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  1. If you are a beautiful looking person, the society will exclude you and value you. If you are ugly, society will consciously lead you to suicide. I'm sorry, but my eyes are open. This world is just for nice looking and rich people.
  2. If you're not poor and ugly, you've got a solution to all the negativities in your life. You deserve life, not me.
  3. Being poor and ugly is the worst thing that can happen to human beings. I cry secretly every day and ask "why". Why do I have to endure this pain in the world we've come to once? In the last 2 years I have lost my mental health and self. I'm on the last exit before the bridge. And I know this will never end well.
  4. Dude, mouth breathing can really **** you up. Here is a great comparison between nasal breather and mouth breather. I ****ing hate my parents so much. Environment is the only reason why I've become such a lonely retarded virgin. Environment=EVERYTHING
  5. Even my parents don't remember my birthday.
  6. You guys think that way because you all are average looking people. I'm below average at everything. I have recesssed chin and crooked teeth. I can't afford these things. I'm starting to think I'm autistic now. an I can definitely relate to this guy. I'm completely look like him. Everything he said is true.
  7. Environment > Genetics I wish I had realized that before.
  8. He even sent me the damn video. This boy wasn't playing.
  9. If I dont I will die as a retarded virgin. My 16 year old firend is handsome and he slept with at least 10 girls. And he is ****ing 16. Suppressed sexuality is a big problem for me. I am afraid to do something bad. I need to get rid of this. Prostitutes make love with a retarded idiots like me. Let's be realistic huh. Women never liked ugly men. You can call me a hypocrite or whatever you want.. But I believe If I was an ugly girl, I'd be more likely to find someone.
  10. I'm gonna be honest with you. There's nothing you can really do about it. Try go to prostitutes.
  11. It is difficult to explain this to men who have grown up with hormones but also who have grown up in empty adolescence. Even if they get married, they can't have sex when they want. Sex is one of the actions that shows the man's power in nature and makes him enjoy it most. Therefore, the reason why most men think of sex is everything is that they know it properly. But they can't have sex properly and whenever they want. Let's say you have a relationship with someone and you spend the most of the 24 hours together. How much of this 24-hour period can you spend on sex? What will be the remaining time? If you can't chat in a multilateral way and there is no emotional satisfaction, can sex solve it? OR MAYBE I'M JUST A ****ING RETARDED VIRGIN.
  12. What I want to mention is the mixing of sexual intercourse with sex ritual. For example, just a member above said, "It was a personal preference to wait until I could be with someone who I felt was special." lets examine this general and lumpen opinion: Being emotional does not mean only knowing a single woman or maintaining a sexual life with only one woman. If we are talking about emotion, you should not feel that you belong to only one woman, or perhaps not to any woman, which has little to do with sexuality. And the assumption that your first sexual experience will be romantic or emotional is utopian. Since it is first experience, it becomes a sweet moment for you, which leads us to conclude that sexual intercourse with any woman is not related to the quality or quantity of women.
  13. Life is a beautiful bitch, but he always ****s with others. Always on the sidewalk. Abusive mouth. Raped between a dark alley. Life is the bitch of bulging wallets, handful of riches. Now he's playing a hysterical whore, in the bosom of the masters of the universe. I don't know what to do with you. I'm learning how to treat you. It's so hard to deal with a bitch.
  14. I'm a 18 years old virgin and these are my thoughts; if the most important thing you're planning to hide to a woman is your virginity, you shouldn't expect much from that relationship. You have to educate your penis to be aware of what you need to keep a woman. Also, if woman is not 50 years old, it is not a reward for a woman to present or keep a woman to you. In addition, the person who is not sexually satisfied will feel a big gap throughout his life.(like me) The common features of backward countries are repressed sexuality.
  15. I think, think, and I say; "Why should I bother living?, What's the worth" then I feel bad. If all of my hopes and desires will disappear one day with you people, it makes no sense if I feel bad. It is so painful to live in the consciousness of all this.
  16. Beauty isn't a relative concept, at least when it is dedicated to human beings. I don't know if there is any research about this, but the nice aesthetic understanding of people with high iq levels is definitely more consistent than other people. You can say what has to do with the level of intelligence. Beauty is a clear thing. It feeds on symmetry and small details.
  17. I have many reasons for suicide: loneliness, failure, family, monetary problems, failure to achieve goals. There are also many reasons why I can't do it: not have the courage, the desire to hold on to the goddamn life that is still somewhere, perhaps the feeling that someone will be upset. You know, my broken family, a couple I know, maybe some friends at work. I enter the new year with a huge misery, a lack of love and a desire to die. And damn it, I just knew that all I needed was a little love. My dream is always the same: 31 December is the date that connects the night of January 1st. I am full of unhappiness. I am grieved by my position in every context. I'm open to someone's ideas on how I can win the courage to put an end to it.
