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  1. Fair enough. I sometimes over-think things and jump in trying to help, missing the cue that it's venting.
  2. Yes, you can get effects of withdrawal this late, and if you're struggling, I'd definitely work with a doctor to come off the pills. It sounds like something that could get out of hand without help.
  3. I hear you there. I get the feeling that a lot of it was probably written by mere mortals who had an agenda, but the problem is then that when you say that, you're told you either believe or you don't, and you can't just take the positive and leave the negative for your own approach to life. (So say the people who are expert cherry pickers.) The bits about women and parents definitely worry me. A big gripe I also have is that after Israel escaped slavery in Egypt, they had laws written about how to treat their own slaves, which makes me really mad. I mean, if you've been a slave and just escaped, you probably shouldn't be ok with enslaving others. And they were definitely slaves, not servants. Also, (and here's another point that is probably heresy/blasphemy in the churches' opinion), Abraham and his family were pretty awful people. Seriously, don't follow their example for anything much. But I guess that's the big promise of the New Testament for Christians who aren't ok with the church: you get to find salvation in faith and not deeds, but once you're ready for the deeds, it does actually give instructions on how to be a better person. Not, you know, about how you keep slaves. And not contradictory commands.
  4. I know this is a long shot, but would there be any way around the lack of tub? Is it possible to buy a free-standing version or something? (I'm not sure, to be honest, but it seems like something that could exist. Of course, it all costs money, regardless.) And is that the only mobility issue, or are there others? (Just trying to think of ways around it, since it seems like an otherwise ok option.)
  5. Thanks for your reply. It's nice to know there's support. Sorry to hear about your chronic pain, also. I hope you can one day access the medication you need.
  6. Well, I would let my 17 year old go out as much as needed to get a break to be able to study with a fresh mind. And in the holidays, they could go out as often as they like. So yes, that seems unreasonable to me. Having said that, I'm not a mom, and will never be a mom, so I feel weird criticizing a parenting choice .. but it does seem that your parents are controlling, overall, since you seem trustworthy and are only going out for walks and naps, which is about as safe as going out gets.
  7. There isn't an allotment of the space we're allowed to have here. You can post as often as you like! Nobody will judge you for it.
  8. I feel you. I've had jobs pay me late frequently in the past, (or pay me too little). I can understand your disappointment, and also the sense of shame, considering the kids. I know that this can really mess with one's sense of self-worth, and that is a totally justifiable reaction. It's important, though, not to be down on yourself for something that isn't your fault. You did the work; your workplace hasn't paid you. Your actions are proactive; theirs are not. This won't fix the problem, of course, but it's important for you not to have this stressor on top of those you're already dealing with.
  9. Feeling pretty bad. Health isn't so good, honestly. My disability is getting worse, I think. I hurt all inside my ribs. Maybe something's ruptured. I don't know that I have a future to speak of ... not one that I want. Therapists are hung up on me finding a man and how that (and children) will make me want to live long-term. They project a lot. Not my fault that's all they've got, and that they're not happy with it. (No offense to people who do want a partner and kids. It's cool if you do, and it's wonderful if it makes you happy. Just that I don't. And that my therapists don't seem happy with what they have.) The hospital stay pretty much ruined a chance of higher education or a better job, and I can't do the job I used to due to my pain problems. I guess the psychiatrists are pretty proud of what they did. I'll never be smarter/more successful/prettier than them now, (they goaded me about my weight even though they prescribed anti psychotics,) and I'll probably die younger. Of course, they want me to reproduce ... but only so they have future patients. Eugenics sort of achieved, I guess?
  10. We all make stupid mistakes. All you can do is your best.
  11. Good work, Mark! I know how hard it is for you at the moment, so I'm glad you're taking it one step at a time.
  12. Well done on the vehicle! Vehicle loans can be tricky, so that's fantastic!
  13. I, too, forget about holidays sometimes when I'm not doing well, and it can throw out the schedule (or lack thereof) somewhat. I hope you've been able to do something else, or, barring that, get some rest.
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