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  1. Has it been a year already? wow Thank you too, you got me through some real sh'tty situations A lot of people here have
  2. I'm feeling pretty good. Not sure whether this is "normal" or the eye of the storm but things are a lot easier at the minute. Really tired however. Been in Australia for nearly 2 weeks now and my body still hasn't adjusted to the time zones. Its currently 01.20 where my body thinks it is 16:20 Couple more weeks then I am home and I bet I wont be able to readjust to Home Time for weeks as well
  3. Hi All, Sorry it has been a while since I have been online, I've been thinking about you and this place while I have not been around. Things have definitely changed with me. I am now Married to Megan, we got back together a few months ago, the both of us were so unhappy with the isolation and separation BUT we both identified some things about ourselves and each other that make us unhappy. I think the break did us both a world of good. We got married while we are in Australia. We decided to visit some of Megan's Family (Her Aunt) so have been here for about a fortnight now, while we were here we decided on the "spur of the moment" that we'd elope and on he 13th October 2019 we tied the knot. Before we went Megan started to see a Counsellor and has been diagnosed with depression. I have seen a number of other health care professionals and received a lot of different diagnoses, I dont agree with some of them but one in particular is hard for me to dismiss. Depression and Hypo mania. Makes more sense to me than a lot of things I have heard about myself. I still do a lot of work for charitable organisations and I have also got back into politics and attend quite a few marches and counter protests again, it is nice to be able to stand up for what I believe in. Hmmmm what else, still not getting any treatment for my Early Diagnosis of Polyscythemia Vera. I am only exhibiting a couple of the signs of this now and the majority of the side effects of the condition can be lessened by diet and exercise. I have however been given a home monitor for an INR test (Tests Bloods Ability to Clot) so I don't need to travel out of my way for a finger prick test, I can now do this at home. I can even travel with it. No new tattoo's yet. I will be getting something done around my ring finger for obvious reasons, maybe our names, maybe the date? I dont know, probably let megan pick That will do for now, hope you are all doing well. Matt
  4. I've met quite a few Premiership Footballers (Soccer Players) back in the Day when Portsmouth were in that league. I bump into quite a few singers and bands backstage as well at gigs and things. Had a good night drinking with Rancid in Dusseldorf years ago, that was a night to remember
  5. Had a mental health day and bunkered down with a duvet, soup and movie marathon
  6. Released from Hospital today, now sat at home. Beginning the start of my 3 weeks rest and recuperation bored already
  7. Had a lightning storm last night, it was amazing. 1000 strikes in an hour I would have been outside watching it, but you know, nurses....
  8. Funny story, I have had to in the past persuade a surgeon that I had my Appendix removed so I could not have Appendicitis. That was fun
  9. Managed to walk myself outside to sit in the sun for a bit, working up the energy to go back inside
  10. Had a dream that the hospital took my into surgery by mistake
  11. Feeling like death today, Hypothermia has kicked in
  12. Ugh that sucks, does your Bank Account come with Gadget Insurance?
  13. Glad i could provide some light relief I like very pungent flavours so pretty much everything "British" I need to spice up somehow
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