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  1. Suicide is not escape, suicide is confront. It is not weakness or selfishness. It is not an action to be exalted. Sometimes it is the anger that does not want to harm others. Sometimes it is self-defense. He doesn't care to be good or bad anymore. The masks you wear will be heavy. Slowly tear off the ties with those around you; For others the lack of deficiency changes in form and, in contrast, evolves over time. Even if you're not alive, after a while. Those who remain behind, the belief in the Hereafter, the conscience and the dreadful uncertainty in front of him remain tiny, next to the feeling of being stuck.
  2. I work 45 hours a week. When I come home from work, I'm extremely tired. I don't have a social life. I don't have a social life. I haven't seen any place in my life. I'm tired of living. Why was I born in this country? Why is that? I'm ****ing upset. Why was I born in this country when there are dozens of countries with high levels of welfare? I hate people in the country, those who rule the country, myself, in short, I ****ing hate everything.
  3. I wish my family had noticed and fixed it when i was a child. I wasn't an ugly **** when i'm 12. According to the results of scientific research, people who breathe in the mouth have mental retardation. So this explains why i had a bad grades in highschool and elementary. I don't even know what to do anymore. I have no job, no money, no mental health.
  4. The culture explosions at your age are perfectly normal. You think everyone is uncultured, you're the perfect. Everyone speaks the same subject, you want to talk about different topics, nobody understands. He is uncultivated, and everyone who does not understand you is cultured. This symptom is common in adolescents. Don't worry. But I don't think you ever thought about that." If I don't work I will be in the same place with these "uncultured" people. "You just need to fulfill the tasks given now. As for the problem; No one likes to go to school, no one wants to go to school. He considers the lessons he cannot do as unnecessary. For them the world revolves around them. All courses, life schemes should be as they wish. Who wants to be with people without culture? It is assumed that this education and training life destroys his future plans. But when he gets home, he won't let your ass out of the computer chair. He doesn't study. Then he rebel. "Why am I in the same school with these idiots?" "These lessons are unnecessary" If you want to draw your way. Work, work, work.
  5. Some pollyannas thinks that love really exists. The biggest proof that there is no such thing as love is to be ugly.
  6. I have no qualifications. I can't even find a job. I fell into the void after high school. I'm not leaving the house. Even if I get a job, I can't be happy because in my country the minimum wage is very low. Suicide is the only solution.
  7. I can't communicate with anyone. My teeth are disgusting, crooked, dentists want tons of money. On my nose because of the meat and jaw disorders occurred. When you get meat in your nose, you can't breathe or something, and when you breathe through your mouth, your teeth begin to scatter, not enough to breathe in your mouth. Every time you wake up, you have a disgusting bad breath. Because I breathed through the mouth, oxygen couldn't go to the brain, causing mental retardation. And that has affected my whole life negatively. These things may seem ridiculous to you, but the reasons I wrote that ruined my life. If my parents were in good financial condition, I could have fixed them and improve myself, but there is nothing I can do.
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