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  1. Yeah, Prozac wasn't good for me I was constantly in a mixed, manic or depressive state and my anxiety was through the roof. Now my SNRI Effexor XR seems to be helping my anxiety and I'm trying to figure out how to get my psychiatrist to let me try any sort of mood stabilizer with it even an atypical one like lamictal.
  2. Well, now I'm 7 days away from being a month on Effexor XR, and it seems to be helping my anxiety a lot but not my depression or mania. I've spoken to my therapist about it and I'll speak to my psych when I see her again.
  3. So, I´ve taken celexa, zoloft, and prozac.... none of which worked for my anxiety or depression and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions other than benzos specifically for anxiety (if it also treats depression that is fine but im mostly looking for that anxiety aspect) I am going to my psychiatrist in about 15 hours and I plan to talk to her about it since I have to have my med switched anyway. I just know my anxiety will probably be the cause of my breakdown if I have one or mania, since I dont concern myself about the depression- as much-. And since I am taking a public speaking course starting friday with my college I just know I am going to need help soon. I have not been in the mental hospital before and I plan to avoid it if possible but if I have a break down before we find the right meds my therapist and psychiatrist have agreed to keep me inpatient until we find something that helps, but I really dont want to be behind in my classes. Sorry about the rant at the end i am currently panicking because I am going to miss a final for this appointment tomorrow and make up for it on friday.
  4. My mom took strattera for her ADHD and it worked well for her, it did not make her anxiety spike at all even on the days she skipped her klonopin
  5. Yeah, in the case of prozac, the drug either starts working pretty early for an SSRI (as little as 2 or three weeks in for some people) or it takes ages and super high doses, while there are some in between cases it´s usually one of those extremes.
  6. After I ran out (my psychiatrist only gave me 30 pills and I don see her till next week) It´s been maybe three weeks since I stopped the prozac and I feel not better but back at my baseline. I´m starting to realize that even though they are in different ways SSRIs give me bad effects, and I will inform my psychiatrist of such. I won´t let her give me anymore (since this is my third) SSRIs until we have at least tried something else, I have a feeling I am probably going to need a combination of pills. After three weeks off the nausea and headaches I'm experiencing are the same as they were before the medication and my derealization is back at its normal level (for me, I experience a lot but on prozac it was almost constant). Also since I´m taking a psychology course for my college classes I´m learning a bit more about myself and behavior in general so I´m more aware of what I need to make my doctors and therapist aware of. Thank you for the insight, and if I need to go back to prozac in the future I will keep that in mind.
  7. I'm thinking I'm going to have to change psychiatrists, because everyone from that place isn't very good at their job. Not to judge, but she doesn't even give me breaks before starting a new med, which everyone knows can be dangerous.
  8. I was told that wasn't a long term solution though, and I've taken it, at a .5mg dose and it gives me muscle spasms and kinda took me out of it, I was having trouble thinking and concentrating to the point I couldn't spell out my name. Thanks, and maybe if I find the right combination it will work.
  9. I have Social Phobia and Generalized anxiety disorder, and I was wondering if anyone had an Idea of good long-term anxiety meds to take with mood stabilizers and or antipsychotics, as I'll be using them to treat my bipolar II disorder, thanks, I'm doing research, but I can't find any long term solutions.
  10. Yes, I noticed, thank you. And I will definitely start being more forceful about making them try new stuff for me as that seems the only way anything will be done.
  11. I think my therapist actually told me to do some research on Lamtical and Deprakote, the thing is my psychiatrist is trying to be conservative because of my still young age and doesn't know all of my trans as I've even been hiding a lot of it from my therapist. Which I plan on telling her a lot of tomorrow when I go to see her but it's a lot of work trying to get everyone to listen to me and each other... If this psychiatrist doesn't work better with us I might switch. I guess we'll see. And thanks I will definitely take you up on that if I need to, feel free to do the same.
  12. I do wait at least a month before refusing the medicine, but the side effects I had with Celexa were so bad I couldn't continue after two weeks (extreme mania as well as more psychosis than I usually have). I have thought About trying an Snri or something with an SSRI or trying a trycylic, I'm extremely tempted to ask her about ability, but I also don't want to test her trust limits on me as I've already been warned if I keep up with such adverse réactions I may have to be hospitalized until found the correct medication which could take years. I appreciate the thought you put into your reply to me and if I need more help I will definitely message you, thanks. My therapist is already trying to convince her I need a mood stabilizer or an atypical mood stabilizer due to my bipolar II and Borderline tendencies. If you ever need help either, message me please. I'd love to be able to try and help out even if just by listening.
  13. Yeah, my psychiatrist wants to see for herself if she believes the diagnosis the psychologist gave about me having Hypomania, especially since she thinks I'm paranoid due to my somatic symptom disorder. I am not on a mood stabilizer currently the only thing I am taking is my 20mg Prozac daily because that's all she'll believe will help me and my other doctors refuse to do anything after my bad reactions to Zoloft and Celexa.
  14. Helping people understand things, and me learning about them is kinda what I live for so I'm glad to help. It makes me feel useful so I don't have to feel like a waste of space, I'm used to explaining some extremely complicated and foreign things to people who have no clue normally what I'd be talking about (like explaining German to my mother who only speaks English), so I'm glad to know that it's working and could be of use. Thank you for listening to me, and asking for help instead of doing something that could've been bad on your own.
  15. Glad to be of help, if you have any more questions, you can ask on this thread or message me.
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