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  1. Meditated and used some dbt skills. That was really helpful. I am exploring which ones I like and found a few that were helpful...anything that can get you to that mindful state.
  2. Anxious, Knowing that I need to make changes, but change is so difficult. Giving up things that you like, giving up the thoughts that you are used to. Scared of the fall again.
  3. I just registered, but I sometimes use sleep as a way to cope, I tried taking medications but am on nothing right now. I am not sure what advice to give, what helps me is meditation, and having a routine, even if it is just a few things a day, that helps to motivate me to get them done.
  4. Hi, I have recently began to try and change things in my life and am looking for ways to improve things. Journaling is a great way, so I decided to try it here. I am in my 40's, and am looking forward to seeing those changes happen. I have Depression, and Generalized Anxiety and have ups and downs that are hard to deal with at times. The worst part is the anxiety though and self defeating thoughts, that is what I am working on. Thank you very much, and hope that I can post often.
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