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  1. Something hit me today...maybe its the honey moon stage of wellbutrin (day 3) maybe its the 30 mgs of adderall I took today, maybe its the 3 cups of coffee I had, what ever it is i started thinking about a sign that has hung the sales department at my work for years and it reads "If you always do what you always did, your always going to get what you always got" in other words, if you don't change your results won't change. So I'm thinking about what causes my cycle and what are the things that never change. Well i can tell you this, when Im hypomanic / Manic i am not putting good things in my body, I'm eating out all the time , drinking at bars, doing drugs and everything I probably shouldn't do. When I'm depressed i usually stay in and get so bored with myself. I drag myself to the gym and i always think that if am going to the gym i might as well start to eat well and who knows, maybe ill get in shape and score a really hot girl next summer. Maybe thats the cause of my cycle just not eating right and not exercising right. So after work i went to vitamins shop on my way home and spent about half my pay check. I bought probiotics , Magnesium, and a b-6/b-12 folic acid pills, went to wall mart and bought a nutribullet, then went to stop and shop and bought only fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs and chicken. I plan tomorrow to wake up at 6 and hit the gym, come home and make a green smoothie and start my regiment of eating right and exercising.
  2. Thanks hope..... I am definitely not eating well.... I’m looking into getting a juicer / blender to make fruit smoothies in the morning and adding L-dopa to it in hopes of increasing dopamine producting. What food do you suggest I avoid ? And what foods should I start to eat ?
  3. Thanks Epictetus it’s comforting to hear that someone is listening ..... I forgot to mention that I have been prescribed to adderall for ADD for about 9 years now .... is it possible that because adderall releases dopamine that adderall is actually depleting my dopamine levels ? And if that theory is true wouldn’t that mean that Wellbutrin in the long run would actually deplete dopamine levels too?
  4. First post here...... I have been cycling my entire life from episodes of mild / major depression to episodes of euphoria or "manic"..... I have tried every bi polar medication on the market usually after about 4-8 weeks of taking it i pull out of my depressed state myself and am back to my hypomanic / manic self....recently i got out of a horrible relationship and i think it triggered one of the worst depressive episodes of my life.... I have early wake ups (horrible) where i wake at about 6 am and can't stop the tape running through my head of how bad i feel... i have no sex drive, no interest in hanging out with friends, no interest to clean up my house, trouble focusing, no energy... worst of all i can never fall asleep to take a nap (does anyone else experience this?) i have read a lot of posts on here about people sleeping all the time but I can',! i couldn't take a nap if my life depended on it! Anyway i have been counting the days since i started feeling like this hoping that i will switch back soon but I remember back to when i felt this bad junior year in college and it took nearly 5 months then bam! whole new person.....Anyway my doctor prescribed me lexapro but i coudn't deal with the sexual disfunction (still felling it) so i asked to switched to wellbutrin because i feel like its really a dopamine issue and not serotonin . I have been taking supplements like Theanine and Tyrosine to help dopamine production but still no results yet (only been on wellbutrin for 2 days), hopefully i can't switch back as now the weather has switched and New England and everyone stays inside I'm forced to ignore my friends because I'm so nervous they will recognize that I'm not myself...
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