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  1. Acting out in anger isn't a good idea. We need to control our feelings and act with reason. I'm sorry you and your child were victims of bullies. They were completely wrong to do that to you both. I would work with teachers and the school and any authorities in a reasonable manner to help your child. Stay calm and pray ALOT. Good luck!
  2. Welcome. This is a safe place to share your feelings and receive no judgement. You are not alone. A lot of us suffer from all types of issues. It doesn't have to hinder your life. You can gain support and with tools/meds/etc. you can find mechanisms to thrive. Happy Thanksgiving to you.
  3. I am so glad you were brave enough to reach out and share what you are going through. There is no reason to be upset about your medicine. I once had someone say to me would you take medicine for diabetes? Why is this different? It is just another part of the body that is missing something and medicine can fill the void. If it helps you feel better and your doctor recommends it then keep doing it. You can also do other things. Diet and exercise is very helpful. Meditation and stress control are also beneficial. Good luck to you friend!
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