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  1. Released from Hospital today, now sat at home. Beginning the start of my 3 weeks rest and recuperation bored already
  2. Had a lightning storm last night, it was amazing. 1000 strikes in an hour I would have been outside watching it, but you know, nurses....
  3. Funny story, I have had to in the past persuade a surgeon that I had my Appendix removed so I could not have Appendicitis. That was fun
  4. Managed to walk myself outside to sit in the sun for a bit, working up the energy to go back inside
  5. Had a dream that the hospital took my into surgery by mistake
  6. Feeling like death today, Hypothermia has kicked in
  7. Ugh that sucks, does your Bank Account come with Gadget Insurance?
  8. Glad i could provide some light relief I like very pungent flavours so pretty much everything "British" I need to spice up somehow
  9. Well I knackered myself out, clearly not as strong as i thought
  10. Well I am bored, so I'm going to go for a walk
  11. Pretty standard here. We have specialist Delivery Companies (like Deliveroo?) that only delivery to the Hospitals in Leeds. Mind you makes money so cant be surprised. I lost my bunk mate this morning, he got sent home. Waiting to see who is next. Yeah sleep is hard, especially when they need to take vitals every 2 hours 😞 Don't get me started on Kids
  12. If in doubt get something small that you can control easily, I have a 10" (Tiny) that I use for pretty much everything except the largest trees (I call my Brother for that - 30" plus)
  13. Oh ours is most definitely healthy. Just has no taste at all to it, might as well be chewing my pillow for the same taste profile
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