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  1. Thanks everyone. We thought things were getting better, seeing her smile and laugh but this past weekend, we decided that it is not really getting better but worse, and she needs immediate help and my daughter was actually asking for help, no matter what it is. Although she states that she has no will to go on, asking for help tells me that she has hope. We admitted her to a local inpatient program and although it is not exactly what we are looking for, it is a step moving forward. I have found that these type of programs don't really provide the intensive therapy we were seeking but provides a full assessment of her condition, review of medication and modifications, some therapy (group, family and individual) and so on. It's difficult not seeing your daughter as much as you want and some days are harder than others and we are just waiting to wake up from this horrible dream. It appears that the plan after inpatient is weekly therapy, once or twice a week. That is not what we are going to do. After inpatient, we are researching a PHP / Day program near us or out of state, so that there is very little down time between her leaving inpatient to something else. We our setting up a day school program with her school so that she can continue with her school year after she is complete with the PHP and we will be seeking a intensive outpatient program after she finishes the PHP. At first, I kept thinking at night; why didn't we see this? If we did, we would have done so many things different and could have caught this much earlier.... so many things that goes through your head but in perspective, we don't get a second change, do we. So we need to make plans moving forward and figure out what is best for our daughter for today and the future, while keeping her safe as best as we can. That's our plan, I just hope we are not too late. Patrick
  2. Can anyone recommend a private adolescent depression treatment center anywhere within the Eastcoast? I posted about my 13 yr old daughter about 5 to 6 days ago, and since then, we have put her in a local inpatient program which will last 5 to 7 days but except for going back to a therapist once or twice a week, there does not seem to be a plan moving forward so we are going to figure it out with some help of others. We are not ruling out a private type PHP program anywhere within the Eastcoast or depending on the treatment center, we will probably go anywhere as my wife will travel and stay with her as needed. We believe we have adequate insurance coverage but even if the program is not completely covered, at this point, we are willing to do whatever it takes for the right long term treatment for her. We have discovered that the inpatient 5 to 7 day program at a standard hospital Mental Health center is for assessment and evaluation, review of medicine and management, and to help create a safe environment at home and somewhat of a jump start on a more aggressive therapy. Which is good but it is not long term by no means, and I want us to be prepared for the next step of therapy and treatment immediately after she is discharged, without going backwards. Any immediate help or input would be greatly appreciated. Patrick
  3. I just join and seeking some advice. Our daughter has been suffering from anxiety for about 2 years and lately it has gotten worse. About 8 days ago, she broke the news to us that she is and has been depressed for some time now, feels empty inside and does not want to be here anymore. This news was of course devastating and hard to comprehend. She currently is seeing a therapist for her anxiety so we immediately set up a appointing with her and our family physician. They prescribed 25m Zoloft and indicated that if she does not feel better by 7 days, give her 50m. Since she reached out to us 8 days ago, she has been about as down and well, depress as I ever see her. We are keeping her busy and active and at times during the day she seems good but then she just does not seem herself. A few days ago, she indicated that it is getting worse so we called the doctor and he indicated to go ahead and increase the Zoloft prescription to 50m, which we did today, Thurs (Thanksgiving day). Tonight, she told us that she is really struggling to keep above water. We need to get her help as this is well beyond us. We did had a plan to increase the therapist appointments to twice a week, manage the Zoloft med, she has a schedule to see a psychiatrist but the earliest was Dec 7th but with this recent conversation with our daughter, we feel that she needs help sooner than later. I have been researching into treatment centers in Virginia and throughout the country, seeking the best treatment center for teenagers and specializing in depression. I am concern with the local hospitals and mental health treatment centers as I want the best fit for our daughter that specialize in depression instead of strictly medicine base treatment and then therapy treatment, or most of the treatment centers state that they treat everything and everyone. I want to help our daughter as best as we can at whatever it takes. I have spent hours and hours reviewing private treatment centers throughout the country, some great reviews and some like a horror movie, I just don't know what would be the right treatment center or should I just take her to the local mental health hospital department, which has so so reviews. I reviewed treatment centers like Center for Recovery in Virgina, Newport Academy, Adolescent Growth, local VTCC, and so on... treatments from inpatient, intensive outpatient, PHP,.... even having my wife and daughter to travel to a treatment center, attend a PHP and stay there in whatever city the best treatment center is located... just don't know the right direction. Seeking advise from parents that have been down this road. Thanks Patrick
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