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    that makes sense thank you
  2. etaf


    yes, delegation is how im doing a lot of it. I recently thought of talk space, any ideas on them?
  3. etaf


    Not seeing a therapist, yet. only diagnosis so far is stress so far. 5 years ago my dad died but the bad thing is my 33 year old son died. I have all symptons of MDD so I go with that, a self diagnosis. I see a DO, hes pretty smart though.
  4. etaf


    im new & 62 in a high stress position that had a rude awakening 8-9 months ago. determined myself that I was nonfunctioning at times, found out its depression, oh no! Good thing im the boss so I can take off when I need and not get fired. taking Effexor 225 xr and 2 mg abilify working pretty good. I don not like missing work, what do you do?
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