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  1. Hi Cindy! Welcome to the Depression Forums! I'm sorry to hear that the medication isn't working for you. I haven't had any real experience with prozac compared to a lot of other medications, but I do know that the generics don't always work for me, which is a shame. You could be sensitive to drugs, like me, and as others on this thread have pointed out, this can affect how it works for you. I wish I could help you more, but you should be able to find others here to advise you. I hope you keep posting, because the forums here are a friendly, caring and non-judgmental community!
  2. You're right about that! While older eras had some perks, it depended so much on who you were born as, where, and who your parents were. Being poor would have probably sucked even more than it does now, and it sucks big time now!
  3. Makes me think of Jane Eyre. The bit where Jane finds out that her groom to be is already married, and locked his wife in the attic because she was 'insane' (although she may not have been until he locked her in there for years. It's up for debate.) I think that even if he hadn't already been secretly married, the fact he did that to another woman would have stopped me from ever going back to him after the other woman died.
  4. Very true. The Cold War was horrific, (thinking about the Cuban Missile Crisis and all), and I'm thinking about how I would have been treated with my mental problem. Locked up, definitely. Probably electroshocked, or maybe given insulin shock therapy. Treated with older sorts of antipsychotics, so maybe coming out with parkinson's disease or something, (more stigma. Yay!) Horrifying. It's still not always good now, but at least there are options, information, and the ability to try and avoid doctors if that's your choice. I guess back then any deviation would have been noticed. Still, the job security was way better, and I'm sure that not all the romanticized stuff is wrong. There must have been a lot of great things, too. And the fashion was fantastic. Everyone looked so smart!
  5. That would be awesome! I hate greed and waste. I mean, I like beautifiul and worthwhile things, but I think that it's wasteful to be filthy rich and spend thousands of dollars on a handbag or a tie or something when people are starving, and to drive around a private jet everywhere when some people can't even escape their own messed up countries. I wish humans would help one another and the planet, and then maybe there wouldn't be so many people who need Depression Forums so much. (The forums are a good thing, but I'm sad that so many people are suffering.)
  6. Wow, that's a beautiful idea! We all do long for comfort, and I'm sad that so few of us get it. I guess the only problem would have been that you could have been born as a poor city person or something, such as you read about in Charles Dickens novels, but out in the country, this could definitely have been your life. Is there any way you could look at doing it now? Leaving to go live in the country and becoming a self-sufficient individual? I know that people do it. I'd do it if I wasn't so reliant on doctors right now. Maybe one day.
  7. I know what you mean! While I enjoy a lot of the internet, (instant information, education stuff, access to wonderful videos, cheap movie streaming,) there's a lot I hate, (some of the other instant information, socal media, hate and trolls, and the fact that it put video stores out of business. I know it cost more than Netflix, but I freakin' loved my local Blockbuster! The only social media I don't hate really is the Depression Forums.) I had a hit of nostalgia for the 90s recently, and was just thinkng about how we'd memorized all our family and associates' telephone numbers, couldn't be accessed every moment of the day, and some things were a mystery. How we got excited about that older piece of pop or rock music on the radio because we couldn't just look it up on YouTube, so we rushed to record it with the cassette tape, or had to go and buy the actual CD. (Or cassette tape if you wanted to listen in the car, maybe.) But I guess times change, and the 90s weren't perfect, either, and I guess each era has great and terrible things about it.
  8. No, Mark, you're not a coward! I can't say much new, since everyone here has already said what I would have said. I'm glad you're still here, even though I understand that you may not be feeling the same way right now. I just want you to know that a lot of the people on this thread, (and ESPECIALLY you!) have been part of what stopped me from ending my own life in 2019, and I have made it through to the new decade in big part because you are an inspiration to me, and I feel that if you've managed this long, with your determination, photo ops, and knowing when to lie low, I can do the same, (albeit I'm not a good photographer, so I'm looking at other hobbies that won't trigger the chronic pain conditions.) I, too, am looking at imminent housing difficulties, but because you have managed to stick it out so long, I am feeling that I can stick it out, too, even though it won't suck any less. Thank you, Mark, and I'm so glad that this community is helping you, too!
  9. You don't need an excuse. It simply is what it is. It sucks, though.
  10. I get that feeling. It's why one of my favorite songs is the 'Donnie Darko' song, (or, to give it its real name, Mad World.) It's also one of the most miserable songs out there, but that's probably why I feel it fits.
  11. To be fair, you're worth a lot more than a stink bug. Think of all the people you've helped here, just by sharing your story, let alone the ones you have already gone out of your way to help!
  12. Hello to all the forum members! I know that if you're on this forum, whether as a member or just browsing, you're not having a good time in life. But no matter how you're struggling, I wish you the best this Christmas, and want you to be happy. So, I will say: Merry Christmas!
  13. Hi flappybird7! I think it's great that you want to help people! I'm concerned that you say you're suicidal, though, especially as it's been a while since you posted this. Are you doing ok?
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