to be attractive, then that is a bonus..looks are just not very important to me..8-]] 

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