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  1. Me too! I say Thank You to the forces that aid in my maturity. We mature with the damage, not with the years. I am actually helping my mom to realize that we have to go through things for a reason and that hardships are there to teach us lessons, and that if we do not learn the lesson the first time, it comes back again and again until we learn it. Then it'll go away for a while, but test us every once in a while to further sharpen us. I've learned that we must enjoy the process, not just look forward to the destination. I love your blog.
  2. Jamark8

    Opposition as opportunities

    I'm glad you write these blogs and share it with everyone. The world needs more positive people. :) Bless you. I've been sick too myself lately, got bad chest congestion - just breathing sounds horrible... been coughing and having to take nasty tasting cough medicine. I hope you get feeling better from the yucks. I understand. Much love to you too. :)
  3. I seen and noticed that there are very old posts and not a whole lot going on in the forums. I guess I was used to other forums, the bigger ones, that have like a million users online at once. But it gives it a peaceful ambience here. Did I use that word correctly? I hope so.
  4. Jamark8

    Guidance from the Universe

    Cool! Yeah I have the Secret books and have only read a little of them, but I've watched the film on it and other things like 3 Magic Words. I'm discovering LOA now. I had heard of it years ago but never got into it until things started falling into place and it was like I was being guided by something outside of myself. How interesting! You're getting into Christianity, that's good! I'm actually leaving it.. too many things didn't seem right and I just don't think it's what I need in my life. But I am happy you are getting into it - there are GREAT life lessons in the Bible, especially the New Testament. I actually believe Jesus was a real person. I just think He was talking about more Spiritual things than physical, like 99% of Christians seem to take it nowadays. Jesus said His kingdom was not of this world. And that the Kingdom is within (you). He was a Great Teacher, and there's still a place in my heart for Him. I just personally don't … believe like I used to, about Christianity. I sincerely wish I did. I also believe that Jesus' second coming will be Christ Consciousness, not a literal coming where He, being flesh and bone, falls out of the sky. Not to make fun, but I just seriously think what Jesus was referring to, even His disciples didn't understand Him well enough to write what they did, supposedly. I could talk about this forever. I've read the New Testament 2-3 times, and read bits and pieces of the OT. I've studied a LOT about it. I'm by far no expert, but I'm no dumb bunny either. JJay, I hope you find Christianity to be what you were hoping to find. If you ever want to talk about it, just message me or we can talk on here. I would enjoy that.
  5. Jamark8

    Guidance from the Universe

    Hmm I know I replied to this. I think my reply disappeared. They've had some trouble with that lately here.
  6. Jamark8

    The Fun Never Ends....

    I raised my brother's wife's kid. Back before he could do for himself, we had to watch him so close, he was constantly making a mess and that stirred up my depression, but my brother and his wife never gave up on leaving the children with us. When my dad was dying of cancer, my brother piled his kids on mom and I, and it was chaos. The kid is now 19 years old. It's so hard to believe it because I met him when he was 6 months old. Mom and I raised him.. But yes raising kids, I think, is bad for your health, imo. My health began going down really bad after he was old enough to take care of himself. I went through calming teas like crazy back then. Like you, I used to beat myself up and not give myself enough credit for things I done. I can only imagine the struggles you have everyday with having your children. I only raised 2. I believe that you can have rest soon. I know you need it. Please know that you're not alone; we are here and if you need a friend, I'll be one. For me, writing gets the yuck out of my mind and heart, so they become clean again. It's possible to change your lifestyle / way of living. And a lot of the beginning is watching your words and thoughts. We can actually predict our own future by our words, because what you put out is what you get. Reap what you sow. Instead of wish, and I wish, say 'I have', even if it's not true for the moment... because you can cause it to 'manifest'. My spirituality has not let me down so far. I'm sending you positive vibes..
  7. Jamark8

    May God

    So let it be Love and Peace always.
  8. Jamark8

    Getting up

    As like your other posts, this is very powerful too. The descriptive words you use to describe things is awesome. I'm sorry you feel unbalanced. If I may suggest, you may want to look up chakra, and get balanced through it. And meditation music on youtube while you meditate, you know, those beautiful videos of 1 hour length sound only? It has helped me stay balanced. Eckhart Tolle is great to listen to. I like to listen to Osho, and lots of others. I can't think right now of their names. Maybe later I can get them. Keep blogging. I love your blogs.
  9. Jamark8

    Keep going

    OMGosh You've been blogging things that I need to hear in every post! Are you psychic, or an angel? I love this post!
  10. Jamark8

    Thank you.

    Powerful. It's still got a poetic ring to it. I love the attitude of gratitude. this is very genuine - straight from the heart.
  11. Jamark8

    Opposition as opportunities

    Very motivational! I really like your blog here. I want to read more!
  12. Jamark8

    Keep going.

    Wow that's so poetic and powerful. I needed to hear that.. Keep going. Thanks for posting this.
  13. I've noticed that when I'm sick and have to take antibiotics, either my medication doesn't work right or the antibiotics themselves make me depressed. Has anyone else had this problem or noticed it at all? If so, what's in it that makes a person depressed? Does anyone know? I usually get amoxicillin. Sorry this post is so short. I just had a short question.
  14. Jamark8

    Safety here online, Depression here offline

    Thank you for the encouragement. You speak truly. Writing helps get out the yucks and thinking about how awful things are. So true! I'm a poet, I've written over 22 books. Of course I'm not popular; I do it for therapeutic reasons. I write to get the yuck out creatively, then publish my work and tell myself "it's over now, you've written it down, archived it so to speak, and now you can let go". I cannot stress enough how important it is to write. I kept a journal since I was 15, and I'm 34 now. I still keep a journal of a sort, and of course write my books. It helps so much and if I didn't have the ability to write them or at least write anything down that was bugging me, I'd go nuts. I'm thankful for writing. And thank you for reading. I appreciate those who take time out to read my words. Sincerely!
  15. I really enjoy reading and replying to comments left on my blog. I'd really like to see how I'm doing, and if I'm affecting people the right way. I want to be an inspiration, not a hinderance. If I ever get 'out of the way', I hope someone will remind me to stay on track. But I try not to get that way. By the way, Christmas is coming and I'm happy about that. I love holidays. I've bought gifts for all my loved ones except I need to buy mom something else. I just got her a dragonfly kitchen towel. I want to get her something nice but she won't let me. Maybe I'll make her a card, and sneak to buy her the gift I was going to and maybe she'll accept it if it's already bought. I've been seeing flamingos a lot. I looked it up and they symbolize Confidence. Such a coincidence, because my Spirit Life Coach talks about Humble Confidence. I think my angel is trying to tell me that too. I know the Universe is communicating. I just need to be more aware so I can catch all the signs I can and put them together.