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  1. @John_in_SF thanks for the reply. Looking back, I agree it was not sound for me to pre-treat insomnia. I am struggling to come off of Remeron at this point despite my psychiatrist (I shouldn't say "my" since she is just a doc I found online and I don't feel like she is on my side) positing I should "remain on Remeron for the rest of my life." My response to her is "I would like to feel an orgasm every once and a while and get away from the brain fog." Her reply is "oh just take Wellbutrin you'll feel your orgasm." At this point I am taking 3.75mg on a "taper" but keep jumping back up to 7.5mg when i haven't slept for days and need to sleep for work and functioning. @joltbro thanks for the reply. Definitely helps to hear I am not alone in my experience!
  2. Hi @StormyEye How are you feeling now? I have been on Remeron twice (once for 6 months and now on it for 7 months with a year between cycles) and I have felt numb the whole time taking it. I took it at 15mg for 4 weeks but the rest of the time I have been taking it at 7.5mg. I can relate to your sex drive issues: I am male late 20s and my sex drive is completely gone; my ability to experience highs and lows have dissipated and now I feel angry about not being able to feel. Similar to what @lonelyforeigner mentioned, 4 to 6 weeks is ample time for therapeutic effects to kick in. But, if the side effects of a drug outweigh the benefits, and the side effects are in contention with your values, I would count the costs of remeron. Having said that, everyone is different so discuss with your psychiatrist and get a second opinion if needed. Best, Pensive castaway
  3. Hi @obidoo I have taken both Rem and Wellbutrin. I did not like the combination. I have been on Remeron twice (once for 6 months and now again for 7 months). I will say the hunger cravings did dissipate for me over time. But, everyone is different. For me, I really needed help with sleep so Remeron was a life saver. Wellbutrin made me anxious. In my experience, the two have vastly disparate profiles with Remeron being a much more profound downer and Wellbutrin being more of an upper(took it at 15 mg and 30mg; now at 7.5 mg as I am weening off). I dont know about Mirt just stopping working. For me, I had to look beyond just the drugs and look at my life: was my diet, work, routine, exercise, social connection all in balance? I often struggle with consistency in my daily routines and I can't blame drugs for that. Anyways, if you ever need someone to chat with about the drug, more than happy if you want to DM me. Take care!
  4. @RiverLight I can relate. Back in 2016 when I found forums for addiction issues, there was always one or two people that would just start picking fights and talking crap on me. I got sick and tired of it and sought actual in person support: I found support in-person and now 3 years later I am 7 months sober with the help of people in the in-person support group. I love the fluidity, persistence and accessibility of online support but it falters in comparison to the in-person support I needed. Anyways, keep faith up. Best, Pensive Castaway
  5. Would like to gauge interest in a tele-meeting format for discussing our experience with Remeron. The call would be into an anonymous group number. The format would be to introduce a topic such as withdrawal symptoms or initial symptoms on Remeron. Then we could have an open session where each person is allowed 4-5 minutes to share on the topic; after sharing, individuals would be given the option to receive feedback or decline feedback. I like the blog posts but i feel like a live discussion would be beneficial as well. The calls would be once or twice per month. Best, Pensive-Castaway.
  6. @wiredbuttired I don't have all the answers. I can share what has worked for me and well as define "fully functioning". I am no where near the place I want to be, but I have definitely improved over the years. The below looks like an essay now that I typed it out, but I felt a more comprehensive background may help put things in perspective. So often I see feedback online (Reddit, forums, etc.) and the person responding fails to mention pertinent details. I can relate to the feeling of "guilt" for taking medications. But, I realized that guilt for me was actually some false-pride saying "You dont need meds; you should be able to do this on your own; you are weak!" My inner critic is so harsh sometimes By way of background, I am male late 20s and have suffered from anxiety and depression for the last 6 years. A few major life events occurred at the same time and sent me spinning into self-pity, fear, resentment and a deep depression. I have always had weird thoughts of suicide but never acted on them. I have always felt like the weird person in every group I have been apart of and I don't feel like I fit in anywhere (Except for my support group). I have taken Prozac, Ativan, Remeron, Trazodone, Ambien, as well as addictions to weed, ecstasy, alcohol and cigarettes (roughly 5 yrs each for the recreational drugs; the meds I took between 1 month and 7 months). I am taking Remeron for the second time to cope with stress and sleep issues since I have been working a full time job and going to school full time. I am now done with school and coming off because I want to be myself again; not this placated, numbed out version of me. Remeron did wonders for my sleep but like all medications, I just have to come off. I'll spare you the side effects since you already read up on them. Here is what has worked for me: 1. Support Group: I found a support group that I attend and serve at locally once per week; I share my deepest, darkest secrets with the support group and I have found unconditional love and support for the first time in my life. I just simply couldn't connect with my parents, old friends or co-workers about these issues; support group for me was an eye opener. The support group opened my eyes to spiritual & emotional health and a loving higher power. 2. Connection: I still really suck at this but I am getting better. I am on the phone with people in my support group daily or every other day. I also have found a few close connections with people I can trust. This is an area with the most benefit for me; I have a long way to go. 3. Therapy: Still exploring this arena . I feel like talk therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can be a trap; it just makes me feel better about the crappy things I think and do. I do feel better with my current therapist and have been seeing him weekly for 6 weeks. Someone recommended EMDR therapy so I might give that a try in the coming months. 