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  1. Hi Tilted Do you still have tinnitus? Are you sure it started with the AD?
  2. ufff


    check you levels of Vitamin B12 and Zinc. Insufficient amounts of Zinc and increased levels of Vit B12 lead to acne in adults (if it's not hormonal)
  3. I tried it and it removed a panic attack I usually had during nights. I got so excited that I stopped taking my ad and my GAD returned back very soon. So, my thoughts it's worth trying along with medication at least at first, don't jump the gun. Good luck. And it needs to be done by professionals.
  4. Do you think even after almost two weeks that it doesn't go away, (with 75mg before those 2 weeks on 100mg, it took like a week for anxiety to go away, then I started 100mg and I think i got worse - well already wrote that) it's normal and will get better? my doc doesn't think so, she thinks it's not the right med for me. looks like i will go through yet another roller coaster. Can't believe it.
  5. I wrote to my doctor that I still feel anxiety, not full blown but uncomfortable burning through my arms and legs and i think that the pill does it. She said that she thinks that this drug is not for me then if I still feel like that after 15 days on 75mg and 13 days on 100mg. She told me to go to 50mg and I think she wants to switch me. I'm really upset, i can't believe I'm going through this. Every time, lexapro just helped me with time, but this time it's different, I felt low on lexapro after 3 weeks and now zoloft is not the right one either. I don't know what it's going to be, I'm losing hope. 😞 I do feel just a slight better as far as communication with people when before I didn't wanna talk even, now I'm a little bit better. Maybe the dose of 100mg is too high?! Idk.
  6. Hi Grounded, why are you switching to celexa. I always thought one anti-depressant would work for someone forever and each new time. Now I'm reading that it's not the thing, and I'm freaking out. What if the Zoloft will not help me...
  7. Hi piccola, when have you started to feel better?
  8. Hey Taylars, what's your update, how are you feeling?
  9. Hi Illusions144, I'm wondering, how are you doing now? Thanks.
  10. hi piccola, how are you feeling now on Zoloft?
  11. Hi, there is my story: Through high school and college I had a couple of rough life moments, but I lived through them thinking it's just a hard time. Then moving to a different country - I had a huge panic attack, but then again it all went fine. Then I had little episodes of anxiety. Big thing started with the post partum, 12 years ago when I couldn't sleep and panic attacks and couldn't understand what is happening with me. I was put on Lexapro 10 mg and Klonopin for sleep. It took a long time, but I felt better. So i thought that it was that post partum anxiety, not depression, that I was just all by myself with a newborn. I relapsed 2.5. years after but again I didn't think it was the part of the same chain, i thought it was just difficult times, life situation. Was on 5mg of Lexapro and Klonopin again, then it all was fine. I had some panic attacks in 6 years, but rarely. After the birth of my second child, I couldn't sleep again, but had less anxiety, was again on Lexapro 10mg and Klonopin. To cut the story short: I never was properly diagnosed and always thought it's just some kind of anxiety random thing, so as soon as I start feeling better, I dropped the antidepressant. I had already 3 relapses since (4 last years) and only now I realized how stupid I was and I have both anxiety and depression, and I don't even know what is worse. It's just when you're busy with a child, you think it's just hard every day on its own, so you don't pay attention to what you really feel and for how long. Now I don't have such responsibilities, only work and I notice how bad I feel: mostly depressed, and due to that anxious, I 'm just not feeling myself and my mind always comments on that. I want to be usual cheerful me for my whole family, but I'm not getting any relief, though I'm trying to do every day chores as usual. This time around I tried Lexapro 10 mg for 21 days and then increased to 15 for 5 days, but didn't feel any better , so my doc switched me to Zoloft 75mg. I was on it for 2 weeks, and I think I started to feel a little bit better (appetite improved a bit, and actually made myself to turn on TV one day and talk a bit more outside the house), but because I spend a lot of time by myself now I still notice I'm far from feeling well, and as if I'm bored and don't know where to "put" myself and what to do. So the doc said to increase to 100mg to feel the benefits faster. 2 days on 100mg I feel worse, anxiety came back and that feeling what not knowing what to do about the whole situation and about your whole day in general, how to handle. Also, before that I tried for 3 months stuff like neurofeedback, 5-HTP, and unfortunately that didn't work rally. So with all that the last relapse seems awfully long, I'm so tired to count the days when I feel significantly better. I know a lot of people went and are going through this. But I'm so frustrated about the Lexapro not working, and this new Zoloft. (btw, doc prescribed it because it works on serotonin and a little bit on dopamine, which I don't have enough of both, so she thought it will be the drug for me). Do you think there's a chance it will work eventually. Why the increase of the dose by 25mg only is causing me the adverse reaction and anxiety? Any other feedback is welcomed. Thanks.
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