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  1. I know it well, it stays with me daily but other feelings and memories join in and hustle for space with that. I know that they have a room with a view and are watching over us. She would want me to squeeze every single drop I could out of life and I'm trying to see those things more and more. Some days are harder than others but I try and not let a "bad" 10 minutes ruin an hour, a day, etc. I wish I had words that explains this better..
  2. I'm so sorry. I was in this position 2 years ago. I'm glad this part is over for you now and hope it's a small step towards being able to recover.
  3. Nothing, it is Ramadan and although I am not Muslim I'm supporting those in the office who are
  4. I overdid it yesterday. My joints hurt this morning and I am starving hungry and eaten so much already this morning
  5. I am so sorry Jerry, that sounds truly horrific. Did you get the cats from a rescue? That is a lot of money for a rescue.
  6. Only if you can stand a spoon in it! "Going off stir fry" - all the random stuff that needs eating in the fridge with ramen
  7. So sorry you are going through this Jerry, some people really should not be working with the public. I've experience of the RSPCA attending my property due to claims of animal abuse (My dog was outside while i hoover as it terrifies him- he howled and howled like he was in pain), they will attend, write a report and look over you're animal. The very worse they can issue a court summons and you legally DO NOT have to sign over your animal until the Courts Issue a Guilty Verdict towards you for animal abuse, sometimes even then with a fine they still may not issue a handover warrant of your animal. You could report the unprofessional behaviour to the ombudsman, if you want to complain
  8. Ratvan

    Fitness Targets

    Still cant fight switch or southpaw. But now got some power behind my left hand, will just have to fight on the edges. Also have chosen my entrance music lmao. Really looking forwards to this. 5th June @ 21.00.
  9. Well we each have a choice of 2.5 hours with either Meerkats or BIrds of Prey. I want an Eagle, or a really tiny knackered Hawk that huffs all the time Doubt we will spend much time actually together,. Apart from the drive there and back
  10. Well then, it has been a really tough 6 months. Running a rescue out of a flat after moving house was exhausting. The plumbing drove me insane, literally had to try and fix a blockage or leak every other day, So attached is a shot of my now empty rack (2019.04.25). I do have some plans for some of these tanks....thinking about it actually I should have one fish left in the blacked out tank in the top. That is my last "rescue" not really a rescue as the fish was in really good health, essentially someone that I know received a Betta Fish as a Wedding Favour. I'm keeping him for the time being, might breed from him now i have space.... I do want more Saltwater Tanks and have nearly enough money to set up my own RODI and Saltwater Mixing Station which will stop me spending money on water in LFS. Blerrgh I also want to try and filter the old water myself, thinking about a reed bed based Biological Filtration system which would turn it brackish.... so Top Shelf - Fresh Water Fish. I love the Planted Look of FW Tanks, slow growing plants so that I don't need to trim regular Mid Shelf - Brackish Fish. Puffer Fish and the Like, African Butterfly fish? Bottom Shelf - Saltwater Reefs, Really want to try a Seahorse Tank
  11. Conflicted, I'm spending the day tomorrow with my Ex, got her two tickets to be a Zookeeper for the day at Christmas She says she doesn't want to go with anyone else #sighs#
  12. Was it a Coal Mining town? I know the Welsh Cardiff was
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