4. Healthy Work Environment: I found through experience that an unhealthy workplace can reek havoc for addicts like myself and a healthy workplace can be great for my self-confidence and recovery. For years I was sitting in a "toxic" environment that led me into the worst insomnia of my life. I was sleeping 1-2 hours a night except Saturday nights I would sleep from 9pm to 11am the next day to "catch up." 5. Boundaries: I had to cut off relationships and people that were shitting all over me. I needed to start saying "No, I don't want to go to that event" or "No, I won't tolerate you talking to me this way." For years, I was a professional and social doormat. I am not saying we need to be ruthless, but I needed to take a stand for me and define myself. I have a t-shirt of Grump Cat and it just shows his face and a big "NO" on it. I am relatively "Fully functioning" now relative to feeling disabled for years with the insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Fully functioning for me is being able to sleep at night for at least 5 hours; go to a social event and not have a panic attack or feel like I am having a heart attack; carry on a conversation with someone and be able to be present and experience emotions (laugh, gasp, chuckle, crack a joke, etc.); and lastly be able to perform or speak publicly without crippling anxiety. Best, Pensive-Castaway
  7. Hi @wiredbuttiredI have been on remeron for 6 months for the second time now. At my worst I have had panick attacks, night terrors with panicked attacks upon waking and severe insomnia. Remeron helped with them. I am now coming off since I am fully functioning. Currently on 7.5mg. How are you feeling ? Feel free to DM me. mirtbuddy
  8. Well, here I am December 31st and still havent come off Remeron. In fact, I am back on 15mg and my prescribing doc wants me to try wellbutrin since my depression has gotten worse; i.e. taking both wellbutrin with remeron. In a bit of a pickle; hopeful to get off all meds at some point. I took wellbutrin the first two days (saturday and sunday) and just feel anxious and emotionless.
  9. My psychiatrist thinks that my 15mg dosage isnt cutting it as I have been having more depressed/stinking thinking (thoughts of self-harm, intense pessimism, dreadful fear, etc) . She suggested that I take 30 mg. I told her I wasn't comfortable with this since I had never taken that much before. What have others experienced? Is there less sedation during the day? Any weird side effects? I realized everyone's brain chemistry is different but looking for general feedback to make me feel better. Thanks!
  10. @Floor2017 thank you for the reply! I have not been able to come off remeron as easily as I would like. Prescribing psych wants me to stay on until school is over (work full time and full time school until january 31). In terms of staying busy, I have way too much on my plate and I usually try to unwind myself...the jacuzzi has helped. I am quite anxious about coming off of this though. @clumpen thank you for the recommendation I will look this up. If ever need to chat offline, let me know. best, mc
  11. I am coming off of remeron after being on it for 10 weeks. I started taking it to help with insomnia with I’ve had for years. I am now down to 7.5mg at night which I have been taking with Benadryl and melatonin. I have been looking into natural and legal insomnia treatments like CBN(cannabis based but no THC) but they are very expensive. My question to the forum is how can I normalize my sleep naturally without any meds with crazy side effects? Is it really as simple as proper sleep hygiene? Without fail, if I don’t have a sleep med, I spend at least one night per week sleeping close to 0 or 1 hours at night. I’ve gotten sleep studies and no signs of apnea. How do I conquer my sleep issues ?!
  12. I have felt this same side effect! It’s quite frightening; feels like a flash “crash” like I’m going to have a heart attack and my brain gets zapped. Ears can ring as well and I get dizzy. While it does happen at random, I noticed usually when I’m in a heightened stress scenario. But, it’s also happened just sitting at my desk. I know that whenever I sleep in escessivly(over 2-3 hours) and when I am a bit stressed, this side effect rears it’s ugly head.
  13. My morning grogginess hasn’t dissipated after 10 weeks but I naturally sleep in anyways—remeron just exploited my preexisting defectual habit. Morning grogginess can likely be aided by dosing back a half hour or so or an alarm that lights up the room. I am not a medical professional so I would suggest chatting with your prescriber/doctor.
  14. I have been on remeron for 10 weeks and took it in 2017 for 10 weeks as well. I don’t feel disassociation per se but I have noticed all my normal feelings like sex drive, anger, fresh ideas, excitement—they’re all gone. I talk to myself in the mirror as if I’m coaching myself through this season and always third person? I also have had weird “shock” like sensations that make me feel like I’m having a heart attack and scares the crap out of me. I don’t feel like my normal self. A part of me wants off this drug badly but it does help me with sleep. I am questiojing remeron and meds in general. I have had luck with Prozac but came off of it because of side effects; came off remeron the first time because of the aforementioned side effects plus intense brain fog and a “dumb” like feeling. Here I am again. I know that I need to get back into therapy and I suggest therapy with a therapist or psychologist who you can heal with. Best, Fellow remeron constituent
  15. Hello there. I’m in my late 20s and have taken an SSRI for 6 months (2 years ago) and now my second time taking remeron. I have been on remeron for 10 weeks and originally started taking it as a precaution to avoid insomnia. I have a busy schedule with work and full time school and was afraid I would have bad sleep and fail my classes, etc. I don’t think I was depressed when I started taking it but now I actually do feel depressed and my psychiatrist thinks I should stay on remeron for the rest of my life ?! Now, 10 weeks in and feel “dumb”; for example I’m forgetting how to do simple tasks, my PIN numbers and even simple facts about myself or things I shouldn’t be forgetting. I have always prided myself on memory and this side effect is scaring me. Of course, one of the side effects of insomnia is indeed short term memory loss. But, I feel like a zombie and socially awkward. I didn’t feel this way before remeron. Desiring helpful feedback :)
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