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  1. I have been on pristiq for 2 years on 50 mg, which has been fine, but I want to up it to 100mg cause Ive had more depression, but why does a lot of internet information say 100 mg isn't any better than 50. That doesnt make sense.
  2. HELLO Im new to the forum - I just joined the other day. I have been on ciprelex for 5 weeks now and it is not working. I was not suffering with depression but I was on 1 mil of Ativan for quite a few years and my dr wanted to get me off of it , so he suggested ciprelex. Its not really helping but a couple of nights ago well sleeping I started jerking which really frightened me. I was on 10 mil and last night I only took 5 mil and my jerking was almost nothings. So obviously ciprelex is not for me. My sister just started Pristiq and its working good for her. has anyone had jerking from medication or has anyone found Pristiq good.
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