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  1. I will die a virgin. The only reason why I'm not getting any validation from women is simply because I'm outside the norm. This world is hell for ugly men. Being ugly is a life sentence and torture remains the same.
  2. The thing I desire most is a perfectly normal average face. I see normal people talking day to day and wonder how they do it. I see perfectly symmetrical well developed faces and wonder how that can be so effortless. It's crazy to me when I walk down the street and see all these guys with perfect faces and they didn't even have to get a single surgery to get there. Like what the **** man? How did you do that? Why couldn't I do that? You can't win in this life if you're unlucky.
  3. I feel helpless and I want to get it out of my chest. Being ugly has ruined my whole life. I'm outcast because I'm ugly and I've come to a point where I can't leave home for two years. I was a very happy and cheerful child as a child. I wasn't a bad-looking kid. Then when I was 7 years old, I had a serious septum. After this day, my life was never the same. During the day I always had trouble breathing through my nose and I was breathing through my mouth asleep. When I was 13, I noticed something strange in my mouth or jaw and teeth, but I wasn't sure. I have a very big nose in my family that no one else has. My teeth were straight when I was a kid. But when I was 14, I realized that my teeth were extremely crooked and my jaw did not develop. I had a really weak jaw, my adolescence almost destroyed my teeth. They're crooked not slightly theyre so goddamn crooked. It took all my self-confidence. I didn't go out because I look like an ugly deformed person. I want to point this out. I DONT LOOK HUMAN. I'm not a regular ugly person, i'm weak and deformed. It literally deformed my face. I have a typical adenoid face right now. My face did not develop properly. A single facial feature is not good, each bone shows downward growth. - Poor cheekbones -downward extended jaw. - Narrow palate and crooked teeth - undeveloped maxilla - Long nose - Thin narrow lips asymmetric jaw - Long middle face - Narrow face and skull - large burn marks on the arm - There are permanent nail marks on my face from childhood. -acne I don't look like a human I'm constantly judged by my jaw and crooked teeth. People with weak jaws often equate to weak character, inadequate, low class. When you observe most people, you will find that people do not have the same characteristics. And I'm not just a normal ugly man, I'm strange, deformed and very ugly. When I was 17, I found a correlation between mouth breathing and weak jaw and crooked teeth, and I understood why I was excluded. Mouth breathing distorted my face. I hate myself for breathing by mouth, and I also hate that my irresponsible family doesn't take me to the doctor and treat my nose. Such a small problem ruined my life. What kind of a ****ing joke is this? It may sound funny, but it literally ruined my life. My jaw, my teeth and my jaw are permanently ruined, four-year ordinary university won't give me anything, I'm a poor person, I need a lot of surgery to look like a human, and I don't have the money to cover them. I doubt even the surgery can save me because you can't save a face that doesn't grow properly because the face melts like ice cream while breathing through the mouth. Everything in this life is luck. People always say it's important to work hard, but the situation is very different. The ugly and the poor have a 0 chance in this life. I have no motivation, no power, I want to die and get rid of this unjust world. I'm probably gonna **** myself, I've been breaking up at home for the past two years and I don't see a positive future. I will be deprived of my life by people like a leper because I am a loser and ugly.
  4. I don't think these comments are realistic. Ugliness is indeed an objective thing. After 2 years of depression, I've come to a key point. I have to **** myself seriously. My body can't take the pain anymore. I can't talk to people. My IQ level has dropped incredibly in 2 years. I can't step out of the house. I can't socialize because I know people around me won't take me seriously because of my appearance. I'm so lost that no matter how much I live, my life will not be completed in any way. Suicide. The culmination of a lack of life, perhaps with the hope of a life you will be born.
  5. Believe me It would. To me, what determines the value of a person in the world is not just money. I used to think that money would solve all of my problems, but it's different than I thought. If I was handsome, my psychology wouldn't be ****ed up, I'd have a girlfriend and friends to talk to. If you suit the real "ugly" definition, people are turning you off. Nobody wants to be friend with you. What is the objective definition of ugliness? *recessed jaw *weak chin *weak cheekbones *tired eyes *crooked teeth etc. List goes on. I have all the features of an ugly man. I'm legit an ugly man, I have no doubt about it. Since I had a nasal polyp and deviated septum in my nose as a child, I was forced to breathe through the mouth 24/7 and this deformed my face. If you don't know mouth breathing in childhood literally makes you ugly. Knowing that is so damaging to my mental health. Every time I look in the mirror, I say to myself why am I even living? I will never be a man to be desired in this world. Why do I have to suffer this pain? Even this alone proves that there is no such thing as god. Can I commit suicide? I don't know. But I know this life will never get anywhere.