  18. There's no point in ignoring the gravity of the situation. Welcome to the real world! People are also judging through ugliness. Have you ever met people who look at your face with a cynical look? We live it every day. Life isn't all cakes and ale, it's not as innocent as you think. The person who is aware of this has developed himself on other subjects, yet he still feels disillusioned when he sees how many empty people are being held. Please don't start your tales of self-confidence. Because when people judge us from the very beginning, we cannot find any way to show that self-confidence. I'm a little more lucky because I've given much importance to communication since a young age. I know who the shit is now, the look - I know what the words mean, but still the strange gaze of people remain.
  19. For months, the phone doesn't ring except for work. Nobody calls you. From a shattered family fiction, you've sprung up like a plant that has been woven from the side of the pavement and asphalt paved to hide the land of the city. The past does not promise anything and the future is uncertain. You're exempted from the experience of a 19 year old child when your peers get married. Moreover, the self-confidence expected of men is dimmer under a mist of strange personality. Even if you keep a bird in your mouth, a despair that comes from knowing that you are out of a network of people stops you. Now, you can't be any mean person, you're stuck like Travis Bickle wherever you go, and you have a life that is small enough to fit into the depressing movies. Life is simple, minds every night in the mind is not counting. The room is now a coffin and a sanctuary for you. Setting up an irregular life is like the signature of existence. Loneliness is an open prison where the dark clouds from the past form the infrastructure. Conversations with people are daily and fit. A handful of Dostoyevski novels, in which you cannot predict the closeness of social life, consists of daily absurd speeches of clowns. People lead you through a mix of simple, shallow, and invisible cynicism / compassion by showing your failure. (These people are as meaningless as to their existence as they never know and cannot explain what they mean by losing.) For me, life the way I went to pay the bills, the hectic voice of my landlord looking for a bank payment, and the "good morning" to the municipal bus drivers who were very happy to treat everyone as citizens. But this is only currently unstable in the state diagram. The future is the usual oddness of any human being, if the person fits in every night without a blanket that feeds him and feeds him with belonging, love and confidence. Yes, friend, yes, my brother, whom I don't even know the name of, but whose souls I share with, evolve with the efforts of unnamed strikers of unexpected goals, sacrifice us to do so.
  20. I have the hope of a bird with broken wings. I have a street boy in my voice. Please don't abuse me, life. Because they stole my anxiety of losing. Money was necessary to be peaceful, Warm mattress and a pillow to put on a comfortable head, A rich father who is essential for procurement, His only legacy is my curse. I've lost in the dark streets, There was no one holding my hand, Since the day I got my first scar, I threw my bullets into a single injustice. I came to myself one day! I asked myself "what is wrong with you?" The rest are details, be careful, you have only one life.
  21. There's a lot to talk about. I wish I had a friend like you in my life.
  22. I really don't know what to do anymore. I want to **** myself seriously. Death sounds like a reward to me. But there is also a fear that prevents me from committing suicide. It always seems to me like a case that doesn't leave before it finds its place. The fall in the life story of the people can be evaluated as the last point of his reaction to his fractures. If we think of the earth as a deep well of despair, the human wants to get out of the well and reach Plato's bright idea, but when it comes to the consciousness that this will never be realized, there are rare options. The rest is to combine it with action.
  23. If we start from the beginning of the event, before anyone we're born, No one asked us: "Look, there is such a world, you will go here for a while, do something and disappear. Do you want to try it?" I am confident that if we had such a chance and had made an objective presentation about the world and life before it was born to us, a considerable part of the people who have lived / lived so far would not accept this experience. When we were born, no questions were asked and we were born in a way. There are some rules of this life, we have never been asked again and we are expected to comply only. I'm not talking about the classic "grow-read-find a job-work-marry-child-get old-die" pattern. I'm talking about the sentence you're talking about. We are convinced that life is beautiful, worth living, and death is terrible. We have to love life according to you. We are in a world filled with wars, tortures, genocides, and all kinds of abominations, and we are asked to think that "life is worth living despite everything" without thinking about the people who are exposed to it. And there's no need to experience great destruction. As an ordinary person, I can't love life. I have the right to be bored. Perhaps most importantly, I have the right to end this life any time. I may not like everyday life. I may be sick of life routines. Things that have been put in front of me by someone as a "target" may not mean anything to me. When I give up all this, society will exclude me and leave me to die. If we respect the people who love to live, enjoy and sustain, we have to respect the people who think otherwise. Anyway, maybe everything I write is bullshit. There might be logical fallacies. I don't really give a shit anymore.
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