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  1. Hello to anyone who reads this and those that don’t also. I am a 73 year old male who has been seeing a psychologist for years. I believe I have always been depressed. I was diagnosed at the age of 57 with clinical depression after a near fatal car accident. The Universe was not having me yet and I have been learning about depression ever since. Many pharmaceuticals along the way. I believe I am much improved now but still have periods of depression. I am here to continue to learn. Thank you all!
  2. This was a very helpful guide and much appreciated. I am prescribed 30 mgs Mirtazapine and the sleep quality with this dose is not as effective as it was when I was at 15 mgs. It was lights out. I plan to go back to 15 mgs to experience a more restful sleep to help with the daily Bupropion 100 sr twice daily. I plan to start tonight.
  3. I can only tell you that from my rather extensive research on this med (Wellbutrin), there seems to be a number of variables. I will try to list them here to the best of my ability. 1) Everyone reacts somewhat uniquely to any psych med, more get energized from WB, although I have seen where a few experiences have been like yours, tired. 2) it takes anywhere from six to eight weeks to get the most out of WB. You should, however, have a myriad of symptoms, good and bad, leading up to that six to eight week happy place...sorry, I couldn’t resist. 3) There seems to be a variation of the effects depending on which company made the pill, some are better than others with the ‘Original Name Brand’ considered to be your best option, particularly with Wellbutrin. My research indicates that ‘Teva’ is least favoured among the generics. I’m in Canada, and there doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue here or, at least, not as obvious. 4) The delivery systems can be tricky for some. Instant release offers you the opportunity to take much lower doses and titrate upwards as needed. The SR version allows you to take your doses seven to eight hours apart and depending that you take your first dose early i.e. 6 a.m. & your second dose at 1 or 2 pm, you may have less in your system later that night that may interfere with sleep patterns. 5) Patience...I know, been there with Celexa, it took what seemed forever for the side effects to dissolve. I have since replaced Celexa with Wellbutrin 150XL and it has been eight days. So far, I like the extra energy and focus it has been offering. My mood is improving dramatically. I know it is early, but hopeful this is the med that’s supplying what my brain is missing, norepinephrine & dopamine. if anything else occurs to me that may be helpful I will post.
  4. I take 150mgXL non-generic. It’s been 8 days and except for the first two days I have been feeling wonderful. Hope it lasts!!
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