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  1. Hello everyone again, First off I want to thank all of you for all your support through this. I have done the things you all suggested. I think maybe a few days after I sent this post out I had maybe one of the hardest days. Not anything in particular but just emotionally couldn’t see the bright side of anything. But throughout the days I have grown to see that people are there for me. There’s all of you will amazing support, my girlfriend and her family, my family, and my school counselor. I’ve been feeling better overall. Not fully though, I don’t exspect it to happen fast but gradually instead. I still have some moments where I feel a little down but usually I would take a look on here, or talk to someone about my feelings. Lately I have also been praying and staying focused on my future. I have also been writing in a journal my girlfriend got me to vent some stuff that maybe I don’t wanna tell people or feel embarrassed about. But thank you all again for the amazing support.
  2. Hello everyone, I need someone to I guess listen to me and talk to me and help me out in my situation. I’m not 100% sure I have depression or what, I’m only making an assumption on the fact that my dad has it and my moms sister had it and she later passed do to suicide at a young age. About 5 years ago my cousin passed away in a tragic car accident. That struck me pretty hard and afterwards I kept to myself. And held everything in and later went on a bad path that led me to doing stuff that wasn’t good at a young age. Later I met my now girlfriend for almost 2 years that has changed my life dramatically. And as a side note a a year or two after my cousin died in that car accident I was going to church and praying to get away from this life. Get a good girlfriend that supports me etc. I truly believe that prayer was answered. But now I have been away from all the bad stuff for over a year now. I have been doing better and haven’t been sad since opening up and talking to my girlfriend about things. But recently my dog that has been with me my whole life passed. Now no matter how much I try to talk to my girlfriend it’s like my mind won’t cheer up. I’ll go from having good days to forgetting about stuff to the next day feeling down. The past few months I have been trying to stay on top of school, finish the online drivers ed to start driving, get a job etc. But lately I’ve been getting job interviews but not getting hired anywhere. Then because I’ve been feeling down lately I feel like just dropping everything and not trying anymore. And sometimes I have thoughts of running away or even drifting off in the ocean as a nice way to put it. But sometimes I want to talk to my school counselor but I don’t wanna be labeled as that kid you know. And I don’t wanna be put in a place and being watched and being known as some depressed kid. But I do want help. Maybe a month ago I set an appointment to talk to my counselor about all this but I ended up canceling it because I forget everything when I’m at school. Like as far as what to talk about. I’m not really sure what to do. Do you guys think just keep going it’ll work out? Or talk to my girlfriend about everything and try to get everything out? Or talk to my school counselor? Anyways thank you for your time and help. I hope you all are doing well.
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