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  1. Hi..just found this site again after a long while. I've been taking Celexa for several years now...mostly at 10mg but am now finding I need more. Depression back. I read that you were at 10 mg and am now are taking 20 mg. How long have you been at 20mg and have you had any side effects going from 10 to 20mgs?  I'm very sensitive to meds so even little change will affect me however need to stop feeling the depression and anxiety I've been feeling for quite a while now. Thanks


    1. Floor2017


      I feel you and it's nothing like getting everything back in control again

  2. Hey there and welcome! I found this forum during one of my darkest times, and since I have gotten a little better. I really hope that you find it to be as comforting as I have!
  3. I don't take prozac but I am taking celexa for the first time and let me tell you its a roller coaster of a ride for the first 3-4 months. I have had periods of up and down the entire time, you can have one decent day but have a bad day the next so you forget all about the good ones so easily. The fact that you do have good times, days, weeks, hours whatever means it is working we just don't notice them because its not consistent enough the first few months that you can really see the progress. Give it some time, try to stay at one dose for at least 8-12 weeks before giving up on it, or switching the doses around because it takes that long. You can notice some small progress the first couple months im sure but to fully work I think it takes quite awhile. I also think its almost like a physical injury, the worse the injury the longer you take to heal. So be paitent, be kind to yourself, try to stay positive and just get through day by day, these do work and you can feel like yourself again! Oh and btw the side effects for me lasted about 8 weeks or so but they did go away.
  4. So glad to hear that it's working for you and you're starting to feel better! Thats a huge thing for us that experience depression and anxiety. Good for you! I hope it continues to get better and better.
  5. I started on 10mg and took that for awhile before they increased me to 20mg. But, I have read that a lot of people have gotten better on 10mg and it worked just fine for them. The anxiety seems to be the very last thing to go also, some said that it took 6-7 months for them to fully feel better and the anxiety gone. It's such a slow process, baby steps, you will notice having more good days then bad until finally you're not waking up with anxiety and suffering throughout the day anymore. From the sounds of it though it is working because you have already noticed an improvement with the depression so that is a good thing! Anxiety is the toughest part though and will more then likely be the last to go but keep reassuring yourself that it is working and take it day by day and you will get through it.
  6. Oh it's been a roller coaster of a ride for sure! I am now 18 weeks on the celexa, and 13 weeks at the increased dose of 20mg, and still having good days and some bad but I don't feel they are as bad as they were. It's been getting better in such small amounts that I have to look back at my journal since I started taking it to see the improvent but it is there. I'm staying hopeful, my panic attacks have gone, my anxiety still comes but I am able to control it much better then I have in the past. I don't feel so much depression, I think its the DP/DR that is the worst for me right now and I blame that on the trauma that my mind has went through this past 6 months, heck, my whole life actually it would come and go but I feel this time was the lowest, worst of them all, but I'm kind of glad I do have that it means that my mind is working and trying to protect itself so not always a bad thing. I do think that will most likely be the longest lasting thing, and the last to go. But I am making it day by day still, and trying to stay positive that I will feel better and function normally again which even just being positive or having hope is a huge step in the right direction for me where as 6 months ago, I didn't think there was any. Thanks for the inquiry! Hope everyone is doing well.
  7. What June said is very correct, Intrusive thoughts feed off the reactions that we give them, which allows it to continue and cause some nasty anxiety. I don't have that exact type of intrusive thought but I know all too well how it feels to have them. Fighting them only gives them the power to remain there and circulate. I watched some very good doctors speak about this and how to, I wouldnt say stop having them, but to not react to them and be able to realize that these are not at all who you are or what you really think which makes them powerless and not interfere in your life. It starts with the though, which then you react to causing you to get anxious, then leads to feeling guilty, or embaressed and the cycle just continues. The good thing is they say that intrusive thoughts are easy to treat and get passed once you learn how to deal with them. Now, if you are to google help methods for this, make sure to google only success stories, or postive posts because as I've told people before that while you are stuck in this cycling we definitely don't need any negatives to add to the mix. Also, the depersonalization is actually like a safety mechanism for us which when our minds get overloaded with anxiety, or depression it acts like a block to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and I know it seems really scary at the time but just keep reminding yourself that once you're able to reduce the anxiety and whatever you're dealing with it will get better. Consider watching the intrusive thoughts video on youtube from 'intrusivethoughts' that is what helped me quite a bit and now I'm feeling much better. Also, there are a few videos on depersonalization too and it will help you not fear it when it happens. The books from Claire Weeks, and a book called at last a life are also really good reads on helping to overcome anxiety and the things that come along with it. If you want to ever talk about it, or more information feel free to pm me anytime! I know what you are going through. Also, be reassured you are not going crazy, this is actually quite common and can be treated.
