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  1. desperateloser

    The moment you realize that no one will fall in love with you

    There's a lot to talk about. I wish I had a friend like you in my life.
  2. desperateloser

    The moment you realize that no one will fall in love with you

    I really don't know what to do anymore. I want to **** myself seriously. Death sounds like a reward to me. But there is also a fear that prevents me from committing suicide. It always seems to me like a case that doesn't leave before it finds its place. The fall in the life story of the people can be evaluated as the last point of his reaction to his fractures. If we think of the earth as a deep well of despair, the human wants to get out of the well and reach Plato's bright idea, but when it comes to the consciousness that this will never be realized, there are rare options. The rest is to combine it with action.
  3. desperateloser

    The moment you realize that no one will fall in love with you

    If we start from the beginning of the event, before anyone we're born, No one asked us: "Look, there is such a world, you will go here for a while, do something and disappear. Do you want to try it?" I am confident that if we had such a chance and had made an objective presentation about the world and life before it was born to us, a considerable part of the people who have lived / lived so far would not accept this experience. When we were born, no questions were asked and we were born in a way. There are some rules of this life, we have never been asked again and we are expected to comply only. I'm not talking about the classic "grow-read-find a job-work-marry-child-get old-die" pattern. I'm talking about the sentence you're talking about. We are convinced that life is beautiful, worth living, and death is terrible. We have to love life according to you. We are in a world filled with wars, tortures, genocides, and all kinds of abominations, and we are asked to think that "life is worth living despite everything" without thinking about the people who are exposed to it. And there's no need to experience great destruction. As an ordinary person, I can't love life. I have the right to be bored. Perhaps most importantly, I have the right to end this life any time. I may not like everyday life. I may be sick of life routines. Things that have been put in front of me by someone as a "target" may not mean anything to me. When I give up all this, society will exclude me and leave me to die. If we respect the people who love to live, enjoy and sustain, we have to respect the people who think otherwise. Anyway, maybe everything I write is bullshit. There might be logical fallacies. I don't really give a shit anymore.
  4. desperateloser

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    Being ugly means you wiill be with someone you don't like forever. Because even if you're ugly, the perception of beauty doesn't change much. Who wants to be with an ugly person? The most accurate is to identify the criminal and curse a lot. I curse to my father, who is the cause of these genes, if you're ugly, why do you have children, do I have to live with your obnoxious genes? I'm so worried, I'm going to the shave now, and I'm gonna get even worse. If there is a God, **** the god, you can't even manage properly, faggot!
  5. I watched Enter The Void for the second time. We see the details of a drug user in the film. The film is very good at focus on details. As an example, our main character, Oscar, tells his sister Linda that "If you make a child with Mario, I will **** the baby". Afterwards that baby is being killed by an abortion. The reincarnation of Buddhism draws his attention and the the film ends with an interesting birth of a baby. (I still think Oscar was not born as baby. He only watched a baby birth.) He knows that the pandemic epidemic is the same as that of dmt at the scene where he was shot with a gun, so he stays in the cross between dmt and death. According to the information previously experienced dmt secretion effective for 6 minutes which makes him feel longer. Therefore, the main character we see in the form of RPG after his death, he trapped between death and DMT. At the start of the film, Oscar says that he was curious about what Tokyo looks like from above, and he says something to his friend "I wish we could see through the walls". And from the bottom up to the final moments of the film we watch Tokyo from inside and outside the buildings and from above. Oscar has two mothers in his mind, one is his own mother and the other is a dirty mother, like the mother of his friend. As you might expect, he already punishes that dirty mother with pity. Such an amazing movie, but the transitions between scenes are very slow. I still like it. I would recommend this film if you don't have a bored structure immediately.
  6. desperateloser

