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  1. Thank you @Floor2017 I try to make sure my words don’t sound callous or insensitive.
  2. I agree, medicine certainly does wonders for persons and I wouldn’t want to prevent persons with a real need to have access to them. I just am cautious because of what we have personally experienced. I hope I didn’t sound as if it was out of the question.
  3. @JessiesMom You hit the nail on the head on several points. For my husband, I believe it’s the shorter days too. We live in Central Illinois and because he has a disability, he doesn’t always get out on dark, cold, or wet days. He relies on his wheelchair and prefers to stay indoors during bad weather. I can’t blame him. He does manage to get to our garage thru a breezeway and he can work in short spurts before coming back inside for warmth. He is accustomed to being more active from Spring- Fall. And logically, his disability causes frustration which no doubt contributes to his depression. Thank you for the info about the lamp! I’ve wondered how effective they really are. I try to encourage him to get as much sunlight as possible, but he doesn’t always appreciate how important it is along with providing Vitamin D. I will definitely look into it . On the therapist for my daughter...because she doesn’t have to allow us access to her medical history, I don’t exactly know how well the therapist connected to her. I do know that our family doctor is very much aware that we want to make sure she’s getting adequate mental health care. The therapist invited her back anytime she felt overwhelmed. Maybe part of this is because she finally accepted that she can’t do more for her friends then their doctors. She has been on a low dose of Sertraline for several months now. I have to admit it was hard for me to accept that she really needed medication. I thought because she had so much contact with these friends that she maybe thought it was easier than trying to understand her emotions. We live in a culture of “ here’s a pill for everything under the sun” . I also didn’t want any doctor to use her as means to profit off prescriptions. But she openly tells people that it helps her and I have to trust her judgement on this because typically she hates going to the doctor for anything. Thank you for sharing your experiences about your sons. The things you mentioned are the same things we do. I feel that was when we turned the corner on our relationship. Some kids despise their parents when it comes to personal or sensitive subjects. After Mollie began her prescription, she was less angry with me and opened up more. Like your younger son, we listen to similar music. It does test my patience sometimes but she is willing to share that bit of herself with me and I’ll gladly take it. The same with your older son. Because much of our attention is on my husband or our work, we take time for a “girls day” every once in while. We meander to a destination and have a meal or just window shop. There is no arguing and it’s relaxing for both of us. We laugh more and she converses with me instead of just tolerating my presence. I’m sorry your sons have had various traumatic events in their lives. Losing a loved one is very hard on adults, let alone young persons. My mom lived with us for 6 months before passing away. I know this made Mollie upset as it meant a change in our rountine and living arrangements. She felt guilty that she wasn’t as close to my mom than I was, but I never blamed her for feeling that way. Again, thank you for your words of wisdom regarding the therapist and for giving me some feedback. Never worry about a wall of text. I like reading the posts more than once. And look, mine is probably just as long
  4. MollieMcdoodlesMom

    Damnable December

    I’m going to comment from a different perspective. I personally don’t celebrate any holidays but I don’t try to prevent others if they chose to do so. What moves me to tears during this time of year is that many persons will be reminded of the loss of family members or friends who have passed away. The holiday season emphasizes family togetherness. What if a person has no family? What if a family is dysfunctional and separated? The tension in families run high and so is depression and anxiety during these next two months. Retailers want to promote the idea during Christmas and New Years that people can attain happiness. People long for happiness and acceptance from others. They spend more than they make and gifts are given to unappreciative recipients. Where is the happiness in that? People need love and feelings of worthiness every single day, not just a day set aside for retailers to profit. When I worked in retail, I actually felt sorry for my coworkers. They did their best in most cases, but they wouldn’t get to spend much of their time with their own families. How frustrating and disappointing. I know it sounds like I’m simply rehashing what was already said by the posts prior to this. It is just that I want to acknowledge and agree with most of your words. I’ve found that I can be truly happy, even in spite of what life throws my way and I don’t have to feel obligated to follow traditions and rituals to achieve it. I mean no offense to anyone but there is more to life than this. May you feel loved and supported today. Frances
  5. MollieMcdoodlesMom

    Not sure how to handle being alone anymore

    Dear @ChrissyNoelle What you described I saw my daughter go thru. She felt so lonely even though she did have a handful of friends - but not many genuine friends. Can I share with you what helped her? It is just for reference but she still puts it into practice. In an effort to gain friends, she would go out of her way to make them small gifts or trinkets. Most people she wanted to become friends with ignored her efforts or thought they were silly. This was heart breaking as a mom. I could see all the wonderful qualities she has and thought they was missing an opportunity to cultivate a friendship that would last a lifetime. Oh well, their loss. But then I realized that she should widen her circle of friends and not just stick with people her age. She needed to consider that friends can be of different backgrounds, cultures, and age groups. She felt too comfortable with the same people and if they didn’t have time for her, she became lonely. This also lead to her being depressed and feeling anxious - that her happiness depended on these other people being in her life. I think it finally occurred to her that she would be okay if she made new friends. She made plans to talk with people she met thru our faith that lived farther away. She began to volunteer and explored learning new skills. The beautiful thing is, these gave her nice topics for conversation with others she met or share with her loyal friends. She was able to teach others what she learned so that gave them a platform to interact. She also learned an important lesson. We all have the possibility of disappointing each other. The less friends we have, the more intense our discouragement becomes if they draw away from us. If we can have real genuine friends, it helps buffer the times we get hurt by others or feel left out. Some of the things I’ve mentioned are actually in a book designed for young persons. It has helpful advice on a variety of different subjects. It has benefited my daughter and I want to extend an invitation for a free copy for you. You can contact me privately for the link if you would like. Thank you for being so candid and honest about how you feel . I hope you will accept the offer. Sincerely, Frances
  6. I totally agree with what has been posted already. As a mother of a depressed teen, I get very annoyed when others assume that my daughter can just change her feelings on a whim. Or that she must not like people if she can’t tolerate being around them at the moment. I get very angry when other parents act like their teenager’s depression is an inconvenience.
  7. MollieMcdoodlesMom

