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  1. Hope that you get to feeling better soon!
  2. Grounded

    Craft and Art 🖼 Painting

    I would love to try it! I'll have to look for the stuff to do it in the craft stores near me.
  3. Rampage, I thought it was really good, made me laugh
  4. Grounded

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Tired. I had a pretty full day today went out and got a lot of things done.. I feel pretty good about that.
  5. I've taken zoloft in the past on several occasions because as you, I went off when I was feeling better. I think it took a good 3 weeks before I really noticed a difference so might just need a little more time to adjust . If I remember right I started with 25 or 50mg at the beginning, and worked my way up too 100 to avoid side effects, but I do think as the dose was increased maybe having a little more anxiety for the first 5 days or so but once it started working it crept up really slow and others noticed I was doing better before I did so possibly because it's still early maybe you're not really seeing the better days,. But overall zoloft was really good to me in the past and I was able to function normally. I recently started on a new one myself (Celexa-Citalopram) and I know that my anxiety increased at the beginning, but it's starting to have results that I can see now for myself, less anxiety, less panic attacks, feel calmer and I am able to leave the house and go do things. I know there very well there may still be some bumps in the road but each day it gets better so I know its working. Also, I did keep a journal of how I felt, every night before I would go to sleep I would write down how I felt that day if there were any side effects that I noticed, anytime I had a lot of anxiety, or a panic attack etc. I really feel if you look back at that you will see the improvement much easier beacause if you have a bad day in between the good ones we tend to think its not working and don't see the good days. I hope that you a good experience as I did on zoloft when I was taking it and hope you get to feeling better very soon!
  6. Went shopping for xChristmas stuff, went out for lunch, and came home decorated a little and made steak and shrimp. Decent day I'd say.
  7. Well, may not have actually been today, it was yesterday but I went to my first ever therapist appointment. Also, I had a panic attack before I started to get ready for that in the morning and I was able to reduce it and make it go away before I left and felt great the rest of the day with very little anxiety. I went out to eat with my Mother, and went shopping at a craft store. Those are huge things for me at this point.
  8. Grounded

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Anxious. Today is my first therapy appointment ever after feeling anxious/panic/mild depression almost my entire life. Not sure what to expect. Soon as I woke up my mind went straight to that. *Deep breaths* because I can't let the anxiety spiral.
  9. Grounded

    Natasha1's "How Is Your Weather Today?" #18

    Snowed most of the day, and I'm okay with that as long as I'm inside where it's warm it's so pretty to look at just don't like the cold
  10. Sounds like you have been through some things that really hurt at a young age and I would say that would cause someone to be down which is normal. I have learned myself over the years that keeping it in always ends up coming back later in life, or causing lingering feelings of sadness. It would definitely be best to talk to your school councelor, or talk to your parents about possibly getting outside help from a therapist to help reslove or at least know how to deal with the feelings that you're having. Hope you find what helps, and feel better soon!
  11. Grounded

    New to Wellbutrin

    I can't comment on the wellbutrin myself but I know someone who is currently on it, I think its been about 3 months now and she said it's working well for her anxiety and panic attacks don't really think she had much depression. I hope that you find soon that it's working well for you also and feel better
  12. Welcome! Sounds a lot like my story actually. I think once we recognize these things that it's makes it that much easier to help/control them. Sounds like you're heading in the right direction. I hope you find the forums, and support to be as helpful as I have.
  13. Grounded

    feeling exhausted

    Tired may not be a bad thing for now, if it keeps whatever symptoms you're having at bay until whatever treatment your doctor orders has time to take effect. And congratualtions on being 9 days clean, that is a big step! Hoping you see some positive results soon, and get to feeling better!
  14. Grounded

    Finding a therapist for OCD

    Thank You! Any little guidance or reassurance makes me feel so much better at this point.
  15. Not sure if anyone has read any of my prior posts about starting on Celexa (10mg) for Depression/GAD/Panic attacks/OCD (ruminating) but I thought I would give an update for anyone who may be starting this medication for the first time because I know how scary it can be and how we tend to go to positive posts to make us feel better about taking it so here is my look on it so far. I have also taken Zoloft in the past and had success with that one too for years and had the initial start up effects which went away. The first week or so was a little rough, a tiny bit of nausia that I would compare to missing a meal and feeling a little nausiated (very mild). I noticed that my hands and feet were sweating quite a bit, also not bothersome (the nausia has pretty much gone now) . And my initial symptoms for which I'm taking it seemed to get a little worse, and could possibly be due to the fact I was nervous to begin with and took a little time to feel secure in taking it which I have pretty much at this point. I noticed small waves of relief after about a week, and they were very small but noticeable and I noticed that when I got back to feeling bad I would overlook those times which I shouldn't have. I'm now on Day 11 and I actually had a good night last night, and also a good morning today I'd say on a scale of 1-10 10 being the best I'm at a 5 which when I started out I was around a 2 lol, yes I was a mess so that is a huge improvement! I'm starting to be able to think a little clearer which is a huge step also. I know that it is still early in this stage of the medication and I am on a very low dose and there will be bumps in the road but if I can have more and more times or days like this, I would say that it's a very good start. So, just to those of you who are reading this that felt like I did about taking a medication and you're scared but you really want to feel better, or at least back to normal or yourself it is definitely worth a try, and don't be afraid of bumps in the road when starting for the 1-3 weeks I'd say because it's the ending result that you have to keep focusing on and that is being back to feeling okay and able to live life how you should be. If for some reason after a few weeks you're still not feeling much better or having side effects, definitely talk to your doctor, doesn't necessarily mean it's not going to work just may need your dosage adjusted so don't get discouraged! Also, just wanted to add, I know now every A/D is right for everyone but just remember that once you do find the one that works it's worth pushing it through. Will try to post again further into the treatment.