    Elliot Rodger - The Virgin Killer

    Alfred Adler, the father of individual psychology, says that the inferiority complex is in a very intense relationship with the sense of sight superior to all others. If you look at this handsome guy's statements "girls do not look at me; everyone is doing whatever they want, I'm just watching," as we understand from the statements that he live in a serious inferiority complex. And at the same time, "I don't know why they're going to be with those disgusting men, and not with a gentleman like me, who has a BMW. he says something in his meaning. For my part; the situation of this conflict prevented him from being sad; This made him angry. It's obvious that the issue is not just sexual hunger. He even said that he wanted all the women dead. So that, it is prevented that such a problem of sex as a human being be hugged.
  7. It is a very understandable situation for a person who can write a book of rejection. So you're a combination of genes that have to be screened by the vast majority of natural selection so far. Humanity now comes to natural selection in this way. My shitty genes will not be transferred to future generations because the opposite gender does not like us. If you do children with coincidentally shitty genes, they will go through these paths. Mother Nature looked that humanity carrying thousands of poor quality genes was full, in order to eliminate these, the scum people looked like they wouldn't die, made them someone who no one could ever fall in love with. So these are all things for natural selection. At the very least, it will be a kind that no one will enjoy, as well as the peace that will not add an individual to humanity. No, we speak. It is hard to accept but it is true.
  8. desperateloser

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

  9. desperateloser

    How Do You Feel Right Now #9

    I've been researching Buddhism lately, and reincarnation has become a subject of my interest. As far as I can see, we don't have to be a human in our next life according to buddhism. Buddhism is very close to me. The fact that when there is doubt and refuses a word, there is no situation like losing religion. People's connection of all existence with each other, good and bad behavior under the name of karma directly without a direct influence in the future of life without a god and the lives of people, in this religion the closest thing to a Buddha that has the closest thing to me is a few features. But the fact that everyone who has come up to it in bad terms has caused this to happen, as a result of the previous quarters, has created the impression that I was able to justify the injustices of a part of the standard in the world. However, reincarnation, obvious Buddhism is something that will prove to be true or wrong. If you have a chance to remember many people's previous lives, if I have the opportunity to remember an old life, I would like to say that I would like to do this in human beings, animals, ghosts, heaven, semi-heaven or hell, clear. I'm clearly writing, the possibility of reincarnation is more attractive to me than to live with the Houries in heaven.
  10. desperateloser

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    I could have been born in any Scandinavian country. But, I was born in the shithole country of the world. Everything depends on luck. Everything's a little genetic. There's nothing; democracy, human rights, secularism, freedom of speech etc.
  11. desperateloser

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    My life, wrong family, the wrong gene consists of the work of the wrong mixture and part of floating in the void.
  12. desperateloser

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Life is the place of dualities that are under constant stress for those who are not fortunate and fortunate. In this duality, stress and sadness are always heavy. The only dream of these people is the richness of their minds on television, on the Internet or on their own. When they're rich, they believe in everything. Because they've been scratched like this. students work, but most are not even interested in what they are working for. The goal is to earn a good place and earn a living, to be rich. The next period is to marry a rich man/woman. For rich people, life is a place of pleasure and happiness, on the one hand, always experiencing unhappiness and psychological crises. sadness, depressions are always closed to other people. They always say that life is a good place. Follow your dreams, be positive, laugh at life and look at a stack of "empty" sentence. He's not the only one who's empty, but most of the time they're personal. Because wealth is one of the primary desires that people want to reach, they find themselves in great self-confidence in egoism. So they move away from their own characters. They're artificial. And one day (in material / spiritual), the materialized happiness will fade away and they will find the cure for suicide. Is that what I'm telling you? No, that's what life brings. And life is that the poor wants to be rich. Now think again, what you build your life on.
  13. desperateloser

    How Do You Feel Right Now #8

    Suicide is not escape, suicide is confront. It is not weakness or selfishness. It is not an action to be exalted. Sometimes it is the anger that does not want to harm others. Sometimes it is self-defense. He doesn't care to be good or bad anymore. The masks you wear will be heavy. Slowly tear off the ties with those around you; For others the lack of deficiency changes in form and, in contrast, evolves over time. Even if you're not alive, after a while. Those who remain behind, the belief in the Hereafter, the conscience and the dreadful uncertainty in front of him remain tiny, next to the feeling of being stuck.
  14. I work 45 hours a week. When I come home from work, I'm extremely tired. I don't have a social life. I don't have a social life. I haven't seen any place in my life. I'm tired of living. Why was I born in this country? Why is that? I'm ****ing upset. Why was I born in this country when there are dozens of countries with high levels of welfare? I hate people in the country, those who rule the country, myself, in short, I ****ing hate everything.
  15. desperateloser

    Being Ugly

    I wish my family had noticed and fixed it when i was a child. I wasn't an ugly **** when i'm 12. According to the results of scientific research, people who breathe in the mouth have mental retardation. So this explains why i had a bad grades in highschool and elementary. I don't even know what to do anymore. I have no job, no money, no mental health.