  6. When I look at the mirror, even I don't wanna see myself and disgusted by it. I haven't had a single ****ing male friend or a girl that likes me. Being ugly is the only source of all my problems. It's really sucks that being ugly and poor at the same time. Some might say it's about my personality, but not really. Uglyness really pushes people to loneliness. Ugliness pushes people to become enemies of popular culture. The main reason of this situation is that the popular culture creates periodic trends, more precisely periodic "interest" fields. But an ugly individual already lacks the first degree from the concept of "interest". Being ugly is just a possibility. It causes you to feel the injustice of the world in its sharpest form (like the existential features that you and all other people have in the world). The world is a very unfair place and I cannot bear the burden of this world.
  7. You should consider yourself lucky to be living in Finland. I don't think you're ugly considering the country's handsome men population. I have an opinion. If a person is an average or above average, he must never drag himself into loneliness. Handsome people have the solution of everything. You can go to the Gym and improve your body. Or you can increase your self-esteem by bartending and communicating with the girls etc. If I weren't ugly, I'd take these steps.
  8. I don't believe it. People have ruled out people who were not like themselves throughout history. Please don't tell me about personality. If I can't look into a woman's eyes and laugh with a great teeth, what is the purpose of personality? I should never have been born. Everything about myself is ridiculous. It's like a simulation based on losing in the world life.
  9. Summer is coming yes, some are concerned about entering the summer with a tonal preparation, some with body, being fit, holiday plans, beautiful dreams with beloved. I'm too ugly to do any of this. And I stand by myself with the hope that this lacklessness has its counterpart in the apocalypse. I'm ugly, and it's not my choice. I wish I wasn't. If I wasn't, I'd be more social, more self-confident, more active, and more. I carry an endless energy in me, but I have to suppress all of my emotions, including my energy, because I'm ugly. The only thing I do is work and come home and consume my life. Just touring at night and run away from people. Of course I'm not going to commit suicide because I'm ugly, I didn't think but let it be. If you're ugly, most things like people's thoughts about you, friends are anxious, the value given to you, the stance in the community, and most of them disappear. Why, because I'm insignificant. You're setting up your whole life to live on your own. The world no longer revolves around you, why? Because I'm homeless. You can't get a lover, you like platonic love, but you're all in it, you can't turn on anyone. Why, why? Because I'm homeless. For the summer, I don't have a plan, just come home from work and watch the people do on social media, dream and finish all the writing. For the winter? It's the same again. I don't know where my life is going. I'm waiting for an early death. It's not self-esteem or anything, actually. Fully typeless formation. I didn't think I was this kind of kind before, but as time went by, I realized more. He's I mean, I don't know. The state that helped the Syrians, I wish I had a hope for people like me in our country. I want a lot of things, but It never happens. You can't do it if you're ugly. You can't stay now. I can dance dumb and sing a song. But because I'm ugly, I'm hiding everything or doing it alone. No type, no self-confidence, no media, no close friends or family. Life is very strange. I'm laughing and crying. But the benefit? Nothing.
  10. I've wished I'd been dead since I was a kid. The moment I'm happy, it's almost none. I remember so much that I am really smiling open to my ears, my eyes shine brightly from the happiness of the energy of the day, but I didn't sleep. Ever since I was a child or a person who is not familiar with these days does not run after happiness, he will see bad things again. He escapes from an overdose of happiness, he doesn't want to embrace his soul to the body. He is always beautiful and never come back. Like a soulless body attached to the life unit you breathe after you're not alive.
  11. Seriously, there is no permanent solution other than suicide.
  12. They said live as long as you could. I live. But we have to admit that the organ called the brain is the body that controls the body. You're the organ that made you. The brain can no longer perform as a manager if it is damaged by an irreversible failure. Sometimes a forced slave returns. Breathing, the body needs most of the orders. But he can't do some of his duties. The tasks that he cannot do carry the human to another world. The ultimate search for peace is the brain. You want to go when this other world is your only reality. You can't do two things together. The real world and the brain will be lost. When the brain's quest for peace prevails, there isn't much to do.
  13. Then you are not chronic mouth breather. I have also sleep apnea as i mentioned. Imagine your mouth keep opening 7/24 for 10 years. Of course it will effect the face and teeth.
  14. If you're an ugly, deformed autistic, it's going to be much harder than someone who isn't. If you're very attractive, your life will be easier in many ways. Society values much of the physical appearance. I know that being ugly does not excuse for anti-social behavior, but these are painful facts.
  15. The only way to end it is suicide. I found a method of suicide while I was asleep. I have sleep apnea and I'm not able to breathe through the nose. I'm gonna tape my mouth tightly and fall asleep, so oxygen won't go to the brain and I'm gonna be dead in my sleep.
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