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    I love cats, the color blue, heavy metal music, pizza, chocolate, reading, sleeping, shopping

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  1. Hi everyone---I will be going to the doctor tomorrow and will be gone most of the day---gonna ask him about my thyroid and my brain fog, I am just remembering some of the suggestions that some of you told me about...Anyhow, I am a little worried about the visit...Anyhow, I hope to be back sometime Thursday--I always miss you guys when I am not here--I am babbling again, sorry bout that--Hope everyone has a most wonderful day today!!! Love, Paris43 8-]]]đŸŒ»đŸŒ»đŸŒ»

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    2. hocico


      Aw glad to hear that a restorative sleep helped :hugs:yes babble away and be yourself :smile: 

      Sorry my reply was delayed, I was at the theatre watching pirates of penzance this evening :happy: my ice cream stick from my mid interval snack made a good pretend ⚔ to wave around while I was singing along with all the songs :laugh:

      Hope you sleep well and see you soon :hugs:

    3. Paris43


      Thanks Hocico---OO, no problem..Sounds like you had a blast at the theater...Yes, I slept well, hee hee --talk to you more soon!! 8-]]] 

    4. hocico


      Glad you slept well, hope it is not as windy there tonight as it is here :hugs:

      Yes it was a great show last night :smile: the easily deluded pirates were very piratey :laugh: , the theatre was nice and old fashioned as well, they even had a young lad come round with ice creams and such things in a tray which was very 1960's :laugh: I asked him if he had any albatross for sale but he was too young to get the joke :sigh:

      Look forward to your reply and hope you have a nice evening :hugs:

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