    GABA experiences?

    Dear @ladysmurf Sorry for the late reply. I’m still getting accustomed to this forum and realize I didn’t have my notifications turned on. I will try to include pictures of the brand I use. I use it once daily. [images removed: Now Brand GABA, 500mg, 200 capsule size]
  8. Thank You all for the warm welcome and understanding of why I want to be present on this forum. My daughter has not openly talked to us about her depression and anxiety until recently. I just knew something was going on with her emotionally - I suspected depression and anxiety. It mostly came out when her friend, who also suffers from these illnesses, forced to her to talk with me. She still did not reveal much so I have to be very observant and take mental notes. Currently both my husband and daughter are on a low dose of Sertraline. We have a more open relationship as mother and daughter for which I’m very thankful. I remind her that if she’s having a difficult time to let me know so that I won’t attribute it to being disrespectful or stubborn. I really want to help her because frankly, I’m frightened if I am not aware of how she feels. I’m beginning to trust her again but new changes in her life always gives me a cause for fear. @JessiesMom - my husband also has seasonal depression on top of his depression from being immobile for the most part. Can you offer me any suggestion on what has helped you? What helps your sons? I appreciate your feedback! @caring2018 - Our Daughter did seek professional help for several months when she first told us about her anxiety. She still has not opened up much about it except the therapist thought she was able to work things out and didn’t really need visits as frequently as before. I think part of it was that she tried to “ be available” for her friends who also suffer from depression. She had too much emotional weight to carry - hers and theirs. When she stopped the excessive worrying about them, her sessions were reduced. Like you, we are Bible Students and feel that having a measure of peace comes from the wise counsel and advice found therein. I’m not saying that it removes all her problems or makes them instantly go away, but it has a soothing affect on her heart and mind. Thank you for the prayers on our behalf. It is greatly appreciated . @20YearsandCounting - Thank you for the warm welcome. You are correct! Already I’m finding helpful suggestions from the stories and experiences of others here on the forum. For sure, I must also care for myself as I’m my husband’s primary caregiver. Sometimes I have to remove myself from a negative episode and retreat to the quietness of our bedroom to refocus and recharge. This is not the way life is suppose to be but we’ll try our best to work thru it. You are so kind - thank you for thinking of me and reminding me that I count too. @BeyondWeary - what you described is almost like watching my daughter. She likes trying new things and is very creative but it makes her manic sometimes. She has to keep busy with something and I am grateful that she does want to stay occupied with something. She is currently trying to learn another language - she learned some Punjabi, ASL, French, and now Russian. She also is able to work some for a friend and volunteers her time teaching others the Bible. But often, it seems like she can’t relax and must always be on the go. Perhaps it’s the Sertraline or just a phase. I honestly don’t know. Thank you for the insight - it will come in handy. Thank you all again for reaching out to me and offering me a heart felt welcome. I will come back again and probably PM on occasion. I need to be alert to changes in both of them. Please be assured that I value what you have to share with me. Best Regards, Frances
  9. MollieMcdoodlesMom

    GABA experiences?

    Let me clarify - For me the GABA helps with nerve pain and sleep which reduces my anxiety.
  10. MollieMcdoodlesMom

    GABA experiences?

    Dear @ladysmurf You asked if anyone has had experience with GABA - I have been using the NOW brand with Vitamin B for several years now. It was recommended to one of my friends after the death of her son. When I had trouble relaxing at night due to nerve pain, she recommended it to me. In my case it works well for sleep and well being. It also has a good affect on my blood pressure. If you are looking for something natural, you might consider SAM- E for better sleep and mood. Lastly, we visit a health food store near us. The owner, Jeff, is very knowledgeable and provides much information to persons if he knows in advance what the are concerned about. He never pushes products on people either. The name of his store is called “ The Sunshine House” in Vandalia, Illinois. Hope this helps. Frances
  11. Hello I’m new to the forum so please allow me to introduce myself. My husband deals with seasonal depression but also depression due to his having a muscle disease which limits his mobility. We have a soon to be 20 yr old daughter who deals with depression and anxiety. I have joined this forum to offer encouragement but also to gain insight so I will know best how to work with my family. Best Wishes and Much Respect Frances