  8. So sorry to hear what you are going through. Just curious as to how long you have been on them? Also, have you went through dosage increases or decreases? Have you taken any other SSRI besides the Zoloft? Trazadone is different class of anti- depressants and from what I've seen is prescribed a lot for insomnia to help you sleep, did you take them together? And no all SSRI aren't the same, some people have been through several before finding the one that works for them. So, don't lose hope.
  9. I sleep about 8-9 hours a night, and sometimes have to take a nap earlier in the day. I guess I'm also on the opposite side of this, I get too much sleep. I think it has a lot to do with the citalopram that I am taking. But getting too much sleep seems to have a really negative effect also.
  10. Hi there! Just wanted to say I may not have that specific worry, I do have some that seem to circulate through my mind for weeks sometimes longer. It can be scary to say the least. And this is quite common actually. Are you on any medications? Or therapy? It seems that we get thoughts that keep coming back like that because our mind/body is showing reaction to it so often, and it seems that it happens with thoughts that threaten us such as: losing a job. Sounds like just building back up your confidence, and thinking positive thoughts, and not letting those get a reaction can help to -re-wire- the way you're thinking about it. Or at least that is what is working for me. Hope that you feel better soon!
  11. Yes! I don't know why Walmart caused it to be so bad, maybe the lighting, or being that its always so crowded, or that it's a really big store and it seems so overwhelming. I've also tried to go at night, and early mornings and it did help a little but not quite.
  12. I think it has to do with I was tired of feeling this way, for many many years I've had such bad anxiety, and not being able to do normal things like everyone else and feeling on the verge of having a panic attack all the time. I've had it for so many years now that I've associated my anxiety/panic to everything and everything made me feel bad. I wanted to not be afraid anymore so I started doing research, reading everything that I could about why I have felt this way for so long and it came down to it wasn't the places, things, people that I was afraid of it was just the anxious feeling. So, I found a really helpful book and it had really high reviews that I had to find out what it was about, started reading it and after awhile it really started to make sense, and I started to practice what it suggested and now when I feel anxiety coming on I can say 'ok go ahead do what you will', and just starting to really believe that the anxiety was so much less of a threat that it hasn't gotten extreme. Mind you though I have to do this often, and I do believe there is a way to 're-wire' your though process on it, which I never believed it was possible before but it's actually working! I've been this way for over 25+ years and even before that as a child I can remember feeling this way just not as severe so this was a huge improvement. Anyway, all the other things that go along with it such as ocd, depression, dp, once the anxiety starts to improve so have they. It took me way to long to get to this point, and I have just applied band aids such as medication or other things and never really worked on the actual problem. I'm not saying anything negative about medications at all by the way, I've taken them and they have helped but I still had anxiety, and panic attack flare ups so I never really worked on the root of the problem (anxiety). I actually didn't even plan on going to walmart that night, I just did it without thinking until after I left, and it hit me "I did not feel anxious once'! I know I have to continue working on this still for awhile but I figure I've had years of suffering, so it will take awhile to finally be relieved of it. Just like to master a craft, it takes years of pratice and training, you can't go to a one day class and expect to be very good at it. Sorry for the long post here, thanks to those who take the time to read it.
  13. Thank You! It's been a very long road, and for the past 25 years it's been rough. I've had my share of anxiety, mediciation side effects, etc so I do know how you feel. I think I've been living under this blanket of anxiety/panic/depression I forgot what it felt like to actually feel OK doing something as simple as going to the grocery store. But believe me if I can get to the point of feeling better anyone can. Hope that you do start feeling better soon! p.s what side effects are you having from the Wellbutrin?
  14. Just wanted to say I was able to go out to dinner last night, and also to Walmart and didn't have one anxious moment. To some that might not sound like a big deal BUT to me it's a huge deal! SInce I can remember I've had horrible anxiety going shopping, especially when its crowded and would leave me feeling dizzy, weak legs, feeling smothered etc, and just being out in a crowded place was very hard. But last night it was such a huge relief! It felt so good! Here's to more good day ahead! (I hope)
  15. Welcome back! And so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I do hope that you get to feeling better very soon!
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