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  1. I take 200mg once in the am, to help with the depression. I've taken it in the past and it has worked fairly well for me.
  2. Update, started the 50mg a week ago, outside of really dry eyes again (which subsided after a few days) no bad side effects. Things have been improving in a subtle, undercurrent kind of way since I started this med, a few days after starting the 50mg I noticed a definite upswing in mood. Daily tasks are less of an effort. I'll bump up to 100mg in another week and Pdoc wants to stay there and see how things go.
  3. Suicide Squad. I've seen it before but I'm a Sci Fi nut so no problems watching it more than once. 😎
  4. max55, so sorry to hear of your sweet kitty's passing. (((hugs to you)))) pets can be our lifeline to comfort and support, sometimes more than people. I know mine are. It's so hard to loose a fur baby. Sending prayers your way for comfort.
  5. The diagnosis/label I realized can be a long road to get to for so many people, myself included. After my discussion with my Pdoc last week, I've been reexamining some times in my life and maybe realizing I mislabeled a lot of the things I was doing or feeling at the time. Pdoc broached lots of questions and I knew she was searching for hypomanic episodes, not sure I've ever had a one that seemed to fit the "classic" symptoms I've read about. I also know those episodes can be few and far between, so easily missed and BP 2 tends to come with more depression, which I've had plenty of. I did tell her about the irritability, and general BITCHINESS, that came a time in waves and not always dependent on circumstance. I just wrote it off to pms or perimenopause or it's just me. I have also many times had what I would call a dark mood or black cloud following me around, angry, sad, depressed and everything is broken kind of feeling. Racing thoughts and unable to sleep(which usually came with the anxiety and panic), so it fit in the anxiety column in my mind. Reading through a lot of the posts and threads here, I realize that many of my experiences were so very similar to some, many saying they have a dx of BP 2. Pdoc put a diagnosis of cyclothymia, I think because she thought I might be uncomfortable or upset with a BP type label, but truly I was more surprised than anything else. The more I thought about it, I was just grateful to realize there is a name to put to the difficulties I've had. I will revisit the discussion with Pdoc at the next med check, but I'm pretty sure I fit better in the BP2 category, with maybe a few other issues sprinkled on top...
  6. One I hope never to hear again.... you just need to turn your thoughts more positive, thoughts create our reality! If that were really true you would be elsewhere right now 😈
  7. Bumping this thread. Just started lamictal a few days ago at the 25mg dose, to be increased to 50 after 2 weeks. So far no major symptoms except for headaches (fairly mild), vivid dreams and my eyes feel really dry. Taking it at night as instructed but can't decide if it's causing some difficulty falling asleep or if that's from the wellbutrin increase starting to kick in. Pdoc said she's shooting for at least 150mg eventually and see how I feel. I appreciate all the experiences and info shared on this thread, read through a lot of it. I'll update my own experience as I work through the dosage increases.
  8. Thank you Atra and BeyondWeary for the welcome. 😊 It is nice to be somewhere to read other peoples struggles, many that very similar to my own. It's comforting to know that the difficulties I've experienced are shared by so many. I dealt with depression/anxiety throughout my life but it was menopause that sent me spinning over the edge and not coping much anymore. Even then it was a year and a half before I sought the right help. I did go to my GP several times and this time too but the AD caused more problems than it helped and I discontinued it and gave up on meds for a year or so.... Pdoc tried several approaches and when the one AD wasn't helping and increased my suicidal ideation to scary levels, she went a different direction and fast. I'm now on buspar, wellbutrin and just starting Lamictal. I think she's thinking I'm BPII but for right now it's only cyclothymia, which I understand is a much milder form of BP. Reading up on it and looking back on periods in my life, BPII might fit. Truthfully I don't really care what they call it, label me high flying snow angel, makes no difference as long as I get some help so I can move on to a better place.
  9. Glad to find a forum with support and info for those of us battling mental health issues. I've been dealing with anxiety and depression off and on for many years, never really realized how much I struggled and just how badly it affected my life. Sometimes I sought help most time I didn't. A few months ago went for a psych consult, realize now I should have done this years ago, finally feel like I'm getting to a better place in my head. Looking forward to getting to know the folks on here. 🙂
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