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  1. Hi everyone I know its been a while; I'm still sort of dealing with the same living situation with my mom she has this guy that shes dating or whatever I have no frealing clue what their relationship is and I don't care for him or trust him (not to mention I just don't feel all thst comfortable around him) because he's hurt her horribly before in the past come and spend the night I'm cordial to him to try and keep the peace but I dont say a lot to him for a multitude of reasons. My mom doesn't see anything wrong with this and she has it in her head she won't tell me but she wants him to move in and it's a bit rough with just the 2 of us we live in a 2 barely 3 mobile home (at one point in the past six of us lived here) so trying to add in a 3rd person given how I feel about them I dont see how she thinks this would be a good everyday thing if he possibly moves in. I know I can move out but I really don't no I know that I can't live by myself maybe even sadly for the rest of my life.. Just don't know what to do this situation is severely stressing me out and I've told her this along with my concerns but she just doesnt seem to care..
  2. I have an aunt who suffers from bpd (I really think it's bipolar but her doctor diagnosed with borderline personality disorder) and suffers from depression with suicidal thoughts is it wrong of me to sometimes just check out and not respond when she texts I don't know what to say most of the times and I struggle with depression myself (I'm glad I don't suffer suicidal thoughts though) it doesn't help when she sends a picture of her crying I always text her the 1-800 suicide/crisis hotline but half the time I don't know if she calls or not; then factor in her bpd and she can be depressed but will send an angry text or post inflammatory things on social media not necessarily directed towards me but about someone else or a situation. I guess what I'm trying to say is how do you deal with a family who suffers from a more severe form in some ways of depression than you do?
  3. Wow I'm so sorry about that that's horrible and I'm sorry that you have not gotten more support; have you thought of getting another lawyer i know it isn't easy
  4. And I really hope that things get better for you sigh and I definitely understand the massive struggle losing a loved one someoke you were close to especially a parent is gut-wrenching and horrible (they always say a parent shouldn't have to bury their child but I also think the reverse is true too no child should ever have to bury their parent
  5. I'm so sorry sober4life I can sadly definitely relate when I found out my dad died I feel to the floor but I think what made my depression worse is I had people I thought cared about me but didn't they only wanted what they can get; his girlfriend or his ex don't know what she was at the time of his passing wanted to be spiteful because she found out he talked to other women decided the same night he died to go and take a lot of his possessions I didn't even find other until a few weeks later when it was really nothing I could do (some things that wasn't even like electronics he was repairing for other people and also a lot of those people more than likely never got their items back all because this women decided to be a witch not even including the fact his cousin and my aunt got into a huge fight and I fainted, ( this was all in the same day he passed) her doing that just blindsided me I knew her for years and honestly didn't have an issue with yeah she did come around a lot the last year or so before he died and while it was a little annoying sometimes I was used to it; then his brother and his brothers wow they are some pieces of work too at first they were fake concerned and acted like they cared about me but as soon they picked me up one day (my dad had 3 cars and we were going to sell them for money) and I signed something not knowing what it was my mind was all over the place during that time it honestly still really is.. and I signed something that gave them the rights to own them (didn't find out about that until nearly a year later) and I talked to them almost every day before that and they were really helping me through my grief little did I know I think they were trying to isolate or try to manipulate into thinking negative things about my aunt, my mom's sister (didn't help that over the years she's said and done hurtful things; she has borderline personality disorder and depression that borderlines on suicide but then she could honestly have bipolar one day she's sad and suicidal the next day or even within the same day sometimes she's in a good mood) so they stopped calling me and ignored my calls for months until I would say week before Thanksgiving we were having a nice chat she explained which honestly to me was a load of be why I hadn't heard from them things went left when my dad's brother's wife asked if I could help them give money because one of them supposedly was having back pain and when I said I didn't feel comfortable doing that she got very crazy) so I didn't talk to them for a little while a few months I'd say then I texted his wife we really seriously need to talk and we did and we were having a nice chat until and this was probably petty of me but it was also had I felt I said that they just wanted money and she has the nerve to say I don't want your Lil money or something along those lines but yet you were asking me for money in the 100's months ago; so it turned into a huge shoutng match and I apologized and then I talked to my cousin their son and a ton of stuff didn't add up and I found out some stuff I didn't know (they gave one of my dad's cars to another one of their children) then it was just other little things too that didn't add up some people are saying I have to forgive them but I honestly never will this hurt me to my soul (a part of me died when my dad died and was buried in he ground) and even more of me died after of this (honestly the way I feel about my cousins at this point is and I keep hoping I'm wrong but probably not is that they're no different than their parents)
  6. Awesome i hope you have a safe trip and enjoy yourself!
  7. I'm happy to hear that
  8. Hmm I originally was taking 150 then got bumped up to the 300 XL and I take it along with Zoloft; I feel like it's slowly but surely helping at least more so than other antidepressants I've taken.
  9. I'm sorry sober4life those kind of days suck how are you doing tonight?
  10. Trying to find a job and trying to stay optimistic that I will find one!
  11. Oh wow I'm sorry you went through that and thanks; I think you're right about it possibly being caused by changes of medicine i didn't change any but I did increase the milligrams on one.
  12. I wasn't around when you posted but I'm happy that everything worked out for you! I hope your new meds help you!
  13. Hi everyone sorry I haven't been on in a while I hope things have been going good for everyone; I know this is a personal question but has anyone just had a random anxiety or panic attack (there's no trigger or cause) I unfortunately had one a few days ago and thankfully when I went to lay in my bed it only lasted a few seconds
  14. Thank you Devlinkyla i really appreciate it. I hope so too but I'm honestly not holding my breath
  15. I'm sorry Devlinkyla i can relate to a certain degree expect it's not me i live with my mom and me and her have been butting heads about this the last few months she has no problem with this guy just disappearing for no reason and popping in and out of her life (I get a really bad give from and he comes off as being a user in my honest opinion)
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